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A Doctor's Diagnosis

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Post TAC (AU). Artemis has a worsening condition which is surprisingly a normal sickness for humans and not something fairy related nor grandeur. But that isn't just where his troubles lie yet agai...

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Dublin, Ireland, (UTC) 11: 02 P.M.

A curious soul would often guess what nightmares and wonders happened everyday, beyond the thick stone walls of the looming mansion, which was located on the outskirts of Dublin. A modern castle, if you call it, the Fowl Manor has a greater number of perturbed onlookers than admirers. Certainly, the Manor had always looked imposing even during daytime but during these late hours of dusk, it looked much more menacing and sinister.

What the people don't know about this certain dwelling, are the countless adventures of fairy-related escapades that were sworn in secrecy by Artemis Fowl the Second himself. Even without the complications of being the first human to discover the People, being part of the Fowl Family had its perks and downsides. One of these is the Fowl Empire's criminal reputation that amassed numerous enemies and fear. As such, no wandering individual would accidentally stumble into Fowl Manor's close proximity at this precise moment. Artemis Fowl would be so grateful to know that no stranger would be able to hear a thing from the estate, if not for the fact that he was currently caught in a fit of screams.

"Hold him down, sir! I need to administer a shot of medication," Dr. Fitzpatrick rummaged through his bags and held a rather painful-looking syringe.

Both the boy's father and his manservant took each of his shoulder and shoved him down to his bed. Juliet went down to the twins' room as ordered by Angeline, while the said woman cradled her son's head and started whispering comforting words in vain.

Holly flinched. She didn't like seeing the genius in a very helpless state. The Mud Boy was clearly in a lot of pain but her training stopped her from doing anything rash, the Major couldn't just materialize during the struggle. She couldn't possibly mesmerize and heal Artemis at the same time, whatever heart disease the boy had, it was probably best to let the doctor handle it first. The elf felt hot tears spilling from her mismatched eyes when she realized that there was nothing else she could do, but stand and wait to watch her friend suffer. Her helmet's visual buzzed into life.

"Major, I'm dispatching groups of Recon and Retrieval officers on your-"

The technical consultant almost did a double-take when he briefly glanced at the screen and saw the female elf's tears. He didn't bother asking her what was wrong, especially when she didn't seem to hear or see him in the first place. The centaur accessed her helmet's visor and also watched helplessly as the scenes unfold.

Artemis screamed until his throat felt raw, his constricting lungs and the extreme pain on his chest made his control over his body immobile. He thrashed against the metal grips that held him down, his muscles twitched and he was covered in cold sweat. The genius willed to stay conscious, somehow sensing another attack was about to risk him into coma.

A few minutes ago, everything seemed perfectly normal. The doctor had some time to hook him on the devices and made small talk. His parents and Juliet relaxed a bit as he complied with the doctor's demands, Butler stood protectively over his charge as usual. The pale boy was eyeing Holly's shimmer when he suddenly felt his back and neck throb, followed by a mixture of nausea, short breathing, dizziness, and then came the pain. I believe I have symptoms of what they call 'Angina', in medical terms, he deduced before blocking all thoughts and proceeded to claw at his chest.

Foaly gaped, looking very horrified. No matter how annoying Artemis got, he still has a soft spot for the genius and he couldn't make himself watch any longer. The centaur turned his attention on the Major's trembling form.

"Holly Short, you better pull yourself together. The Mud Boy needs you and so does Haven, I suggest you to be absolutely professional and completely operational at all times, got it?"

"Affirmative…" Holly said, not looking at Foaly's image at all.

He cleared his throat, "As I was saying earlier, I'm going to dispatch two groups of Recon and Retrieval on your location. They'll be there under your watch in about four to five hours tops, and I'm sending in some LEP issued 'emergency protocol' gadgets." Foaly was silent for a moment. "File in a report every twelve hours and keep a stable link on my lock-down server. Do update me with Artemis' condition; I might be able to help with some things. That's all."

The diminutive elf offered her friend a smile, looking a lot like a grimace.

"Good luck, Holls. You'll need it."

Foaly's picture blinked out. The Major decided to take things professionally now; she can't afford to be emotional at a crisis like this one. Her first priority was ensuring Artemis' health and safety before delving in on the whole Opal Koboi ordeal. She looked at the genius' quivering form and was relieved as the doctor finally managed to give the boy a shot. Instantly, the Fowl heir relaxed his muscles, heaving and gasping like a fish out of water.

"Thank God!" Angeline sobbed into her son's shoulder, grasping at his dress shirt like a life line.

"It was a good thing I didn't forget this," said Dr. Fitzpatrick, showing the occupants in the room, a used syringe.

Artemis Senior nodded gratefully at him. He was also trembling while brushing Artemis' raven hair. The pale boy looked very exhausted, some overflowing tears streaked his face and he looked almost like the child he never was. Butler's face was dark and his lips in a tight line, but nevertheless, also quite relieved for the time being.

"Enlighten me… D-Doctor?" His charge rasped.

"I suppose I should."

The genius nodded weakly while his parents and faithful bodyguard looked on edge. They were visibly nervous to know what exactly Artemis' condition was. The doctor hesitated at first but a single glance from Artemis forced him to explain. Before saying anything else, he busied himself to check Artemis' pulse that was slowly going back to normal. The boy made no further movements after resting his head on Angeline's lap, and then waited patiently for Dr. Fitzpatrick to continue.

