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White Wedding

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The day has finally come for their white wedding

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Shiloh's POV
"Mother fucking cocksucker!" I heard WiL shout as he came inside.
I stood up from the couch and turned around.
"Where are the band aids?" He asked.
"I don't know." I said and walked over to him. He had a good sized gash on his forehead and blood was dripping down his face. "Oh my god what happened?" I asked worriedly.
"Trox dropped a hammer on my head." He said as I got a towel wet and pressed it to his head.
"Jeez." I said and removed the towel. The bleeding lessened and I put a band aid on it. "Well on the bright side you don't need stitches."
He smiled, "No but I will have a battle scar at the wedding."
I giggled. "If anyone asks just say you got in a fight with the hammer and the hammer won."
"No, it's going to have to be a really good story. Like, I got attacked by a racoon or something."
I kissed him. "Come in and relax now? So more accidents don't happen."
"No, it's almost finished." He said as he turned to walk out.
"Wait!" He turned and I through my arms around him.
"You ok?"
"Yes." I said and buried my head in his chest.
"What's wrong hun?"
"We just don't get any time together. I miss you." I pouted.
He laughed. "Don't worry, we'll have all the time in the world after the wedding."
I nodded. "Well I'm going to go hang out with the guys while you are working. Please be more careful."
"I promise I will. Love you."
"Love you too."
When I got there Jared was the only one home.
"Hey?" he said questioningly.
"What's up?" I asked and sat down on the couch next to him. He was watching Amityville Horror.
"Just chilling. What are you doing here?"
"I need some peace and quiet. They are still working on the studio." I explained.
"Got to love that power saw." He said with a slight smile.
"Why do I feel like you are still mad at me?"
Jared sighed. "I'm not mad at you. I'm just trying to get over you."
I nodded. "Maybe you should pretend I'm your little sister."
"That's the problem. You're not my little sister, and it would be extremely bad if you were. If you know what I mean."
I laughed. "That's true. I'm sorry we ever happened."
"Don't be sorry. You are sweet, beautiful, loving, caring, understanding, and so much more. It's impossible for a guy not to fall in love with you." Jared explained.
"I wish I wasn't then."
Jared held my hand. "I'm still your best friend and "big bro" no matter what. I always will be. The anger and jealousy will pass."
"When?" I asked.
"That's a great question. Ask me in a week and we will see where we are."
"Well until then, go make me a vegan sandwich." I said with a giggle.
"Oh now I'm your personal chef huh?"
I looked at him with puppy dog eyes.
"Fine." He finally said. "You're not even vegetarian anymore though." He said as he walked into the kitchen.
"I know! I'm sorry."
"WiL turned you into a monster."
I laughed. "Well it was more like Nick. He ate meat every day on the tour. Eventually I had to try it."
He came back out a moment later with my sandwich.
"Mmm yummy. Hey!" He took a monster bite out of it. "Meanie face." I pouted.
When I was done eating i laid down on the couch and watched the movie with Jared. I was so tired. All I wanted to do was fall asleep in WiL's arms.
"Two more days." Jared said.
"Mhmm." I said, slightly falling asleep.
"Cold feet yet?"
"You wish." I mumbled.
I didn't catch what he said after that. I drifted off to much needed sleep.
When I woke up I was in my bed and WiL happened to be asleep next to me. He looked like a little kid with that band aid on his forehead. I smiled and laid my head on his chest.
"Are you awake?" I asked.
"No." He mumbled.
I smiled and kissed his cheek.
"You feeling better?" He asked.
"Yea. How's your head?"
"It hurts." he said as he started playing with my hair.
"I'm sorry love." I leaned up and kissed his head.
"Ouch." he groaned.
"Aw I'm sorry. I'll make it all better." I started kissing him all over.
He laughed. "You're too cute." he kissed me tenderly.
"I try. Guess what."
"Two more days."
He smiled and held me tight. "I can't wait for you to finally be mine."
I looked up at him. "I am yours."
"Well I mean officially." There was a silence for a moment. "Do you still love Jared?"
I sighed. "I'll always love Jared. But not in the same way that I love you."
"Would you rather be with him though?"
"Yea, that's why I'm marrying you silly."
