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The Truth

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Shiloh and Lindsay get to know each other

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Shiloh's POV
"No daddy!" Phineas shouted while laughing. WiL was tickling him on the couch. "It tickles daddy!"
"Ok ok." WiL said as he stopped and leaned against the couch. Phineas jumped on him and started tickling him. WiL screamed playfully and ran away.
"Go get Shiloh." WiL told Phineas.
"Ok!" he shouted and ran over to me. I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to write songs.
"Mommy number two."
"Yes sweetie." I said as I looked over at him.
"Come play."
Trox came in just then. "Hey guys."
"Hey man." WiL said. "What's up.
"Just came to chill and let you know that someone called me looking for you about doing some shows in London." Trox explained
"Phineas go get your shoes and we'll go get ice cream." I said with a smile.
He ran to his room to get his shoes.
"You guys can stay." Trox said.
"I know. But it will be easier for you to talk without him screaming." I explained.
"Have fun." WiL said as we left.
I put Phineas in the back seat and we were on our way out.
"What can I get you guys?" The waitress asked
"Chocolate!" Phineas shouted.
The waitress giggled. "Would you like that in a cup or cone?"
"Cup please. Less messy." I said.
She nodded. "And anything for you?"
"Strawberry in a cup." I smiled.
She left after taking our orders. One thing that was nice about taking Phineas out, was that when fans saw us they didn't bother trying to get a picture or autograph. It was nice feeling like a normal human being for once.
"I want to stay with daddy." Phineas said.
I smiled. "We'll see what we can do."
The waitress came back a moment later with our ice cream
"Ice cream!" Phineas shouted and dug in.
He had it all over his face by the time we were done and I couldn't help but take a picture. I finished my ice cream while Phineas still had some of his. We walked to the car and I put him in the backseat with his ice cream. When we got home I was happy to see that Trox was gone.
I was not comfortable with Trox around Phineas at all.
"Oh man there is chocolate all over you." WiL said with a laugh as he cleaned off Phineas' face.
"It was good." Phineas said.
"I bet it was."
"Guys we are having macaroni and cheese for dinner." I announced.
"Yay!" Phineas shouted.
I laughed. "WiL go give him a bath and it will be ready when you're done."
"Come on kiddo." WiL said and they headed to the bathroom.
Just then I got a call from the band manager.
"Hey Irving." I said as I answered.
"Hey so I tried calling Jared and he didn't answer but can you get together with him and call me back?" He asked.
"Yea what's going on?" I asked.
"Nothing, I just need to talk to you guys about the deal you made with the record company."
"Oh ok. I'll head over to the house in a little bit and we'll call you back." We hung up after that.
WiL and Phineas came back out a few minutes later and we sat down and ate dinner.
"I'll be back. I have to go have a meeting with Jared and our manager. Do you want to go?" I asked WiL
"Oh no, we'll stay here and I'll show him the ropes for some video games." WiL said.
I giggled. "We'll make a gamer out of you yet kid." I kissed them both on the forehead and headed out.
Bubba opened the gate for me when I got there and Cobain greeted me with kisses.
"Where's Jared?" I asked Shannon who was sitting on the couch watching t.v.
"Uh, in his room."
I nodded and headed up the stairs.
"Shiloh wait! Don't go in there." Shannon shouted behind me.
I ignored him and made it to his door. I knocked and opened it. I saw Jared sitting at his desk with his laptop out.
"Hey Irv-" I stopped. There was a naked blond girl asleep in his bed. "Oh, ew." I said as I closed the door and headed for my room. That was very shocking to see.
"Shi wait!" Jared shouted as he came out into the hallway. He followed me to my bedroom and followed me to my bedroom. He closed the door behind him.
"Are you mad at me?" He asked.
I shook my head. "No, just shocked that you're sleeping with random girls now."
"What makes you think she's random?"
"Well if you were dating her you would have been in bed with her." I explained.
