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A Work of Plans

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Post TAC (AU). Artemis has a worsening condition which is surprisingly a normal sickness for humans and not something fairy related nor grandeur. But that isn't just where his troubles lie yet agai...

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Phew, here's the next chapter! It's actually like a menacing filler chapter or something (Pfft) I had a brief writer's block or maybe it's just the stress at school. (I'm in the University, at 16 for Pete's sake! gimme a break? xD) Buuut I know it's not an enough excuse to write an aimless and kind of shorter chapter for the first update of this week. My ideas are still unclear and the facts are jumbled so i hope you could 'enlighten' me with your ideas, eh? Help a guy out here..?

DISCLAIMER: I'm gonna ask dear Santa Colfer for the rights this Christmas but for now, they're all his.


LEP Headquarters, Underground City of Haven

Then all hell broke lose.

It was the first thing Commander Trouble Kelp took notice of when the clip of Koboi's escape had ended, and a dead silence filled the cramped room. The stillness was only for a moment though, the said Commander was dreading the inevitable crisis at hand but there he was at the very center of it. He had enough time to gather his wits before the silence disappeared. Trouble could almost feel the padded titanium walls vibrate and countless of Foaly's monitors shift a little as bullets of uproars and questions fired straight at him.

He was tempted to raise his hands above his head but it struck him that it was something only a convict would do. He didn't move an inch, afraid to let his reflexes take over and his title as the LEP's Commander get mocked at by the Council. The elf spoke as loudly as he could in the throng of angry and panicked voices.

"Since Koboi's break-out was reported in by the Atlantis division, technical consultant Foaly and his men have been tracking her whereabouts..."

The commotion started to die down as he continued to explain. "Apparently, the prisoner's seeker-sleeper was removed but not before releasing sedatives into her system and activating the seeker. The last transmission of the signal was above-ground, coordinates of the location pointing over the North Atlantic Ocean. We believe that her past twin is the accomplice, I suggest taking extreme precaution and Haven to be in lock-down for the next twenty-four hours."

"A lock-down, Commander?!" cried a delirious Chairman Cahartez. "Do you know how costly those lock-downs have been in the past?"

Foaly couldn't suppress a sneer and a whinny at the Chairman. He glanced at Trouble to read his reaction and could tell that the he was about to pop an artery on his head, which was pulsing quite dangerously.

"If you would excuse my barging in on your conversation Chairman," the centaur continued to talk and ignored the look of protest coming from Cahartez, " but Opal Koboi is an insane pixie and there are two of her out there, who knows what plan to take over the world they're doing as of right now. In twenty-four hours, the LEP will be assembling squads of LEPrecon and LEPretrieval officers to search the pixies throughout the continent of Europe." He faced the Council members darkly and added, "The People might not be the only ones in jeopardy this time around. I hope you could carry that responsibility on your conscience, Chairman Cahartez."

All the Council members had grim expressions on their faces and even Cahartez was visibly disturbed by the technical genius' declaration. They nodded at each other and reached a unanimous vote.

"The Council has complied with your wishes, Commander Kelp. You have our permission to apply all necessary operations to acquire the charged felon, Opal Koboi."

And with those parting words still lingering inside Trouble Kelp's mind space, the flashback blurred like the remnants of an old movie, rapidly fading into the bristling sharpness of reality. He sighed, hands cradling his head and tried to pull it together. But he was still stuck in the Commander's office, sorting out loose ends and barking orders to officers to move their behinds, threatened to become a fairy-kebab on the next magma flair.

It didn't help that Holly Short; the recently appointed Major of the LEP was out in the open territory of the enemy. Apart from Koboi, Fowl is a slippery Mud boy even if he had lent a hand in saving the People but humans can still never be trusted, Trouble thought. The Major could possibly be in danger and he needed her presence to assess the groups of fairies tracking Koboi. He couldn't help himself relieving memories of the worst three dates he ever had in his life while lightly shuddering. He brought back his attention at the task at hand and mulled over what Foaly had reported in.