Third Person
"The girls look absolutely beautiful." Matt said as he entered the mens dressing room.
That made will even more nervous. He didn't start getting nervous until they got to the venue.
"And Shiloh's dress, wow." Andy said.
"Don't tell me." WiL said as he buttoned up his shirt. He was wearing black dress pants and a black button up shirt. He also had on a purple undershirt that was ruffled at the neck and a black over coat that was longer in the back. It was a Victorian styled tux. All the men in the wedding party had a Victorian styled tux. WiL and Ashley had a colored undershirt while the others had a white one. Ashley's undershirt was red and ruffled at the neck.
"How long til it starts?" Syn asked.
Matt looked at his watch. "Half an hour."
WiL's stomach dropped.
"Ok I'm officially freaking out." Ashley said.
"Keep calm you guys. Things are going to be fine." Nick said.
Terry walked in a moment later to take pictures of them. Terry is a good friend of Jared's and he would be doing all of the pictures tonight.
"Half an hour ladies!" Jared said as we walked into the womens dressing room.
"Oh my goth I'm so excited!" Cassie shouted as she added the finishing touch to her hair.
She was wearing a Victorian gothic dress. It was red and black with a strapless black corset top. The corset part of it was leather and the bottom part of the dress was red and black tulle. There was of course a satin layer between her skin and the tulle so it wouldn't be itchy. She wore red heels with black skulls on them. She had her hair in a braided bun.
Shiloh had on a Victorian gothic dress as well that was purple and black and was floor length. It was all satin with a strapless corset top. The whole dress was purple with a black trim on the bottom, the dress its self was ruffled but not too much. The corset part of the dress had black lace and silver jewels. she had on purple heels with black skulls. She left her hair down but curled it as well.
Shiloh looked in the mirror at herself and began to freak out. She ran into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.
Jared looked at Cassie. "Is she ok?"
"She was fine earlier. I think she's just nervous now."
Jared nodded and walked over to the bathroom. He knocked on the door. "Shi?"
She didn't reply so he opened the door and went inside. She was leaning against the wall with her hands on her head.
"Jared I can't do this. I don't even know what I'm doing."
"Shiloh, you can do this.'
"No I can't. I can't breath."
"Do you love him?"
She looked at him stunned. "Of course I do. More than anything."
"Then you need to calm down. You know what you're doing."
"But Ja-"
He cut her off with a tender kiss. She kissed him back then pushed him away.
"Why did you do that?"
"Because I knew it would calm you down. And because this is the last time I can."
Now that she thought about it it did calm her down. "Thanks."
"You look beautiful. You may be nervous now but once you see him at the alter that's going to go away."
She smiled at him. He really did know how to calm her down and make things better.
"I love you." She said to him and pulled him into one last kiss. It was a passionate kiss, one they hadn't shared in a very long time. Shiloh wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Jared tensed up and pulled away.
"I love you too. I'm not going to ruin your wedding. Now lets get back out there."
They walked out of the bathroom just as Terry walked in.
"Can I take some pictures of the beautiful brides?" He asked.
They stood together and took some pictures. They also took separate pictures as well.
"Ok you guys. It's time." Jared said. They all got into place and waited for their queues. Ashley and WiL were standing at the alter waiting. Terry took a couple pictures of the boys at the alter then went to the back of the aisle and waited for the girls to begin walking so he could take pictures.
Their song turned on and the doors were opened. Their guests stood up and turned to the girls to watch them. There were a lot of guests. Cassie's family was there and Shiloh's family surprisingly showed up as well. The rest of the guests consisted of other bands and actors that they were all friends with including the members of All Time Low, Get Scared, My Chemical Romance, Modern Day Escape, Escape the Fate, Panic at the Disco, A Day to Remember, and so many more.
Cassie was standing next to her father, who was crying, with a big smile on her face. Shiloh was standing next to Jared while looking down. Jared patted her hand and she looked up.
Jared was right, as soon as she saw WiL standing there, all her worries went away. The butterflies in her stomach were gone too. A smile formed on her face as they began walking.
WiL's and Ashley's hearts began to race. The girls looked absolutely beautiful in their dresses.
