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White Honeymoon and a Stoner Fight

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They go on their honey moon only to come back to a jealous Trox

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When we got to the airport, the few people that were there congratulated us on our wedding. That had Shiloh blushing like crazy.
"Maybe we should have changed first. " She suggested.
I laughed. "I'll be right back. Wait here ok?" I kissed her on the cheek and went over to talk to the lady who would be boarding us.
"How can I help you?" she asked.
"Ok so we are going on our honeymoon and I want where we are going to be a surprise, so is it possible that you could board us before its announced that they are boarding for Ireland?"
She smiled. "Well congratulations on the wedding. And sure, I'll come get you ten minutes before it boards."
"Thank you so much." I left her my tickets and went back to Shiloh.
"You know, you are technically kidnapping me." Shiloh said when I got back.
I laughed, "No because you are agreeing to go." I kissed her. We waited for about half an hour before the lady, as she said she would, came to let us know that our flight was boarding.
"Thank you." I said to her as we got up to board. We quickly found our seats and got comfortable.
"So how long is this flight going to be?" Shiloh asked.
"I believe it is ten hours. So we can stay awake for two and sleep for eight." I suggested.
"Sounds like a plan. But I'm going to get some sleep now." She said and kissed me goodnight. I fell asleep shortly after.
I was awakened by a flight attendant when we arrived.
"Shiloh, wake up."
"Are we there yet?" She asked.
"Yes we are. A taxi is waiting for us outside." I informed her.
We got off the plane, got our luggage, and headed for the taxi. He helped us put out luggage in the truck and took us to our hotel.
"Ireland!" Shiloh said excitedly. "How did you know?"
"Matt helped me out. By the way, you didn't tell me that you were part Irish."
She giggled. "Honey I'm part Irish."
It was about six p.m when we got to the hotel.
"This is such a nice hotel." Shiloh said when we got to our room.
"I picked the best one." I informed her.
"How long are we staying?" She asked.
"Four days, that puts us home by Friday." I smiled.
"And we get Phineas on Saturday." She smiled back out me. She sat down on the bed while I put our luggage in the bedroom. When I was done I turned to look at her. She was leaning back on the bed and had her legs crossed.
"So, are you going to help me get my dress off? Or are we just going to relax?" She asked me.
I smiled. "I am most definitely getting that dress off of you." I climbed on top of her and she giggled.
I took my two layers of shirts on and took her dress off as well. She looked so beautiful. In the past year she had finished a full sleeve and half of the other sleeve, and dear god her tattoos made her look so much sexier, especially the ones on her sides. I kicked my shoes off and off went my pants after that. Shiloh kicked her shoes off as well. Things got pretty heavy after that.
Third Person
Jared woke up early and went downstairs to make breakfast.
"Morning." Shannon said as he walked into the kitchen.
"Morning. You hungry?" Jared asked.
"Only for vegan pancakes."
"Good because that's what I'm making."
Shannon got a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. "So, how are you feeling?"
"What do you mean?" Jared asked as he flipped a pancake.
"About Shiloh. The wedding. In other words, you doing ok?"
Jared sighed. "Yea man I'm fine."
"We need to find you a woman. One that's your age."
Jared laughed. "No I'm fine. I think I've reached that point where I've decided it's kind of pointless."
"Oh shut up." Shannon said.
"You know, I'm going to miss having her around." Tomo said as he entered the kitchen.
"Oh she'll still be around." Shannon said.
Jared handed Shannon his plate. "She's still in the band, she'll still be here all the time."
"That's true." Tomo said and sat down.
"Plus, she can't stay away from us. She loves us too much." Shannon added.
"Fifty bucks says she'll stop by the day she gets back." Jared said.
"You're on." Tomo agreed.
Jared sat down and ate his pancakes. "Do you want some?"
"Nah I'm fine. I'm still full from last night." Tomo said.
It was quiet for a bit.
"I'll see you guys in a bit, going to go shower." Jared said and headed upstairs. The truth is, he was upset and he was having a horrible time trying to get over Shiloh. Nothing was working. How long would it take? What sucked the most, was that he knew exactly what she was doing right now.
Jared had a sudden urge to take out his phone and text her. "Hope you're having fun. Where did he take you?" he sent and proceeded to get in the shower.
Ashley and Cassie were enjoying their honeymoon. Ashley took Cassie back home so they could go camping at her favorite place and so they could spend time with her family. Cassie missed them very much. They had a great time camping.
They roasted marshmallows and went fishing. Cassie caught her first fish and it was huge. Ashley could barely catch any. They went swimming and had crazy sex in their tent which of course was what they enjoyed most. They weren't sure how long they were going to camp and visit for before going home.
