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Every teenage girl has breakdowns. Some just prolong them for longer then others. Rated just to be safe.

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Hi, all! This is my first story here on FicWad. I hope you all like it! Please feel free to review. No flames Please, but constructive criticism is welcome.

Couples; Archie/Atlanta

Warnings; Brief mention of suicide, (Not attempted, however) fluffiness, depression, (Odd combination, isn't it?) and top secret diaries.

Disclaimer; Class of the Titans is the property of Studio B. Productions. I do not own any of the characters mentioned in the fanfiction.

In Atlanta's mind, she wasn't allowed to have breakdowns.

It's a lot of pressure to put on a teenage girl. When she knows that even one tear trickling down her cheek could label her for life. And, to make matters worse, Atlanta was supposed to be the tough one. She had to be; being one of only to girls on the team, and the youngest, at that. Theresa got off easy, Atlanta thought. She had looks, brains and confidence. Theresa could handle any situation, at any time of day. And what did Atlanta have? A well of built up emotions, a small, diary that she was too embarrassed to let anyone see and a reputation that she had worked too hard at to break. But Atlanta had to wonder if the reputation itself was worth all the work it took to maintain it.
And that was just her life in the brownstone.
Before the team, Atlanta had nothing. No parents, no friends, no proper home. She had lived with strangers. An old woman and her husband who could barely remember Atlanta's name, and certainly wouldn't have even noticed that she had left to join the team. Even at school, the red head was the subject of almost all of the hundreds of rumors flying throughout the halls. Not even the teachers had liked her. It was a past any girl would love to forget.

Too bad the red head couldn't.


Atlanta flung herself onto her bed with a sigh. Don't cry. She told herself. Don't cry, don't cry, please, PLEASE don't c- too late. Atlanta wiped away the newly formed tears with the back of her hand, tugging gently at the corner of her green duvet with the other.
"Why do I never have any luck with guys?" Atlanta cried, more to herself than anyone else. (Which was probably a good thing, seeing as no one could hear her.) The red head sat up, reaching under her mattress and pulling out a small red notebook and a pen. She opened the book, flipping through the pages until she reached a blank one. Atlanta held her pen over the page for a brief moment, deciding what to write.

Dear diary;

No, that sounded too childish for Atlanta's liking. Great. She thought. So I'm a dork as well as a loser. Erasing her previous words, Atlanta bent over the page and tried again.


Today was a pretty- no- SERIOUSLY awful day in the dating department. I finally find a guy that I might just possibly like- just a little- and what happens? When I go to talk to him, that preppy brunette Colette trips me- ON PURPOSE- and I land flat on my face right in front of him. So now, as if he didn't bug me enough already -And believe me, this guy bugs me a LOT- this guy probably now thinks that I'm just about the biggest loser on the face of planet Earth.

And the thing that hurts the most is that I probably am.

Now, where's this so called 'bright side?'

I know what you're probably saying.
"Get over it, Atlanta, it's just one guy!" And you'd be right. But to Atlanta, it just added up to a lifetime of bad choices, imperfection and embarrassment.
And besides, sometimes a girl's just 'gotta' cry. Which is exactly what Atlanta did.


It was an accident, really. At least, that's what he tells people.

