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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

The next morning Joel was the first one up as he didn't really sleep much that night after his argument with Kayla. He knew he said some things he didn't mean but he still thought that there was a possibility that she could be cheating on him. All her behaviour added up to it but seeing the way she reacted last night made him have second thoughts. Taylor and Benji where next up closely followed by Billy.
"Hey Joel where's Kay?" Taylor asked while getting her self a glass of orange.
"I don't know." Joel said plainly from where he was sat on the sofa.
"What do you mean you don't know she came to talk to you last night?" Taylor said.
"Yeah well we shouted then she left." Joel said not looking at her.
"Are you ok?" Benji said sympathetically and sitting next to Joel.
"Benji! Joel you just left her to go to god knows where in the middle of the night! What did you say to her?" Taylor said annoyed.
"Nothing I just asked her if she was cheating on me obviously she didn't confess so I asked her to explain her behaviour and she couldn't so I said that was proof enough and she ran out. What did you want me to do about it?" Joel shrugged. His careless attitude really annoying Taylor now.
"JOEL YOU IDIOT." Taylor shouted then trying to call Kayla on her phone.
"What's going on?" Billy said confused.
"Don't call me an idiot I know exactly what she was up too." Joel said.
"You obviously didn't." Taylor said plainly. "Joel what day is it today?" Taylor said trying to calm her self down before she threw Joel through the window or something.
"Thursday. What kind of questions that?" Joel said not getting what Taylor was getting at.
"No Joel it's your fucking anniversary for god's sake. You where so busy convincing yourself that she was cheating on you that you forgot. She's been planning the prefect anniversary surprise for you all week. That's why she's been acting weird." Taylor explained.
"Shit." Joel said quietly.
"Yeah shit Joel." Taylor said then storming out of the bus.
"Wait where are you going?" Benji said.
"To see if I can find Kayla then fix this fucking stupid mess." Taylor said then walking off in search of Kayla. "Fucking idiots." Taylor mumbled to her self.
"Who's a fucking idiot?" Matt said coming up behind her scaring her.
"Shit matt you scared the life out of me." Taylor said turning round to face him.
"Sorry. Who's a fucking idiot?" matt smiled.
"Everyone I'm pissed off."
"Anything I can help you with?"
"No. actually have you seen Kayla?"
"Yeah she's on our bus. Tony found her in tears last night. She refused to tell anyone what was wrong but she stayed the night." Matt said. Taylor smiled.
"Really. She's there now?" Taylor said grinning.
"Yeah." Matt said smiling at Taylor's happy reaction.
"Great I love you Matt." Taylor said kissing him on the cheek. "You just saved me some much hassle." Them she ran off to the Mest bus.
"Glad I could help. Maybe later you can tell me how exactly I helped." Matt said. Smiling and confused.

When Taylor got onto the Mest bus she found Kayla and Tony sat on the sofa. Kayla was looking at the floor obviously upset and Tony was looking at her worriedly.
"Oh good maybe you can find out what's wrong with her." Tony smiled at Taylor. "I'll leave you two alone." Tony said going into the back.
"Thanks." Taylor smiled then went and sat next to Kayla.
"Hey how are you?" Taylor said softly.
"He doesn't trust me he thinks I'm cheating on him." Kayla sobbed.
"Kay its ok I told him everything and he feels like shit now. He's really sorry. He didn't mean all those things he just said them in the heat of the moment." Taylor said.
"Yeah but it still hurt."
"I'm not saying it didn't but believe me the I made sure I put him in the dog house for you. He's gutted." Taylor said. Kayla smiled a little.
"Yeah I was a little to harsh but he really pissed me off for saying that whether he meant it or not and for letting you leave in the middle of the night. I really laid into him." Taylor smiled. Kayla laughed.
"Oh no you didn't hit him did you?" Kayla said seriously.
"No not if you don't want me too." Taylor said giving her a hug. Kayla laughed. "Do you think you can go and talk to him for me?" Taylor said. She nodded then they walked back to the Good Charlotte bus. When they got there was rose petals scattered on the floor leading to the front of the bus where there was Balloons with 'I'm sorry' and 'Happy Anniversary' written on them. Joel was sat at the front of the bus alone with a huge bunch of roses and a teddy with a diamond bracelet on it. Kayla stopped dead at first taking everything in. Taylor was shocked that the bus she'd left less then and hour ago was turned into this. Taylor stood there with her eyes wide open.
"Did you know about this?" Kayla whispered to her laughing in amazement.
"No I swear this was defiantly not like this when I left." Taylor laughed. "Go see him." She said then pushed Kayla towards Joel. It was only then that she noticed Benji, Billy, Paul and Matt sat in the dining area watching them. When Kayla had got to Joel. Benji, Billy, Paul and Matt walked towards Taylor.
"I think we should leave." Billy whispered.
"Yeah me too." Taylor said and the five of them walked of the bus.
"How the hell... what did..." Taylor struggled to finish her sentence she was in shock. The boys laughed at her.
"Amazing what we can do in forty minutes." Benji laughed putting his arm around her as they all started walking.
"Yeah." Taylor laughed.
"So you think they'll make up?" Paul said.
"Oh I think they'll be doing a lot of making up." Taylor laughed.
"Ew Taylor." Matt said playfully pushing her.
"So what's this surprise that Kayla had planned for him?" Billy asked.
"Trevor one of the technicians or something here has a boat and she's planned a romantic boat ride then they stop of at this tent and have a romantic dinner and all that other mushy stuff." Taylor said.
"Oh Trevor." Benji said laughing.
"What's funny about Trevor?"
"That's who Joel thought she was having and affair with." Benji laughed.
"Seriously he thought she was having an affair with Trevor he's like fifty. Where did he get that idea from?" Taylor said. Benji looked away guiltily.
"Benji! What did you do?" Taylor said trying to be mad but just ended up laughing.
"Well you see I saw her with him and I just happened to say to Joel as a joke that they looked close and he found it as a joke too but then when he was obsessing over her cheating he kind of put two and two together and made one hundred." Benji explained. They all laughed.
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