"I was working."
I laughed. "Even in that instance. You would have stayed in bed with her no matter what time it was or how much work you had."
He smiled. "Maybe I don't do that with all of my girlfriends."
"Oh please."
"Seriously Shi."
"Seriously Jar." I said angrily. I wasn't mad at him for sleeping with her. I was mad at the fact that he wasn't dating her. I understand he wanted to get over me but sleeping around wasn't the right way to do it.
"You're jealous." He said after a moment of silence.
I laughed. "No I am not."
"Yea you are. Admit it, you miss us."
"I'm upset that you're sleeping around. That's not like you. I understand that you are trying to get over me but you need a girl to do that, not girls. Singular not plural. I'm upset because I care about you and I don't want you to do anything stupid." I explained.
He nodded. "Yea I know."
I sighed. "Oh Jared." I knew this was hard for him. Truth is, it was killing me too. I hated having to choose. I wish I could just have both of them and save everyone from this pain. Each of them made me feel something the other couldn't make me feel. "I wish it could be different."
"Me too." His voice cracked and I hugged him.
If you've ever had a broken heart then you know just how bad Jared was hurting right now. The pain of the one person you truly love the most leaving you for someone else. But the thing that hurt the most was not having them leave you for someone else, but the pain of knowing that they still loved you with all their heart while they were with that other person. What hurt me the most, was knowing that I was the one who was causing Jared this pain.
He hugged me tighter. "I love you."
As much as I kept telling myself I didn't love him anymore, I finally had to tell myself the truth. "I love you more."
"I'm trying really hard." He said.
"I know."
"Everything will work out. I promise."
I nodded. "Irving wants us to call him about the albums."
"Oh ok. Let me go get her out of here first."
I laughed. "You do that. I'll wait for you downstairs."
I went downstairs and sat with Shannon while I waited for Jared. He walked her out a moment later and she kissed him goodbye.
"Ew." I simply said.
Shannon laughed at me.
"So what's up?" Jared asked Irving when he called him back.
"I just want to verify what's going on with the album."
"Well they didn't like our album so Shiloh agreed to make another one they would like if they put the band's album out."
"Ok now what about the second part of that deal?" Irving asked.
"Oops." I thought to myself. I had forgotten to tell them that part.
"What?" Tomo asked from the kitchen. Irving was on speaker phone.
"What second part?" Jared asked.
"The part where Shiloh agreed to do it for free." Irving said.
"What!" Jared said surprised and looked at me.
"Well I wanted to help get you guys some of the way out of debt." I said with a half smile.
"Why didn't you discuss this with me first?" Jared asked.
"Jared she has a good point." Shannon said. "How much does that pull out?" Shannon asked Irving.
"Well for sure at least $250 thousand." He replied. "Put it's possible it could be more than that. I'll call and get you an exact amount."
Jared scratched his chin. "Ok." They hung up after that.
"Well I think we owe Shiloh a thank you." Tomo said as he walked out of the kitchen with a sandwich.
Jared sighed. "Thank you. But you didn't have to do that."
I smiled. "You're welcome, and I wanted too. All the money I get off my album is going straight to them."
"I don't like that at all." Jared said.
"Sorry, but a deal is a deal. I have to head home. We have Phineas until tomorrow morning."
"Bring him by sometime." Tomo said. "We want to meet him"
I nodded. "Next weekend."
When I got home Phineas was on the couch watching cartoons and WiL was in the Kitchen talking on the phone. It sounded like he was talking to Trox.
"Ok see you tomorrow." He said and hung up.
"Who's that?" I asked.
"Trox, he's going to come over tomorrow so we can talk."
"Yay." I said sarcastically.
"You agreed to it." He said as he kissed me.
I pulled him closer and kissed him back.
"Daddy I tired." Phineas said.
He smiled. "Bedtime."