Ashley made it romantic by dancing outside by their fire to music on the battery operated stereo he took with them. He even went on an early morning hike to find the most beautiful flowers he could and take them back for her to wake up too.
Shiloh's POV
I woke up the next morning to the smell of eggs, bacon, and french toast. We had fallen asleep at about eleven p.m Ireland time, three p.m LA time. Now it was nine a.m Ireland time.
I put on WiL's shirt and a pair of my boxers. I also checked my phone before heading into the kitchen. I had a text from Jared. He asked me where we were. I took a picture of the view from our hotel window and sent it to him with the message, "Ireland!!" I left my phone on he bed knowing Jared wouldn't reply due to the time change and went into the kitchen/living area.
WiL had a table set up with red and black roses in a vase. I hugged him from behind.
"Smells amazing." I said.
"Tastes even better." I stole a piece of bacon.
"Hey go sit down, and you're suppose to be vegetarian."
I laughed and sat down at the table. "Well Nick made sure I was a meat eater by the end of the tour." I informed him.
"Dammit Nick, he created a monster." He said with a laugh. He walked over with my plate and his plate and sat down.
"Since when do you cook?" I asked. It was really good.
"Since I'm trying to impress you." He said with a smile.
I laughed. When we were done eating WiL went to take a shower and I got changed into jeans and a t shirt. Today we were going to go sight seeing and visit some haunted places. It was kind of funny how dark he and were.
"Guess what." He said when he got out of the shower.
"You're a step mom."
That made me happy. I loved Phineas very much, as if he were my own son.
"Wow thanks guys!" I said to Nick and Trox. They had finished the studio for me while Shiloh and I were in Ireland.
"Consider it a wedding present." Trox said.
"Now you can start working on your new album." Nick said.
"You guys are awesome." I said and gave them each a hug.
"Wow you guys, it looks great." Shiloh said when she got over to us. "Now you guys need to work on Phineas' room."
Trox scratched his head. "I totally forgot about that. You get him tomorrow huh?"
I nodded.
"Dude you should totally have full custody of him instead of this stupid every weekend and holidays thing." Nick said.
"Well once he starts school I get him every two months for two months." I said.
Trox shook his head. "You need full custody, this is bullshit."
"I'm working on it." Shiloh said. She hated Lindsay and didn't want her to have custody.
"I just don't want Lindsay to get pissed and run away with him or something." I said.
"She wont as long as I have anything to do about it." Shiloh said.
Nick laughed. "Well at least she's supportive WiL."
I nodded.
"Well you're back so we get you for the day to have some man time." Trox said.
Shiloh laughed. "Have fun you guys. Love you." She said and gave me a kiss.
"What are you gonna do?" I asked.
"I'll go visit the guys. I'm sure they miss me."
"Ok love you." I said and went into the studio with the guys.
Trox sat down on one of the small couches. "Party time." He said and through a small bag of pot at me.
Shiloh's POV
I drove over to the band house and tried to sneak in quietly without Cobain barking at me. Luckily he was out in the back yard. I heard arguing from the kitchen and got worried. I walked over and hid behind the wall so I could here what was going on.
"We can't just redo the album!" Jared shouted.
"I know but that's what they want. They don't really like the new sound." Emma said.
"That's bullshit. The album is shipping out next week. They are going to have to deal with it." Shannon said.
"They said they'll cancel the shipping. They like the old style." Emma informed them.
"You've got to be kidding me. What do we do Jared?" Tomo asked.
I walked out then. "So I'll make a new album with the old style." They all jumped and turned to look at me. "The music I make has the harder style. So tell them if they take the Mars album then I'll make a new album."
They all looked at each other then at Emma. "I'll go call them and try to make a deal." She said and walked into the other room.
"Do you think they'll do it?" Tomo asked.
"They'll have to, or we go to another company." Jared said.
"Well if they take it then Shiloh is officially our hero." Shannon said and came to hug me.
Jared joined in on the hug. "We missed you."
"Awe group hug!" Tomo said and through his arms around us.
"So how was the honeymoon?" Shannon asked after we all let go.
I was nervous to ask. I didn't want to upset Jared at all. "It was nice. We went to Ireland and visited a couple haunted places."
Tomo laughed. "That's your idea of a honeymoon? you guys are weird."
We all laughed.
"So what are you guys up to today?" I asked them.
"Absolutely nothing." Shannon said. "You?"
"Hanging out with you guys." I said as I got a drink out of the fridge.
