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If Not Before

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A smutty fan fiction. Hery/OC

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Princessofoyownworld: Me own Class of the Titans, now what gave you that Idea! Well I don't, and I don't mean for this story or any of my stories to break any laws or copyrights. And Shennille belongs to KelseyANNE.

Gummy Bears: On with the fan fiction!


Shennille leaned up against Herry's fire engine red four by four truck. The sun was beginning to set, bathing the high schools parking lot in an orange light. It had been a beautiful day in new Olympia and the forecast for the night looked amazing as well.

Shennille ran a hand threw her short red hair and pulled her thin frame up so she was sitting on the front fender of Herry's precious truck. The descendant of Hercules was almost always late for their dates, and tonight was no exception. Hercules himself was probably congratulating him on getting another date with her, a descendant of Helen of Troy.

Shennille and Herry had been dating for about three months now. And Shennille had been apart of the team for about six mounts, six mounts exactly tomorrow. It was only in the last four months that she had a major role on the team, before the others had not thought that she would be much of a help (mainly Archie) because her two greatest talents were her ability to sing and her ability to charm. Though she trained as much as Archie, Atlanta and Herry.

But within a month she had grown on everyone, especially Theresa, Atlanta , and Herry. In the second month Cronos had lain low and they only had small skirmishes with him. But ask any of the titans and they would be forced to admit that life with Shennille around had been anything but dull, and they were saving the world from the evil Greek god of time.

She had walked in on Neil in the middle of his shower and dragged him out so the rest of them could have some hot water for once. Herry and Jay had walked in on her dancing threw the kitchen wearing nothing but her black lacy bra and black bicycle shorts- ok at that moment she was glad that Archie had not been there, he would have made some snide comment about being surprised that she fit into the bra, her chest was on the smaller side. That outfit had also been the one she wore when she dragged Atlanta and Theresa out into the rain to go puddle jumping, the white tee shirt she was going to wear would have made almost no difference. Archie had laughed at them when they came in, commenting that they looked like drowned rats, her and Theresa laughed it off knowing full well that he like Atlanta. But Shennille had her revenge by waking him up the next morning by sticking her tongue in his ear.

Shennille bright blue eyes scanned the schools parking lot, stopping at the door as Herry's muscular frame came out the door. His dark brown hair was still wet and his green tee shirt was clinging to his muscular torso, she could tell that he had just had a shower. Shennille also loved it when he looked that way, it was such a turn on for her.

Shennille began to sprint across the parking lot of New Olympus high. Being on the shorter side she had to jump slightly to wrap her arms around Herry' s neck. Herry responded by strong capable arms around her thin curvy body. Shennille placed a soft kiss on is lips. Herry then spun her around in a circle.

"Hey baby" She said in his ear. At first everyone was confused by Shennille's nicknames, but soon they learned that she called everyone m'dear and love, but she only called Herry baby.

"Good to see you to." Herry said as he gentaly kissed her soft lips. Shennille welcomed the kiss and opened her mouth to let his tongue in. Soon the couple's tongues were dancing an extravagant dance. They stayed in the embrace for several moments or maybe several dimly lit days.

The couple walked across the parking lot hand in hand., Shennille hopped into Herry's four by four truck and slid into the middle seat, no one but Herry ever drove his truck. As she waited for Herry to get in she opened up the sun roof.

Herry put the keys into the ignition and the engine roared to lie. Shennille put a hand on Herry's knee and the were off. They drove for a long tome, weaving in and out of traffic on their way to the other side of the city.


"Which movie do you want to see?" Herry asked as he and Shennille stood in line for movie tickets at the large Cineplex. They were holding hands and were receiving some odd looks, ok so there might have been about a foot difference between the tow.

"How about..." Shennille started her tone cheerful; she paused to consider her choice. "The latest horror?" She finished her bright blue eyes locking for a moment with Herry's bright green eyes.

"Sure." Herry replied as he paid the ticket lady.