In truth, Archie never meant to find Atlanta's diary. Reading it was intentional -I mean, who could refuse an opportunity like that? - but finding it was just coincidence. And, in the chain reaction of events called life, one thing led to another.
Archie, for one, couldn't stand to read a sixty eight page soap opera that basically consisted of his best friend and crush dissing herself in just about every way that was humanly possible.
After re-reading one particularly pessimistic entry in which Atlanta had referred to herself as stupid, ugly, pathetic and pretty much every other word on the planet, some of which Archie could barely pronounce- the purple haired teen made up his mind to confront Atlanta right then and there.
Which would have worked perfectly, had she been in Archie's room at the time.
Instead, Archie made his way to the brownstone living room, where the other six titans were watching a TV movie.
"What the HECK is this?" Archie cried, turning to face Atlanta. As the younger teen glanced up at him, a look of horror crossed her face.
"Y-You read my diary?"
"Come on, guys, let's go upstairs." Theresa leapt to her feet, motioning for the other titans, (minus Archie and Atlanta) to follow.
"Aw, but this is better then the movie!" Neil exclaimed, grabbing a handful of popcorn.
"Neil. Go. Now." Archie growled through gritted teeth as the blond raised his hands in defeat and followed the others upstairs. When the sound of footsteps had finally faded, Archie turned on Atlanta.
"YOU!" He shouted, in a voice so loud it seemed to shake the brownstone. "WHERE DO YOU GET OFF WRITING THIS STUFF ABOUT YOURSELF?"
"Y-You r-read my d-diary." Atlanta stammered, placing her head in her hands. "I t-thought I could t-t-trust you."
"I thought that I could trust you!" Archie sighed, kneeling next to Atlanta, as he gently tilted her face towards him. Atlanta's eyes were puffy and red, her face streaked with tears. Archie, in spite of himself, was surprised. He had never seen her like this before. He lowered his voice to a whisper and said; "I thought I could trust you to tell me that you felt like this. Atlanta, I'm worried about you."
"L-l-leave me alone!"
"NO! Atlanta, I need to know how you feel about this. Please, Atlanta. You're my friend. I don't want to have to see you like this. Please."
"Y-You would laugh."
"Is that what you think?" Archie cried, and for the first time in a long time he felt like he was nearly on the verge of tears himself. "Atlanta, I know that I'm hardheaded and cynical, OK? I get that. But if there's one thing that I won't do, it's laugh when you're in pain. Atlanta. I. Won't. Laugh."
And Archie didn't laugh, but did feel rather shocked, as the red head suddenly wrapped her arms around him in a large embrace.
"You're the first person who's ever said that." She breathed, burying her face in his hoodie. Archie gently wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him.
"Atlanta, there's just one thing that I need to know. You're not- you know- thinking about, erm...killing yourself, a-are you?" Atlanta drew back slightly, shaking her head.
"Never. I'd miss you're stupid insults too much." Despite her current mood, Atlanta landed a feeble punch on Archie's shoulder.
"Thank god." Archie muttered as Atlanta pulled close to him once more. "Thank god. But, why did you write those things, 'Lan? They're so...not true."
"Because I thought no one cared about me. Like everyone else thought that about it wouldn't be a problem if I did, too." Atlanta smiled slightly into Archie's hoodie. "Looks like I was wrong."
"You better believe you were, 'Lan. Theresa cares about you. The team cares about you. The gods care about you. And...I care about you, too. A lot."
"I care about you, too, Arch." Atlanta murmured. Then she laughed a little and said; "But, I mean, why wouldn't I? You're my best friend."
"No." Archie said. "I mean...I am. I mean, what I meant before was...I care about you as, you know...more then a friend. More than a best friend, even."
"What? What do mean?"
"I mean that I, you know...kind you. A little. A lot. I l- Erm...I love you."
"A bit young for that, aren't we?" Atlanta sighed, wiping away the last of her tears as she pulled back to look at her friend.
Archie blushed crimson and his face fell.
"I should go. Here's your diary." He stood up and walked towards the doorway with a heavy sigh. How stupid can I be? Archie wondered. There we were, closer than we had ever been...and I had to go and ruin it with my big, fat mouth.
"Stupid." He muttered in what he thought was a whisper. Atlanta heard however, and walked over to where he was standing.
"Hey, if I'm not aloud to say that stuff about myself, you shouldn't be able to say it about yourself, either."
And, without waiting for a response, Atlanta pulled Archie around to face her, and, in one swift motion, pressed her lips softly to his.
They stood like that for quite some time, neither quite sure what to do. They finally broke apart, unable to keep from laughing.
"That was...odd." Atlanta said, a faint blush settling in where tears had been not ten minutes before.
"Yes, it was." Archie agreed, nearly bubbling over with happiness, though he refused to show it. Then he became confused. "I thought you said you didn't like me."
"I said we were young. That doesn't mean I don't like- you."
This time Archie couldn't suppress his smile.
"Promise me that you'll tell me if you ever feel depressed again."
"I will. On one condition. What happened here never leaves this room."
"Deal." Archie agreed. As the pair left the room hand in hand, he had to smile once again. "Oh, yeah-you forgot your diary."
"I'll throw that out later." Atlanta said. "I won't need it anymore. Race you to the gym?"
"You're on."
Archie held back for a moment, smiling as he realized that his best friend was now also his girlfriend.
"But not really." Atlanta was to tell him later. "Because boyfriends and girlfriends break up. I don't want that to happen to us." So in reality, they were just really close, romantically involved, better than best friends.

And Atlanta doesn't dread her breakdowns anymore.

A/N; And there you have it, suckish as it may be. Again, feel free to rate and review, just let me know what you think. I know that Archie and Atlanta were probably way out of character, but this was supposed to be a side of Atlanta that she hasn't shown before. And poor ickle-Archiekins is probably just worried.XD

By the way- there are probably countless typos in here that I didn't notice while re-reading it. Let me know if you catch any, would 'ya? I'll try to get them fixed ASAP.

By the way, I bet you can guess which guy Atlanta was talking about in her diary!
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