"Tired of WiL already?" Jared asked.
I slugged him in the arm . "Yea you wish."
Emma walked in then. "Well, I have bad news." Jared groaned and Shannon dropped his head on the table. "Shiloh, you have to make another album." She said with a smile.
"YES!" Tomo shouted excitedly.
Jared hugged me. "Yep, our hero."
I laughed. "Well I better go get started on writing."
"Are you going to do this album with us?" Shannon asked.
"Of course." I said with a smile "But does this mean another tour?" I asked and looked at Jared.
"Maybe." He said.
"Please please please?" I begged.
They all laughed at me.
"Yes it does, but I don't know when." Jared said. I was ok with that answer.
"How about after her album comes out." Tomo suggested.
"Deal." Jared said. I squealed and gave him a hug then ran upstairs to get my notepad to start writing. I also called Cassie to let her know there was going to be another tour sometime, hopefully soon. I was a tour addict.
"Who would be touring with you?" She asked.
"I don't know, but I'm hoping Avenged will. I'm sure they'll come out with a new album and go on a tour."
"If you go on tour with them I'm so coming with." Cassie said excitedly.
"I'm baked." Nick said.
"Me too." Trox said.
I laughed and took a drag of my cigarette. "You guys are lightweights."
"How does Shiloh feel about weeeeeeeed?" Nick asked.
"She probably doesn't like it, but I don't turn into an ass like Trox does when I'm high." I said.
"Hey!" Trox said.
We laughed. I felt so relaxed right now.
"What time is it?" Trox asked.
"6:30." Nick answered.
"Damn time flies by when you're getting high." Trox said.
"Hey that rhymes." Nick said.
"Wooow." I said with a laugh.
"So hows the married life?" Trox asked.
"It's an amazing feeling that you'll never know." I said jokingly.
"Ouch, dick move bro." He complained.
"It smells disgusting in here." Shiloh said from the doorway.
"It smells amazing." Nick argued.
"It smells like a skunk." Shiloh argued back.
"Go away, it's guy time." Trox said rudely.
"Shut up Trox." I said.
"Don't worry I'm leaving, dinners in the fridge. Love you." She said as she left.
"I don't think she likes you Trox." Nick said.
He took a hit. "Good, I don't like her either."
"Oh come on Trox." I defended her.
"Dude you are so whipped. We all know we aren't going to see you anymore. And you're of course going to stop partying so you don't hurt her poor little feelings."
"You didn't have this problem while we were on tour." I said.
"That was before you got married. Everything changes after that." Trox said.
"Dude are you seriously jealous of Shiloh?" Nick asked.
"No, I'm just saying."
"Man up Trox, if there's any reason I stop hanging out with you it's because of how you treat my wife and because you're acting like a little bitch about it."
"Oooooooooooh snap." Nick said and laughed
"Shut up Nick!" Trox shouted.
I stood up. "I think this party is over."
Nick grabbed my arm. "Dude, can I crash on your couch?"
I laughed. "Yea buddy."
"What about me?" Trox complained.
"You can go home and chill out. Shiloh and I are a package deal. Come back when you can handle that." I said and walked out and over to the house. I was really mad at Trox. I don't know where this was coming from all of a sudden. I mean, we rarely hung out enough as it is, but now he was acting like we always did. He seemed a little obsessed if you ask me. It was weird.
Shiloh was in the kitchen doing dishes.
"Hey babe." I said and rested my chin on her shoulder while hugging her from behind.
"Sup stoner." She said with a giggle.
"Do you not like it?" I asked.
"No it's fine. Do what you want. Show Trox you're not whipped."
I sighed. "I'm sorry he said that.
"It's fine hun."
I moved her aside to finish the dishes for her. She opened the fridge and pulled out a to go box that looked like it was from Panda Express. Man that sounded good right now. She put it in the microwave.
"Thank you." I said and gave her a kiss.
"Where's my dinner?" Nick asked from the doorway. He really was stoned.
Shiloh laughed. "What do you want?"
"Fooooooood." He said and rubbed his belly.
She laughed again and handed him a bag of chips from the cupboard.
He gasped. "You know me so well." He said as he hugged the bag of chips.
"Stoners are kind of predictable." She said with a laugh.
"Who's up for a movie?" I asked and pulled my dinner out of the microwave.
"Meeeee." Nick said.
"I have to work." Shiloh said
"What?" I asked.
She nodded. "Yea I have to save our asses and make another album."
"Want me to help you write?" I asked.
She shook her head. "No, but you can sing with me though."
