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New Tour and a Video Game

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Shiloh is helping Avenged with their album

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Third Person
A few months passed by, It was now the end of August. The Mars album had been released and they did a couple shows in LA to promote it. Shiloh wasn't done her with her album yet, so their record company decided to give her an extra month. She now had til the end of September to get it finished.
WiL was getting closer to his son and also began work on another album. Now he would be going on tour for the month of September with Nick and Trox.
Andy and his band were starting work on an album.
Avenged had finished a new album and submitted it to their record company. Now they just had to wait for the approval. Shiloh had spent most of her time spending with the boys of Avenged and helping them with their album, that is part of the reason why her album was not finished.
While they were waiting for the ok from their record company, Avenged decided to make a video game. The video game would be released in October. After they go the ok, their album would be released in September.
Jared met Lindsay and they really hit it off. Jared didn't really want to open up too much to her because of the fact that she was WiL's ex wife and because Shiloh only introduced them so he could get over her. However, Jared did like Lindsay. She was mellow but at the same time fun just like Shiloh, she was very funny and out going just like Shiloh.
Jared liked that she was a lot like Shiloh, but he just wasn't ready to start dating. Not only did Jared get to know Lindsay, Cassie and Shiloh did two. They got to know her and understand her and they became friends quickly. Cassie and Shiloh's group of two quickly became a group of three and they welcomed her to the family with open arms.
WiL and Lindsay weren't exactly friends but they were certainly on good terms which was great for Phineas. Trox and WiL were still friends, WiL didn't like the hostility Trox was putting towards Shiloh but there wasn't anything he could do about it. Trox however, just kept getting weirder and weirder.
Shiloh's 22nd birthday was coming up within the next two weeks. She was pretty excited. Jared was planning her a huge party with all of her friends and family. Shiloh however was kind of sad that WiL would not be able to be there. She was also worried about him leaving for a month with Trox.
Nick could tell that Shiloh was very worried and nervous about it so he talked to her. Shiloh told Nick what Lindsay had told her and Nick was absolutely shocked. So Nick gave Shiloh his word that he would keep an eye on Trox and WiL while on tour, he also promised not to tell WiL about what Lindsay said.
While WiL would be gone for the month, that meant that Lindsay would get Phineas for the month. Lindsay was more than happy to let Shiloh have him on the weekends, but Shiloh didn't feel like she was ready to take care of him on her own. He loved Phineas like he was her own, but the fact remained that he wasn't her son, he was WiL's and Lindsay's so she didn't want to interfere.
WiL and Shiloh sat in their bedroom while WiL packed his bags for London.
"It's going to be lonely without you here." Shiloh said to WiL.
"Well we both know that you will be spending most of your time either with your band or with Andy or the Avenged guys." WiL said.
Shiloh nodded. "That's true. Matt and the guys plus Jared and the guys, plus Andy, are all trying to help me get some ideas for songs."
"Work work work, like brother like sister." WiL said about Shiloh and Matt and leaned over to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around him and leaned onto the bed, pulling him on top of her.
Their kiss intensified and Shiloh pulled at WiL's shirt until he took it off.
"It's going to suck being without you for a month." WiL complained.
"You could always stay." Shiloh said with a giggle.
"But my fans need me." WiL whined as he nibbled on her neck.
She pushed him away and sat up.
"You ok?" He asked her.
She nodded. "Yea, my stomach is just a little upset. I think I ate something funny."
"I'm sorry baby." He said as he put his shirt back on.
Nick knocked on the door.
"Yea?" WiL said.
Nick opened the door. "We've got all the equipment packed up. And our tickets are printed out."
"Awesome." WiL said as he zipped up his suitcase.
Two days later, WiL was on his way to London.
"How's the game coming?" Shiloh asked Matt when she got to their studio.
"It's coming out great. Want to see the beginning?" Matt asked.
"Hell yea." Shiloh said excitedly. "What are you guys calling it?" She asked as she sat down next to Syn.
"Hail to the Kind: Deathbat." Zacky answered.
"Oh I like it." Shiloh said.
Matt started up the video to show her as Cassie walked in.
"Whatcha guys doooin?" Cassie asked.
"Making a game." Syn said.
She sat down next to Matt to watch the video too.
"Jimmy!" Cassie shouted.
"Wow I really like it." Shiloh said when the video was over.
"It's amazing." Cassie added.
"I speak for Cassie and myself when I say its awesome how you incorporated Jimmy as an angel and his huge angel wings." Shiloh said.