WiL took him to his bedroom and tugged him in. I got comfortable on the couch and he came back and joined me. Hey laid down and rested his head on my chest.
"He has so much energy."
I laughed. "Of course he does, he's four."
It was quiet for a moment. "He looks just like you." I said.
"You think so?"
I nodded.
WiL yawned and I rubbed his back.
"How's Angel Eyes coming?"
I smiled. "It's finished. Just need the music."
"Sing it to me?"
I kissed his head and started to sing it for him. He fell asleep and I soon after fell asleep as well.
I woke up to Phineas the next morning.
"Daddy is sick." He said.
I stood up. "Where is he?"
I went into the bathroom and found him leaning over the toilet.
"What's wrong?"
"I don't know. I just woke up feeling nauseous."
I handed him a cup of water and some medicine to help him feel better. "Go lay down, I'll take Phineas home."
"You sure?
I nodded. "Go get your stuff Phineas."
I was nervous to take Phineas home. I know Lindsay didn't like me and I knew she was upset about another mother figure in his life. I partly didn't like her either but I was willing to warm up to her.
We got out of the car and headed to the front door. I knocked and we waited for a moment before she answered.
When she answered Phineas ran straight inside. I laughed and handed her his bag.
"Was he good?" She asked.
I smiled. "He was great. Thanks for agreeing with this."
She smiled. "You're welcome."
I turned to leave and she stopped me. "Hey Shiloh."
"Could you maybe stay for a minute? I'd like to explain some things to you."
"Sure." I said and went inside.
We sat down in the living room and she brought out a couple glasses of soda. "Thanks." I said accepting mine.
"So, I know you don't like me and I know that in the beginning I didn't like my son having another mother figure. And I know WiL probably told you a lot about how horrible I am. I'm sure WiL and I will never be friends again, it's too late for that, but it's not too late for you. And I was hoping we could at least be on good terms, for Phineas' sake."
I nodded. "I completely agree."
She smiled. "Well for starters, I never meant to take Phineas away from WiL. And the reason I did it it was not because I thought WiL was a horrible father, I thought he was going to be a great father actually. Its just that his music started to get more and more popular and he was traveling a lot more. I was just scared. It was new for me. I didn't know how to handle things."
"I understand." I said when she stopped.
She nodded. "As for cheating on him, well I was drunk. I know that's not an excuse but. I was completely out of it and had no idea what was going on until the affects wore off. I want to be completely honest with you. Trox was a big part of the problem. He had, or has, this sick obsession with WiL. He couldn't handle the fact that he was with me. Trox got me drunk and filled my head with a bunch of crap about how WiL didn't love me or our son. After he did that he introduced me to a drunken Brian Haner Jr."
Her voice cracked. "In the long run, Trox has issues. I think you are good for WiL and I like that you make him happy, happier than I ever could. So please just be careful. Trox is bad news."
I was shocked and I could tell that she was telling me the truth. "Did you tell WiL that?"
She shook her head. "He wouldn't even give me a chance to explain. Plus, Trox scares me."
"Well maybe I should tell him." I suggested.
"No don't, Trox can get pretty bad. If you told WiL that would ruin their friendship. The last thing you want to do is set Trox off. It's better for WiL not to know." She explained.
I nodded. "Thank you for telling me that. Honestly I never liked Trox, not since the day I met him."
She nodded. "There's one other thing. I don't want Trox around my son. Now WiL would do anything to keep his son and that includes to comply with that request. If you could tell him that for me."
I nodded. "I don't want Trox around him either. He's a bad influence."
"I'm glad we agree."
"I'm sorry, for thinking that you were this bad person." I said.
She laughed. "It's ok. I just wish WiL didn't."
I smiled. "Well maybe you should stop caring about what WiL thinks and move one to bigger and better guys." I said with a laugh.
She laughed too. "Trust me I'm looking."
I thought for a moment. "I know someone, he's really cool and really mellow. And he doesn't have any friends that are like Trox. He's also looking. Also if you and him did get together that means WiL could easily see Phineas more."