I nodded and went over to sit on the ouch with Nick. We flipped on a horror movie while Shiloh sat at the kitchen table to write songs.
"Duuuuude." Nick said.
"What?" I asked.
"Did you see the way she got her head cut off? It was like, sooooo graceful."
I laughed my ass off and I heard Shiloh chuckle from behind us.
"That's so fucked up." I said.
Nick passed out by the time the movie was over.
"Are you coming to bed?" I asked Shiloh.
"No, I'm going to stay up and write for a little bit more."
I nodded and kissed her forehead and went to bed.
When I woke up the next morning Shiloh wasn't in bed. I got up and went to go find her.
Nick was still passed out on the couch. I looked over into the kitchen and saw that Shiloh had fallen asleep at the table. I went over to wake her up and noticed some lyrics on her paper.
The song was going to be called Angel Eyes. I couldn't make out all the lyrics with her arm and hair covering them.
"Shi wake up." I said and rubbed her back.
She sat up. "What time is it?"
"It's 9:30." I informed her.
"What time do we have to get Phin?"
"Ok." She stood up. "I'm going to go get his bed ready."
"Babe go get some extra sleep. I'll handle his bed."
"No I've got it." She said as she pulled some sheets out of the closet. I helped her get his bed ready and pulled out some of his toys. When we were done we went back to our room.
"Can we talk?" I asked.
She sat down on the bed. "Yea, what's up?"
"I feel really bad about Trox." I said.
"Babe don't worry it's fine."
"No it's not. You're my wife and he's my friend. I don't want him talking shit and I don't want you guys to hate each other. I want you guys to be friends, or be friendly at the very least.
"WiL I don't hate him. I don't like how he acts and the decisions he makes when he's high or drunk. In fact I don't like him at all when he's not sober, and I worry that he'll get you into trouble. But I don't hate him and I'm fine with being friends with him."
"So in other words, I have to talk to him about not hating you." I sighed.
She wrapped her arms around me. "I'll make you a deal."
"Ok?" I questioned.
"If you go talk to Jared, and try to be friends with him, make things right, then I will talk to Trox on Monday and try to make things right with him and be his friend." She explained.
"You my lady, have a deal." I said and kissed her.
She pulled me close and kissed me back. I put my hands on her hips and laid her down on the bed.
"Did you guys forget that I'm her?" Nick asked from the doorway.
I sighed and looked over at him. "Yes."
He laughed. "Well I'll give you guys some privacy and head out." He left after that.
I looked back at Shiloh and kissed her again. She turned hear head away. "I have to take a shower."
"Ok." I said as I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. I set her on the counter and took her shirt off. She pulled at my shirt and I took it off as well. She stood up and began unbuttoning my pants. I did the same to hers.
I took my pants off and quickly turned the shower on. When I turned back around Shiloh had her pants off. I stripped her down and we got into the shower. I kissed her fiercely and pushed her up against the wall. I lifted her up a little bit and she wrapped a leg around me. She let out a loud moan when I slid my way inside her.
She dug her nails into my back and continued to moan as I worked my hips. I loved the way our skin felt together when we were in the shower. The temperature of the water made feel even better. We both let out a loud moan as we finished together. When we were done we quickly washed each others hair and body and got out to get dressed.
I gave her multiple kisses as we got dressed. I looked at my phone when we were done.
"Time to go get Phineas." I said excitedly. I was so happy to spend time with my son, finally after four years. We got in the car and went to go pick him up. This was going to be a great weekend.
"You're going to be a great dad." Shiloh said and kissed my hand on the way to get him.
"And you are going to be a great step mom. Phineas adores you." I said.
"That makes me happy." She said with a smile.
She waited in the car while I knocked on Lindsay's door. She didn't like Lindsay and didn't want to have to talk to her. Lindsay didn't really like that there was another woman in her sons life but she was dealing with it well.
"Daddy!" Phineas shouted and ran up to me.
"Hey kiddo!" I said and picked him up.
"So remember, his bed time is at nine. I don't want him getting out of that habit. Not to many sweets and make sure he doesn't eat any type of nuts. He's allergic to every kind." Lindsay said worriedly.
"Lindsay, don't worry I can handle it." I assured her.
"This is the first time he's been away from me." She said
"Try being without him for four years."
She looked down. "I'm sorry." She handed me his bag of clothes. "Don't bring him back with any tattoos ok?"
I laughed. "I promise I won't."
"Be a good boy. Mommy loves you." She said and kissed his cheek.
"Hi mommy number two." He greeted Shiloh when I put him in the backseat.
"Hi sweetie." She said with a smile on her face.
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