The doctor fingered the syringe while saying, "What I gave you earlier was a shot of Nitroglycerin. It's a vasodilator, one that opens blood vessels to improve blood flow and is commonly used for relieving chest pains, such as in your case my boy, Angina."

"Go on…"

"Well, according to my ECG and cardiac echo, my earlier assumptions were quite distinct. When you were very young, you were diagnosed with a congenital heart disease…"

Dr, Fitzpatrick shifted uncomfortably at this while Artemis' parents looked paler than normal. They worriedly glanced at their son's face, who was not betraying any emotion at the moment. Artemis nodded once.

"But he had taken surgery! How is this happening now?" The giant Eurasian blurted out.

Artemis' eyes considerably widened. "I… What?! I don't recall any surgery whatsoever. There's not even a single scar on my body."

That would be because of countless healings, stupid Mud Boy, Holly thought silently. He must be really sick…

The doctor looked pointedly at Angeline and Artemis Sr. They obviously did not attempt to share anything from their son's past treatment. He sighed. Parents.

"It seemed you were too young to remember, lad. And the surgery was only a shunt procedure to temporarily improve your condition; I doubt it would have left a scratch." The old doctor paused to let his words sink in. "You had a complication of 'Tetralogy of Fallot', a congenital heart disease that was made of four kinds of heart defects."

"Yes, I am aware of Tetralogy of Fallot." Artemis' voice was almost a whisper now.

To think he had this kind of ailment made him squirm inside. Four kinds of heart defects! He was amazed to know he lived long enough to plan criminal exploits and fairy adventures. He gulped slowly, and then recalled what he knew about this 'Tetralogy of Fallot'.

A hole in the wall between the heart ventricles, which is called a Ventricular Septal Defect, then a narrowed outlet to the pulmonary artery, usually combined with an abnormal pulmonary valve. An aorta that straddles the wall between the ventricles, and the last, a thickened and enlarged heart muscle tissue in the right ventricle.

Exquisite, the genius thought sarcastically.

"I regret your condition right now is a relapse of it, and possibly worsening. We couldn't perform a full operation on you since it was too much of a risk for an infant. But as of now, I believe you are fit to undergo the operation, Master Fowl," said Dr. Fitzpatrick, breaking the silence.

Artemis' parents looked uncertainly at each other. They weren't too comfortable at the idea of their son at the mercy of masked surgeons and a dose of sedatives. There was also the off-chance that the procedure would be a failure. It seemed like they have to let Artemis decide on this matter too.

The pale boy stiffly replied, "I see your point, Doctor, but I'll have to consider some things before I make a decision."

"Yes, yes, that is true. But for now, your case of Angina is not a simple matter. You see, Angina can deteriorate to different types, and my diagnosis says that you have-" The doctor was abruptly cut off by the genius.

"Unstable Angina, I believe."

"Err… Y-Yes, that's… right," he stuttered, only realizing that the boy in front of him is Europe's highest IQ holder.

Even in his state, Artemis couldn't suppress offering the good old doctor, his infamous vampire grin. Dr. Fitzpatrick shuddered, and then composed himself. He gave a small white pouch to the boy's manservant.

Clearing his throat, the doctor said, "Anyway, those are small doses of Nitroglycerin injections, preferably used for sudden Angina attacks. I've also prescribed you tablets, mouth sprays and skin patches of Nitrates for prevention. I suggest rest and further observation on your current state, Artemis."

"Thank you very much, Doctor," Angeline Fowl smiled appreciatively while still caressing her son's hair.

Artemis Sr. stood up and shook the old doctor's hand. "Butler and I will accompany you on the way back, then." He ushered Butler to make preparations and the giant hoisted the doctor's equipments on one arm.

"Well then, I shall take my leave, Master Fowl, Madam. "

After his father, Butler and Dr. Fitzpatrick left the Manor, Artemis stayed on his mother's lap for a long time before insisting to leave him for a moment. The worried mother didn't want to leave his side but the genius urged, until she finally left him be. He deeply breathe into the blue satin sheets, before glancing to Holly's sitting form beside him. One of the few things that Artemis Fowl resent is pity; pity that was clearly thrown at him. He didn't like the look the Major had on her face, so he didn't bother covering the frown on his'.

Holly was confused at this. "What's the matter, Artemis? Is something wrong?"

"Don't look at me with those eyes, Holly. You do not need to pity me," he replied coldly.

The elf was visibly annoyed with this exchange. She gritted her teeth. "It's not my fault if you don't know the difference between concern and pity, Mud Boy."

"I am no concern of yours and nor am I the People's. So please act professional, Major Short."

He disliked this side of himself; too much pride will probably be his downfall in the future. Artemis didn't want to say these things to his best friend, but neither did he want Holly to look at him with such a low regard. He was simply egotistical. The genius glanced at the elf's red tinged face.

"For a genius, you are surprisingly very stupid," she spat. "Don't bother asking me for help. Whether you choke on your sleep or look like your about to drop dead, either way, I won't care."

And with those words full of spite, Holly got off from the bed, strapped her wings and jetted out of Artemis' window. These are one of the rare moments that the genius would insult his intelligence.


Down below the dark shadows of Fowl Manor, two pairs of dark eyes loomed directly beneath the open window. Both of their feline smile were visible in the moonlight, ruby red lips enunciating their similar dangerously beautiful features.
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