She looked at me curious. "I do want him to be apart of Phineas' life. Who's the guy?"
I smiled. "The singer of my band."
WiL greeted me when I got home. "You were gone for a while."
I smiled. "Yea, Lindsay and I got to talking."
He looked shocked. "What?"
I smiled.
"What did you guys talk about?"
I smiled even more. "Jared."
He was confused now. "What?"
I laughed. "Yea, he might have a new girlfriend soon."
"That's fucked up."
Now I was confused. "How?"
"I was married to Lindsay and you dated Jared. Now I'm married to you and she might date Jared."
I laughed even more.
"Why would you do that to Jared? She cheated on me."
"She and I talked, she explained some things. I believe her and I think she is good for Jared. Plus if she gets with Jared, Jared gets over me and you see Phineas more. It's a win win."
He thought for a moment. "Still weird."
"We also talked about Trox."
"Oh lovely." He said.
"She doesn't want him around Phineas."
"Ugh. Why?"
"She's had her own experiences with him. She doesn't trust him."
He sighed. "Ok."
"When is he coming over anyway?" I asked.
I nodded. We watched a movie and I tried to write some songs while we waited for him to come over.
"Sup guys." Trox said when he got here.
"We need to talk." WiL said.
"You and Shiloh."
Trox sighed. "I know. I'm sorry for what I said the other day."
"It's ok." I said.
"No it's not. Now listen. Trox you and I are good friends and Shiloh is my wife. So I want you guys to be friends. Or at least be ok with each other."
"I don't know man." Trox said.
"Trox can we talk alone?" I asked.
He nodded and we went to the back yard.
"I don't want you to think that I'm going to take WiL away from you because I'm not. I'm fine with it it if he hangs out with you and I'm fine with it if he smokes with you. All I ask is that you tone it down a bit. You can be a real ass when you're drunk or stoned."
"Shiloh let's get this straight. I don't like you, you don't like me. That's how its going to remain. No fixing it."
"You won't even try for WiL?" I asked.
I nodded. "Ok, well there's one other thing. Lindsay told me what you did."
He stiffened.
"So, if you can keep your cool and not be an ass, I won't tell WiL. but if you cross me or do anything like that to us. I'll tell him, and I'll make your life hell. WiL loves me, and he will believe me and trust me before you. So if that doesn't change your mind I don't know what will."
I turned and walked inside the house. He didn't say a single word.
They hung out for a bit before we went over to the band house. Now Jared and WiL had to talk things out. I'm sure that would go better than Trox and I.
"Jared?" I shouted when we got there.
We walked up the stairs and to his room. He smiled when he saw us.
"What's up?" he asked.
"You and WiL need to talk." I said and left them there to talk. I went and waited for them in my room.
While I was waiting I decide to pull out my acoustic guitar and sing some songs.
"Don't you try to hide with those angel eyes." I sang.
I heard Jared and WiL walking down the hall laughing a few minutes later. That was a good sign.
"Such a deep disguise, the devils right inside."
"Nice lyrics." Jared said.
I smiled. "Thanks."
"We're cool now." WiL said as he sat on my bed. "Now you should tell him about Lindsay."
"Lindsay?" Jared asked.
"Yea, here's her number." I said and gave it to him.
"Who's Lindsay?" Jared asked.
"Your future girlfriend."
"And my ex wife." WiL added.
"Wait, are we totally switching girls?" Jared asked WiL.
"Apparently." WiL said with a laugh.
Jared nodded. "Ok then. Oh and Shi, they want the album done by August."
"I can do that." I smiled.
"Oh that reminds me, I'm touring in London in September." WiL said.
"What about her birthday?" Jared asked.
"Unfortunately I'll miss it this year." WiL frowned. "Or you could come with me."
"I wouldn't be able to. I'll have my album release and crap."
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