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The Dark Dragon

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An ancient evil awakens, can the monks deal with the truth this evil represents?

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AN: This is story begins somewhere in the middle of the first season.

It was a calm and peaceful night in the Xioalin Temple. The young monks were sleeping peacefully dreaming of being the greatest Xioalin warrior of all time, an all you can eat buffet, catching some mondo waves, and kicking Raimundo's ass. Master Fung sensing the serenity decided it was time to turn in for the night. While Dojo sensing the opportunity began to snake his way towards the kitchen.

Suddenly an alarm sounded alerting the monks to a problem within the temple. As everyone looked around the temple for an intruder or something out of place. Dojo on the other hand headed towards the forbidden section of the temple knowing what this particular alarm meant.

As he entered the Forbidden area, Dojo saw what he feared most. Atop the rubble, that was once one of the Four Great Vault Doors, stood a long haired figure wearing a tattered Xiaolin monk robe and a set of shackles with two rather long chains hanging off them.

The figure took a deep breath, then turned towards Dojo who couldn't even breathe for fear of what this being may do. The man then began walking towards the terrified dragon. Dojo watched in horror as the man drew closer and closer his every instinct was screaming at him to run but he couldn't something about this person's stare held him in place.

Stopping right in front of Dojo the figure reached down and grabbed the dragon then continued outside. Once they had left the Forbidden area Dojo screamed his head off, everyone came running when they arrived Dojo and the figure were still right were.

"Dojo, are you okay?" Kimiko asked.

"Oh yeah I'm fine, I'M JUST BEING HELD HOSTAGE OVER HERE." Dojo replied.

"I have no idea who you are but, you will release Dojo this instant or face my wrath." Omi said dropping into a fighting stance, the others quickly followed suite.

The figure raised his arm and released the little dragon who, as soon as he hit the ground sped over to and hid behind the young monks, who were rather surprised by the actions of this mysterious person.

Omi then approached the mysterious being "Thank you." he said extending his hand.


But it was too late the figure grabbed the young monk's arm and threw him into a wall Kimiko ran to check on Omi while Clay and Raimundo charged the attacker. As they approached they darted to the sides grabbing the chains hanging from the assailant's arms. They then pulled forcing his arms outward while Kimiko and a rather miffed Omi attacked him from the front.

Seeing the attack coming, the figure grabbed the chains from his end and pulled his arms inward towards his body taking the two young warriors with them. He then slammed the two monks together then used them to strike the other two.

As the young warriors fell to the ground the figure then began to walk towards the elder monks who moved to the side creating a path for him all except Master Fung who just stood at the end of the path. The mysterious warrior stopped but a few feet from the elderly monk they just stared at each other.

After a few minutes the warrior continued and Master Fung stepped aside letting him pass. The young monks feeling their second wind rose and charged towards the assailant ready to attack only to be stopped by their mentor who merely shook his head at the questioning look they gave him.

They all watched as he reached the entrance to the temple after he threw his arms out to the sides he became engulfed in a dark colored flame. When the flame dissipated in the warrior's place was a hawk that immediately spread its wings and took flight.

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