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The Return of the Forgotten

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Friendship is Magic, Generation 4, Mane Six. This was made before the end of Season Four. Do not hate because it throws Twilight's lesson from her key away.

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A long time ago, there were three princesses in Equestria. They were the Princess of Creation, Jak, and the Princesses of the Sun and the Moon, Celestia and Luna.
Jak had a black mane, and eyes, while having a white coat. Unknown to anyone, this switched at sundown, black to white and white to black. She kept this hidden in fear of others being afraid of her. Once, Jak lost herself to the Elements she controlled in one last place of her prophecy, so it was a banishment into the Tree.
The vision that Twilight had of the Tree of Harmony and its Elements, was only part of the story. Before Celestia and Luna took the elements from the Tree, Jak had joined to make one being, her power and its power together.
In a time of relevance, Jak had warned the sisters to protect Twilight and prepare her for Jak’s return. She did not say who or when Twilight would come, just that she would come and bring forth a new era, doing many things that make her reign alongside Cadence and the sisters memorable. She warned them that the many dangers that will come that cannot always be solved by ordinary means of magic. Sometimes love and friendship are the only answers. She was banished into the Tree and disappeared. She only spoke after Luna was banished to the moon and the balance of the world was shifted.
For a thousand years during Celestia’s reign, did she remain there only to be brought out by the returning of the Elements of Harmony and the power restored. Jak’s power lasted for more than a thousand years, fading after all the princesses were joined together in one single reign.
When Twilight freed Celestia and Luna from the seeds, and returned the Tree’s most powerful possession, Jak was awakened from the Tree, and her symbol of black and white appeared on the trunk. From then she waited for the moment when the box would be opened by symbols of friendship and power and she would appear once again into Equestria.
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