The three and a half movie passed quietly. The couple had actually managed to watch the whole movie, it turned out to be quite good. It might have helped that they recognized a few of the teachers from their school.


Shennille and Herry walked out of theater hand in hand to be greeted by torrents of rain. Herry groaned. "Did you leave the sun roof open?" He asked.

"Yeppers!" Shennille said hanging her head in mock sorrow.

"Oh shit!" Herry swore loudly.

"It can't have been raining for that long." Shennille said trying to comfort Herry. Knowing her boyfriends love for his truck. They walked to the truck, Herry holding on to Shennille's thin waist so she did not get knocked over by the strong wind. Shennille knew that she could walk on her own but let Herry think he was being a gentleman.

As faith would have it Herry's truck was flooded. "Well there is no way it will start now." Herry said gloomily as he opened a door and water p0oured out. Shennille opened her door and more water came out.

"I'm sure Hephaestus can fix it." Shennille said comfortingly, kissing Herry's cheek.

"He's the God of fire, I hope so."

" In the mean time do you see a hotel around? Because there is no way Theresa's little red sports car can get through this, and your truck is not going anywhere."


"I'm sorry but all we have is a queen room with one bed." The hotel desk clerk said apologetically. Herry turned to Shennille and shrugged. Neither of them wanted to walk the five blocks to the next hotel, nor did they want to endure the teasing that would come from the others if they shared a bed. Shennille's bright blue eyes glimmered with mischief as she handed the desk clerk her bankcard.


Shennille striped down to her black bra and bikini style panties. Herry could not help but stare, he had seen her in her underwear before, everyone at the dorm had, well minus Athena. He himself had striped down to his army green boxers. Without Archie their no one made any remarks about sleeping in underwear were made, their clothes were soaked so it was the sensible thing to do.

Shennille slipped under the covers and gave Herry a sexual look. He came into the bed after her and pulled her into a big bear hug. Shennille leaned in and kissed him as she relaxed into his embrace.

Herry felt the sent of her shampoo drift into his nose. He breathed in deeply, drinking in her sent and the moment. She was so beautiful and tonight she was all his.

Shennille began to kiss Herry harder and more passionately. Herry kissed her back as she strong capable hands slowly caressed her back. Shennille's small hands busied themselves by running threw Herry's chocolate brown hair, that was still slightly damp from the rain.

Shennille's lips parted slightly in unison with Herry's, their tongues found their way to each other and began to dance once again. Herry let out a sexual moan as he felt Shennille run a hand down his abs.

Shennille felt one of Herry's hands cup her small left breast. His other hand was undoing her bra. Shennille felt her bra fall off of her thin frame and be flung to the floor. Once again the couple found themselves deep in passion filled kisses.

They broke out of the kisses. Herry began to kiss Shennille from her jaw line downward, coming to a stop to suckle on her right nipple. This time it was Shennille's turn to moan in sexual pleasure.

Herry stopped for a moment giving Shennille time to slip out of her black bikini style underwear. Herry smiled when the piece of black fabric fell to the floor, joining her bra. Shennille gave Herry a look and he responded by taking of his boxers.

The young couples naked bodies joined together. Both Herry and Shennille smiling and moaning in pleasure. Shennille shirked loudly.

"I am I going to fast?" Herry asked in shock.

"No, no keep going, just give me a moment to adjust." Shennille whispered. Herry slowed down for a moment letting Shennille adjust. "I'm good." Shennille spoke after a minute. Herry speed up once more.

"I love you." Herry whispered in Shennille's ear.

"I love you to." Shennille whispered back. If loved had not been made on that hotel bed before, it had now.


Well hope you all like that! Had this posted earlier but accidentally took it down, instead of the poem I have posted. Now both will be up because my friend threatened to do things to my hair if I took it down. I love my hair to much to let that happen has a horrible vision of platinum blonde hair extensions or a black Mohawk faints
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