"I really like that Jimmy is in it." Cassie said.
"The foREVer tomb was my idea." Johnny said.
"Jimmy as an angel was mine." Syn said.
"Great ideas guys." Shiloh said.
"This comes out in October right?" Cassie asked.
"October." Arin answered.
"I can't wait to play it." Shiloh said.
"You'll be the first one to play it my little gamer sister." Matt said with a smile.
"I haven't played some good games in a long time." Shiloh said.
"Start playing again." Arin said. Arin and Shiloh were the big gamers of the family.
"How much more work do you have on your album?" Arin asked Shiloh.
She laughed. "I need to write eleven more songs and then record them all."
"You've only written one song?" Zacky asked.
"Unfortunately." Shiloh pouted.
"Well at least Angel Eyes turned out great." Syn said.
"Only because Matt sang it with me." Shiloh said and smiled at Matt.
"Well we need to work harder at giving you ideas." Johnny said.
"What about a song for WiL?" Arin asked.
"That's Angel Eyes." Shiloh told him.
Cassie raised her hand.
"Yes Cassie?" Matt said with a laugh.
"A song for Phineas?"
Shiloh shook her head. "No. Can't think of any lyrics."
Cassie pouted. They were all quiet for a few minutes. Then Shiloh stood up and ran to the bathroom.
"You ok?" Syn yelled after her.
"I'll go check." Cassie said and headed for the bathroom. When she got to the bathroom she went inside and closed the door behind her. Shiloh was throwing up.
"You ok?" Cassie asked.
Shiloh flushed the toilet and wiped her mouth off. "Yea. Just had a really bad migraine. It's going to go away now though."
"I thought your migraines stopped?" Cassie asked.
"They did. But now I'm working like crazy again." Shiloh said and rinsed her mouth out.
"Maybe you should go to the doctor and get another prescription."
"I will if they get worse."
Syn knocked on the door. "You ok in there?"
Cassie cracked the door. "Will you grap her some headache pills please?"
Syn nodded and went to go get some.
"I don't need them. Migraines always go away after I puke." Shiloh said.
"Well use them if you get another one." Cassie said as they walked out.
Syn walked up to them with some Tylenol.
"Thanks" Shiloh said.
"Maybe you should go home and relax." Matt said.
"Nah I'm going to go to the band house and work on songs." Shiloh said.
"Don't over do it." Syn said.
"You should stop by Andy's and listen to their new songs." Cassie said.
"Is there new album done?" Shiloh asked.
"No but they have a few songs done."
Shiloh nodded and headed over to Andy's house.
"I'm going to save the best for last." Andy said before he played the songs.
"Heavens gone the battles won." The song went.
"Wow, that song is very mellow." Shiloh said when it was over.
Andy smiled. "Wait for it." He started the second song.
"You wanna fight I'll bring the war!" the song went.
"Ok that is officially my favorite song of the new album." Shiloh said with a grin.
"Right? It's amazing." Andy said.
Shiloh frowned. "I can't believe I only have one song recorded."
"Still no ideas?" Andy asked.
"Nope." She pouted.
"I'm sorry. I can't think of any either."
"It's ok. I'll figure it out." Shiloh said.
Andy nodded. "One more song." He started it.
This song was definitely not mellow.
"Cross your heart open your mind." The song went. There was a hard guitar solo after.
"Oh god. The guitar solo is amazing." Shiloh said.
"Do these songs give you any ideas?"
"No." Shiloh whined.
They hung out for a little bit more and then Shiloh headed over to the band house to hang out.
"Sup." Shannon said. Shannon, Jared and Tomo were sitting on the couch watching Frankenstein's Monster.
"Being miserable." Shiloh said as she plopped on the couch.
"What's wrong?" Tomo asked.
"I can't think of any lyrics."
"You only have the one song still?" Shannon asked.
She nodded. "I'm so screwed."
"Hm." Jared said. He was texting Lindsay.
Shiloh jumped up. "Oh my god! I have an idea! Thank you Frankenstein!" Shiloh got some paper and started writing as the guys laughed at her.
"Make that two songs." Tomo said.
"Actually Jared texting Lindsay gave me an idea." Shiloh said with a smile.
"Ok three." Jared said with a laugh.
Actually once Shiloh got to writing she had many more ideas. She spent the rest of the night writing songs and song ideas.
Everything that had happened between her and Jared gave her an idea for a song and Frankenstein gave her another idea. Now her creative juices were flowing. She had to have the album done by the end of September, now she was confident she would get it done.
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