Terry followed them down the aisle taking pictures. When they got to the end of the aisle, Jared shook WiL's hand and placed Shiloh's hand on WiL's, as did Cassie's father with Ashley. Cassie's dad and Jared then proceeded to sit down next to their family in the first rows.
"You look stunning." WiL whispered in Shiloh's ear.
"The rings." The priest requested.
Terry began taking pictures of Phineas walking down the aisle. He looked so adorable in his little suit. He had the biggest smile on his face. What was even cuter about it was the fact that his shoe lace was untied and flying around as he walked.
"Here you go Daddy." Phineas said. The whole room laughed and awed.
WiL and Ashley held the rings in their hands until after they said their vows. When the vows were over they put the rings on the girls.
"You may now kiss your beautiful brides." The priest said.
They boys tipped their brides to opposite sides and kissed them tenderly. Their guests rose to their feet and began clapping and cheering. They walked back down the aisle and through the doors. The wedding party went outside with Terry to take pictures before the reception.
Terry took pictures of just the brides then just the grooms. He took pictures with the brides with their grooms separately and together. Pictures of the grooms with their best men separately and together, pictures of the brides with their best men separately and together. Of course, he also took pictures of them all together.
The girls went into the dressing room to get into their reception dresses while the crowd of friends and family made their way into the reception room where there would be music, dancing, and dinner.
Cassie's reception dress was a red strapless dress that went to her knees. The top was corset with black lace and silver jewels and the bottom was all red tulle. It was a shorted less formal version of her wedding dress.
Shiloh's reception dress was a chiffon black strapless dress. It was tight fitting at the top and got looser as it went down. The front of the dress was short and it got longer as it went down and to the back. The front of the dress went down to her knees. She hated heels so she put on a nice new pair of converse.
Cassie was the first to leave the dressing room and head to the reception area. Terry took pictures of her on her way and took pictures of her with Ashley when she got there. They sat down at a long table located at the front where everyone could see them.
Shiloh went out then and found WiL leaning against the wall waiting for her with a single black rose in his hand.
"A beautiful rose for my beautiful wife." He said.
"Awe." She took the rose and gave him a kiss.
"That was a great picture." Terry said as he lowered his camera. They smiled and joined everyone in the reception area. They sat next to Cassie and Ashley at the long table. Seated at that table was everyone involved in the wedding party. To the left of Cassie was a table specifically for her family. To the right of Shiloh was a table for her family.
Terry took pictures of the wedding party sitting at their table.
They were now going to do toasts while everyone ate their salad.
Matt, Brian, Johnny, Zacky, and Arin were the first to make a toast.
"Shiloh, Cassie, we love you so much. You girls look so beautiful tonight. I couldn't be any happier for you and your husbands." Johnny said.
"We've been through everything with you girls and we couldn't ask for better little sisters. I'm happy to welcome your new husbands into our family. Congrats guys." Zacky said.
"You girls welcomed me into your family with open arms and supported me with being A7X's new drummer. I don't know how I could ever thank you guys. But I do want to congratulate you on your wedding night. I'm so happy for you guys." Arin said.
"Well, for starters I am so happy for you guys." Brian said. "WiL, Ashley, welcome to the family. I know you are going to take great care of our girls."
"And if you don't, well that's where Brian and I will step in." Matt said, The guests laughed at that. "We love you girls so much. We will always be here for you and we are welcoming WiL and Ashley to the family with open arms."
They all clapped after they sat down. Andy, C.C, Jinxx, and Jake were next up.
"Ashley, we love you man. We are so happy for you. Cassie you are absolutely perfect for Ashley." Jake said.
"Cassie, thank you so much for taking care of our man and for making his as happy as you do. You guys are too damn cute together." Jinxx said.
"Cassie you've already been apart of this family but now it's official. We love you both very much. Congrats to both couples." C.C said
Andy cleared his throat. "Cassie we love you very much. Shiloh we love you too. Cassie is an amazing match for Ashley. I've been friends with WiL for a long time and it's great to finally see him happy and smile about something so thank you Shiloh for being the one to put that smile on his face. We love all four of you. Congrats."
They all clapped. Shiloh got nervous when Jared went up there with the guys.
