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ValAIna's Big Boom

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A quick (and I do mean quick) peek into an afternoon of ValAIna Matrix, the youngest child of the elder Matrix boy and a genius extraordinaire, especially in her own mind.

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Disclaimer: Don't own ReBoot. Not even a little bit of it. But I guess I loosely own ValAIna Matrix in a completely not legally binding way. This is a ficlet set in the far future of ReBoot. The Fourth Season may or may not have happened. All you need to know is that Matrix and AndrAIa live in a structure Megabyte built before being soundly defeated by Bob. They also have three children but only two are important; ValAIna, their youngest child, and Wire, who owns a coffee shop in Mainframe. And now this was much more explanation than was needed for this piece. Read it anyway. Pretty please.

ValAIna examined the device in front of her for a few critical moments before breaking into a wide grin. She clapped her heads and danced around the laboratory, real music screaming on to match the song in her head.

"I did it!" she shouted, her voice traveling up the mile between the ceiling and floor. The sound frightened off a pair of pigeons that had been making the top of the Silver Tor their roost.

"I, Dr. ValAIna Matrix, am the greatest scientific mind in the Net!"

"You're a genius, ValAIna!" Frick, one the good doctor's two robotic lab assistants cried, waving her spindly arms around wildly.

"No one is as smart as you, ValAIna!" Frack yelled. She was the other half of ValAIna's first creation, thrown together when the girl had been five. Unfortunately, the two hadn't changed much in the past twelve years.

ValAIna closed her eyes, basking in the well-deserved praise. After many months of hard work and sleepless nights, she had finally done it. She had built a device that would accomplish the impossible, dare to go that extra step, and mock traditional theories about modern science. She had created the perfect café mocha machine.

The doctor sighed blissfully. Oh, how she loved her café mocha. So sweet and comforting. The thought of consuming it without paying the ridiculous price her brother charged at his café made her tingly.

"Can we turn it on, ValAIna?" Frick begged, nearly beside herself with joy.

"Yes, turn it on!" Frack chimed in, leaning as close to the device as she could without falling on its red, shiny button.

ValAIna smiled benevolently. The bots were simple creatures but she had to admire their enthusiasm. No one else appreciated her obvious brilliance as much as Frick and Frack.

"Wait, ladies. This is history in the making. We must savor this microsecond." ValAIna waited for a full five squirmy nanoseconds before snapping on her safety goggles.

"Okay, go for it," she said, nodding at the robots. She could practically taste the chocolaty goodness now.

Frick and Frack regarded each other for a few tense moments before Frack dove for the button.

"No fair!" Frick protested.

The Users of fairness must have agreed because the mocha maker, after whirling quite merrily for a second, suddenly exploded in a blaze of pyrotechnic glory, taking the unfortunate Frack with it.

ValAIna blinked, wiped the coffee from her goggles, and looked down at Frack's metallic arm, twitching resentfully at her foot. Frick and the doctor exchanged a meaningful glance before the former burst into loud and messy tears.

"Oh well, I guess it's back to the drawing board." ValAIna patted Frick on the arm comfortingly. "C'mon, Frick. Let's put poor Frack together again."

"So many pieces," Frick sobbed. "It's so terrible!"

"I know," ValAIna murmured soothingly.

"I could have been killed!"

ValAIna blinked and then forced a genial smile. "Right. Let's get this cleaned up before Dad finds out I used Gun's energy core as its power source." This thinly veiled hint was enough to send the bright purple into action. A real smirk made its way across the young scientist's face. She loved being a genius. They never had to do any real work.
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