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Chapter 10

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Benji and Taylor feeling a little sexually frustrated

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Chapter 10

The next day Benji was sat in the front of the bus reading a magazine and relaxing before they played the show that night. The others guys where all out somewhere. Taylor had just come out the shower and went and sat next to him looking at the magazine over his shoulder. Before Benji knew it he found himself getting really turned on. It had been a few days since to their annoyance they had had sex because every time they tried someone or something managed to stop them. Having Taylor so close to him, feeling her breath on his neck and the smell of her shampoo in her hair was just too much for Benji.
"My, my Benj do we have a problem?" Taylor grinned noticing his hard on.
"We do." He said emphasising the WE then standing up pulling her up with him and leading her to the back of the bus. As soon as they got their they broke into a heated, hungry, passionate kiss ripping each others clothes off at the same time.
"Finally some time alone." Taylor smiled between kisses.
"I know it's been driving me crazy." Benji said breathlessly. Just then before they had had a chance to do anything they heard some of the guys come back.
"Fuck." Benji whispered.
"Shh, carry on they might not come here." Taylor whispered kissing his neck Benji was about to returned to working on Taylor when he heard Joel call him.
"Damn." Taylor sighed.
"Coming." Benji called to his brother. Taylor and Benji getting dressed again. Benji walked out to the guys first.
"Come on Benji we're on in twenty minutes." Paul said. Then Taylor walked out of the back too.
"Oh where we interrupting something?" Tony smirked.
"No." Taylor and Benji muttered annoyed.
"OK guys we need to go." Billy said breaking the silence. The guys started making their way out.
"Come on." Kayla said pulling Taylor out of the bus with them.
"Where are we going?"
"I thought we could go watch them we've not seen them play in ages." Kayla smiled.
"OK." Taylor sighed and followed her.

Benji and Joel where waiting to go on stage just before the show.
"Benj are you and Tay ok you two have been acting a little stage lately everyone's starting to notice."
"It's nothing."
"Are you sure you can tell me?"
"Do you really want to know?" Benji said unsure.
"Yes." Joel said getting frustrated.
"We've not had sex in four fucking days and it's starting to drive us crazy." Benji admitted.
"Benj four days isn't that long. I'm mean come on you've been weeks with out it when we're on tour and she has a game."
"Four days is a long time for us, especially when we're this close to each other."
"Well why you haven't know, is there something..."
"No there's nothing wrong, not with us anyway. It's just usually we can find somewhere to go but lately we can't find anywhere to be alone for long enough and when we do we get interrupted. I just don't think we can take it much longer it's got to the point where if we just brush past each other on the bus we're nearly ripping each others cloths off."
"Ok Benj I really didn't need to know that last bit." Joel said then they got called to go on stage.

"Tay are you ok?" Kayla asked as they where sat waiting for the show to start.
"Yeah why?" Taylor smiled.
"You just seem a little tense and come to think of it Benji's been acting weird too. Did something happen with you two?"
"No it's more like something's not happened between us." Taylor muttered.
"What do you mean?" Kayla smiled.
"It's nothing really." Taylor said.
"Aw please tell me?" Kayla said.
"It's nothing it's just we've know, in like four days now."
"So what's wrong with that?"
"It's not usual for us we're like at least once a day." Taylor said.
"What really?"
"Yes and it's just not been happening the past few days. I mean don't get me wrong it's not like we don't want to it's just we don't get chance to because there's always something or someone stopping us."
"You mean you two are all sexually frustrated." Kayla laughed.
"Well yeah I suppose you could say that." Taylor laughed too at how ridiculous it sounded.
"Sorry Tay I can't help you with that I hope you get some soon." Kayla said smiling.
"Oh don't worry I plan to, some how." Taylor said. They went silent for a couple of seconds. Kayla looked deep in thought.
"You really have sex everyday?" Kayla said in disbelief.
"Yeah more than that when we're at home." Taylor smiled.
"Geez you're like rabbits." Kayla laughed. "But what about when he's on tour and you're at a game or at home?"
"Ok I think we've talked about my sex life way to much. But to answer your last question, phones."
"Taylor you dirty bitch." Kayla laughed.

After the show Benji had just had a shower, he was walking out of the door when Taylor came up and pushed him back inside.
"Tay, what the..." Benji started but Taylor had pushed him up against the door and was kissing him. Benji pulled away a little shocked. Then smiled and flipped then round so that he was now pinning Taylor up against the door. They resumed kissing and taking each others clothes off.
"I think we need a shower." Taylor grinned.
"But I just had one."
"Not like this one you've not." Taylor laughed pushing him under the water, Benji smirked.

Later that night they made their way back to the bus. Taylor went to the back to change and Benji went and sat with some of the guys in the fount of the bus.
"I take it everything's back to normal." Joel whispered to Benji. Benji just grinned making Joel laugh.
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