"Wow Shiloh, you look amazing. In the five years you've been in this band I think this is the first time I've seen you where a dress." Shiloh laughed. "Where a dress more, you look great. And WiL, welcome to our family as well. We care about Shiloh very much, so please take good care of her." Tomo said.
"I will." WiL said.
"WiL congrats man." Shannon wasn't sure what to say, he didn't want to hurt Jared's feelings at all. "You guys are great together. Shiloh is so happy with you. Don't screw it up cause these muscles of mine may not be able to handle it." Everyone laughed at that.
"Shiloh, WiL, we are very happy for you. I've watched Shiloh grow into a very amazing woman. WiL you are very good for her. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say I'm happy for you guys and when I say that we are happy to add WiL to our family." Shiloh smiled. She could tell that he really did mean it. "Oh and before I forget, we actually got you guys a wedding present. So WiL, can you get the black box out from under your seat please?" Jared added.
WiL looked at Shiloh confused as he leaned down to get the box. He pulled it up and showed everyone. It was a little black box.
"In that box is an awesome present for you guys." Tomo said.
"It's some shiny brand new silver keys." Shannon said.
"To your brand new house. Fully furnished and decorated by Black Veil Brides, Avenged Sevenfold, and Shannon, Tomo, and Myself." Jared said.
The guests awed and cheered. Shiloh and WiL were of course shocked.
"Oh my god." Shiloh said.
WiL stood up to go give Jared a hug. That made Shiloh happy.
"Thanks Jared, that means a lot. And thanks to you guys for helping out with it." WiL said. Shiloh was on the verge of tears.
Phineas walked up to WiL and tugged on his jacket. WiL leaned down to see what he wanted. He smiled and laughed a little then picked Phineas up.
"Everyone my son Phineas would like to make a toast to my beautiful wife." WiL said and proceeded to hold the mic up to Phineas.
"Um." He started out. "You're my mommy number two now." He said and picked his nose.
Shiloh laughed and started to cry. The guests laughed and awed with her. WiL put Phineas down and he ran over to his mom Lindsay. It was late so she took him home so he could get some sleep.
Ashley and WiL made a toast last.
"Ladies. we love you both very much. Shiloh, you are my soul mate and my light in the dark. Thank you for being you, you're absolutely perfect. I love you so much baby doll. Jared, Shannon, Tomo, thank you guys for welcoming into your family. Matt, thank you so much for giving me your permission to marry your amazing little sister. And Cassie. Oh Cassie. One thing I love about marrying Shiloh, is that now I get you in my life too. You are so funny and so crazy. You help Shiloh keep that excitement in my life. Thank you Cassie for being so crazy. You're Shioh's best friend, and now mine. I love having you around." WiL toasted. Shiloh and Cassie smiled and held hands.
"Yea you sure are crazy." Ashley said. "But that's what I love about you. You are my kind of crazy baby. I love you more than anything and I'm never going to let you go. I have to thank Jared and his band for picking Shiloh, because if they hadn't I would have never met this amazing woman. This woman who makes me so happy, who makes me feel wanted and loved. I love you Cassie, and Shiloh, you keep her sane. Thank you for that." Ashley said.
"Well, everyone, enjoy the rest of your dinner. There is an open bar in the back where you can get champagne, beer, and wine. Now the dance floor is open so feel free to dance and enjoy yourself." WiL said.
"Wait." Cassie said as she and Shiloh went up to make a toast.
"Thank you." Cassie said as she took the mic from WiL. WiL and Ashley proceeded to go sit down. "Ashley baby I love you so much. Yea I'm crazy but honey I'm crazy about you. I thank Shiloh as well, for introducing me to this amazing man. This man makes me feel." She stopped, "You know, I can't find the words for it. Wait, madly in love. That's how he makes me feel. He makes me feel beautiful. He makes me happy. I am forever yours my love." She handed the mic to Shiloh.