According to the centaur, they received a call from above-ground a few hours ago, and Butler, Artemis' loyal bodyguard was the one who contacted Holly using the genius' communicator. Trouble heard the Mud boy was sick and according to Foaly's jibbering, Opal has a very high possibility of seeking revenge on him. The technical genius also suggested having a squad of heavily armed fairies to stand guard at Fowl Manor. No doubt, he would have alerted Holly about it and the Irish boy could very well be thinking up of a plan by now. The Commander didn't give a D'arvitting care if the criminal mastermind was feeling out of sorts, but if their target would be aiming for Fowl, then the human could help them and he'd be hitting two birds with one stone. He smirked. It looks like Fowl's bad luck was finally catching up on him.

Koboi Laboratories, Present Day

"Phase one of the plan is complete, sister. Those LEP blockheads trapped themselves into our wild goose chase."

Future Opal lay cat-like in another hover-boy, snapping one eye open and regarded her twin with a bewitching smirk. She nodded her head slowly as if the news was nothing of great surprise to her, which it perhaps was not.

"But not entirely a wild goose chase, mind you." She corrected.

"Of course, shall we move on to Phase two?"

This was more of a statement than a question. Past Opal reached for a button on her own hover-boy and pressed it. The enormous plasma screen that made most of the widest wall in the vicinity, flashed brightly and a link started connecting the Koboi sisters to the gloomy faces of two very familiar pixie twins: Merval and Descant Brill. They were both fidgeting and nervously stealing glances at the two Opals, who were in turn observing them in an eerily interested looking way. Both of them shuddered and glanced down at their feet.

"Mistress Koboi," intoned Merval and Descant.

"I trust you are capable enough to access what I require of you two? The pixie's eyes turned into dangerous slits and carefully watched the Brill brothers' reactions. Their Adam's apples nervously bobbed up and down.

"Yes, Mistress. They will be too preoccupied when the time comes" replied Descant.

The twins waited helplessly as the two Kobois scrutinized their forms. Future Opal spoke up.

"Very well, but if anything goes wrong, the modified seeker-sleeper on your arms might activate. "

Merval and Descant were now sweating bullets. They knew what happened after those modified 'seeker-sleepers' would do to them. It certainly wasn't as simple as getting knocked out unconscious.

Their fear of death was intoxicating, Opal thought. But the fear showing on the twins' eyes were of her, of Opal Koboi. She was addicted to it, even to the point of obsession. The human pixie couldn't wait to get her hands on Artemis Fowl and make him suffer until he begs for death; a mercy the great Opal Koboi will never give the genius. She licked her lips and chirped sweetly at the two pixies in front of them.

"And get us some heavenly truffles while you're on it."

The Brill twins glanced confusedly at each other when the transmission blinked out, Past Opal with a smile on her beautiful face.

"We have to relocate soon, Sister, the LEP aren't all stupid to leave Koboi Laboratories undetected. We might have to reside somewhere…." She cringed, "uncomfortable for our standards."

The other twin nodded knowingly at this. "I have to say the plan is fool-proof, but there is always that instance where that pesky centaur is too paranoid, to let even this desolate building aside. A perfect hiding place is somewhere obvious and yet never been looked, which in our case is the Laboratories; truly brilliant."

"But still, we must move before they set foot above-ground" interjected Past Opal.

The human pixie did not give her past self a reply; instead, she went about her new plans to take revenge on the Mud boy. She giggled maniacally and felt her cheeks redden at the overflowing possibilities of torment. Her ruby red lips contrasted sharply with her dark flowing hair as she whispered breathlessly.

"Fowl, we're coming for you..."

I'm sorry if today's update was a no-go but I'm trying to sort things out and hopefully write a kick-ass-mind blowing-incredible chapter for the end of this week! R&R my lovelies...
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