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Chapter 9

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Lets just say Taylor pulls the short straw when the guys get back to the bus. lol. please review.

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Chapter 9

They walked round the buses talking to some people until it was time for the guys to go to sound check then do their show. They made their way back to the Good Charlotte bus to get Joel.
"Ok who's going to go in first?" Paul said. As they all stopped outside not wanting to walking in on Kayla and Joel 'making up'.
"Not me he's not in my band I don't need him." Matt said backing off.
"Don't look at me." Billy said.
"Go on Benj you go he's your brother." Paul said.
"Yeah and that's exactly why I'm defiantly not going in there." Benji said hiding behind Taylor.
"Ok well Tay you do it." Paul said.
"yeah go on Taylor she's your best friend and well you've seen Benji naked so Joel's not going to be much different." Matt said.
"You stay out of this he's not in your band remember." Taylor said to Matt.
"Well he does have a point Taylor." Billy said.
"Ok who votes Taylor goes in?" Paul said holding up his hand. Matt and Billy did too. Benji slowly raised his.
"Benji!" Taylor said.
"Sorry but we do need him so just cover you eyes." Benji said pushing her toward the bus as Paul opened the door.
"Oh I'm so going to kick your ass for this Benjamin Levi Madden." Taylor said as they all laughed and closed the door on her. She slowly made her way to the bunks with her hand over her eyes. She found the bunk they where in and pulled the certain back turning round immediately.
"Joel they need you in sound check now." Taylor said really quickly then ran out of the bus. Kayla and Joel laughed then got dressed.
"I hate you, and you, and you, and defiantly you." Taylor said hitting each of Matt, Billy, and Paul and lastly Benji got a hard hit.
"Why do you hate me more? You're supposed to love me." Benji pouted.
"Shut up you girl." Taylor laughed. Then a clothed Joel came out to them.
"Did you make up?" matt asked him.
"Y..." Joel started.
"Actually I don't want to know." matt said making a grossed out face then they left for sound check and Taylor went back into the bus to Kayla.
"Is it safe to come in?" Taylor asked.
"Yeah." Kayla laughed.
"So I take it you two made up?" Taylor said.
"Yeah well three times actually." Kayla said laughing.
"Ew too much infor... Three times really?" Taylor smiled. "So everything still on for tonight?"
"Yeah it's not a secret anymore but at lest he doesn't think I'm cheating on him." Kayla said as they started cleaning up all the rose petals and moving the balloons out of the way.
"Anyway who are you to call me about mine and Joel's sex life it's nothing compared to what we hear about you and Benji." Kayla laughed.
"So what if me and Benji have a very active sex life at lest where not boring and he doesn't think I'm cheating on him with fifty year old men." Taylor said defensively.
"So you admit to your sexcapaids?" Kayla laughed.
"Yeah I have nothing to hide. Do you wanna know who he thought you where cheating on him with?" Taylor laughed.
"Yeah who?" Kayla asked curious.
"Trevor." Taylor burst out laughing.
"Ew Trevor seriously. That's sick." Kayla laughed.
"Hey guys what's going on?" Lindsay said interrupting their laughter.
"We where just laughing at Joel thinking that Kay's cheating on him with Trevor." Taylor laughed.
"Why would he think that?"
"Oh you missed it; it was like world war three in here last night and this morning. Kayla's surprise got ruined because Joel started thing that Kayla was cheating on him when she was planning the surprise." Taylor explained.
"Yeah but everything's sorted now." Kayla smiled.
"I can see." Lindsay smiled looking at all the balloons and rose petals. "So is the surprise still on?"
"Yeah but it's not really a surprise anymore." Kayla said.
"Well it kind of is because he only knows that you planned a surprise he doesn't know what it is." Taylor said.
"What is the surprise anyway?" Lindsay asked.
"A romantic boat ride down the river then a romantic dinner at the side of the bank." Kayla explained.
"Aw you'll have fun." Lindsay smiled.
"They've already had enough fun this afternoon, THREE TIMES to be exact." Taylor laughed.
"Well that's nothing compared to what I've heard you and Benji get up to." Lindsay laughed. This made Taylor stop laughing looking at her with wide eyes.
"What have you heard?" Taylor said curiously.
"I'm a lady I can't repeat that." Lindsay said her and Kayla laughed. Taylor threw a pillow at each of them. Just then Benji, Joel, Billy and Paul came back interrupting their laughing fit.
"What's going on?" Billy asked going over to Lindsay.
"Nothing." Taylor said quickly.
"If only we could say about your s..." Kayla started.
"KAYLA!" Taylor shirked. Lindsay burst out laughing and all the guys looked confused.
"Sorry." Kayla laughed.
"You would be if you'd continued that sentence." Taylor smiled.
"Ok so we're done now so do I get my surprise?" Joel smiled putting his arms around Kayla and kissing her cheek.
"No." Kayla said plainly.
"Why?" Joel said looking hurt.
"Because it's not ready yet." Kayla smiled. Joel pouted. "Come on we'll go for a walk first." Kayla said taking his hand walking off the bus. Joel smiled.
"Bye Kay have fun." Taylor grinned.
"Yeah don't do anything Taylor WOULD DO." Lindsay laughed.
"Bitch." Taylor said and playfully hit Lindsay on the arm. Billy, Benji and Paul where still stood there confused.

After their romantic Boat ride and dinner together Joel and Kayla where lay on the river bank together watching the stars.
"I really am sorry about the way I acted, I was such an idiot." Joel said breaking the comfortable silence.
"It's ok, it doesn't matter now." Kayla said and they kissed. "You really thought I would cheat on you with someone called Trevor?" Kayla laughed.
"Yeah I really was an idiot. I don't know what I was thinking." Joel laughed a little embarrassed. Kayla laughed at him.
"I love you." She smiled.
"And I love you too." Joel smiled and they kissed. Falling asleep together not long after.
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