"WiL. I love you. I owe so much to Jared, Shannon and Tomo. If they hadn't picked me at that audition I don't think any of us would be here right now. I don't know where any of us would be. I am eternally grateful to my boys for everything. For taking me in to their family, for lying about my age to keep me in the band." The guys laughed about that. "Man your manager was pissed when I had my second eighteenth birthday." They laughed even harder. "Thanks to you guys I am madly in love with WiL, thanks to you guys I was able to meet WiL. Thank you so much. And WiL, god you make me crazy, but in a good way. I just can't get enough of you. You are like my drug. I go through withdrawals when I'm not with you. I love you baby so much. And I couldn't be happier with bringing you and your adorable son into my life. I love Phineas as if he were my own." WiL stood up and went over to kiss her. He put his hands on each side of her face and kissed her tenderly.
"Awwwwweee." The guests cheered.
"Now we can dance." Shiloh said and put the mic on the table.
Desert was served and dancing began.
"Thanks for coming." Shiloh said as she danced with her father. "It means a lot."
"I love you sweetie. I"m very happy for you." He said and kissed her cheek.
"May I cut in?" WiL asked.
"You may. Take care of my baby girl." Her dad said and shook WiL's hand.
"I wiL sir." WiL and Shiloh began dancing. By the end of the night Shiloh would dance with WiL, Jared, Shannon, Tomo, Andy, Nick, and Trox. Cassie refused to dance with anyone other than her dad or Ashley.
After they danced for a while they went over to a big table in the middle of the room that had their presents. The presents consisted of his and her flasks for Cassie and Ashley, his and her acoustic guitars for Shiloh and WiL, condoms for Cassie and Ashley, and energizer bunny doll for Cassie from Shiloh, and much much more. After presents WiL and Ashley had Cassie and Shiloh sit in a couple of chairs in the middle of the dance floor. Ashley played the acoustic guitar they had handy and WiL sang to them.
It was by far the cutest and sweetest song WiL had ever written.
When they were done performing it was Cassie's and Shiloh's turn to perform. The guys sat down and the lights dimmed as Cassie and Shiloh went over into the corner to get some props and the mics. When they got back the lights went back on and the guys laughed when they saw Cassie and Shiloh wearing a bunch of bling and dewrags. They began to rap for the guys. It was the funniest yet most meaningful rap ever.
Through out the whole night Terry went through three memory cards and two batteries on his camera for pictures. The party was finally over at about midnight.
"Thanks everyone for coming." The couples said as the guests started to leave.
"Well tonight turned out amazing." Shannon said as he sat down next to Jared.
"I know right. Man I am exhausted." Jared replied.
"So what are Cassie and Ashley doing for their honeymoon?" Shiloh asked them while sitting in WiL's lap.
"Well I wanted to keep it a surprise but now I just can't help myself." Ashley said. "I'm taking her back home to go camping and visit friends. And of course make some babies." They laughed.
"Aw baby." Cassie said and gave him a kiss.
"What are we doing?" Shiloh asked WiL.
"Wait I thought you were planning the honeymoon." WiL said.
"Whatever." Shiloh said and slugged him in the arm with a laugh.
"I'm not joking." WiL said.
Shiloh stopped laughing. "Seriously?"
WiL couldn't keep a straight face. "No I'm joking."
"Mean!" Shiloh pouted.
"Don't worry I have something planned. But unlike Ashley I actually am keeping it a surprise."
Shiloh pouted and gave him puppy dog eyes.
"Nope that's not going to work."
"Is it out of the country?" Shiloh asked.
WiL thought for a moment. "Yes."
"Ok I'm happy. But I hate surprises."
"Don't worry baby, you'll love this one." WiL said and and kissed her shoulder.
"Alright guys, your bags are waiting out by the door." Andy said.
"Your ride should be here soon." Matt added.
"Thanks guys." WiL said.
"They are in on it?" Shiloh asked.
WiL nodded. "But don't ask them where we are going, I paid them not to tell you."
Shiloh and WiL went outside and waited for their ride to take them to the airport. It arrived about fifteen minutes later.
WiL put his hands over Shiloh's eyes as it pulled up.
"Let me seeee." Shiloh complained.
"Just be patient." WiL said. A moment later he removed his hands.
Shiloh was shocked but excited. "A hearse? That's amazing."
"I knew you would like it." WiL said as he put their bags into the hearse. They got in a moment later and they were off to the airport to fly to their destination.
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