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Musings of a Pikachu

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A little drabble about Pikachu's thoughts

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Here’s a short little ficlet featuring a very famous Pokémon…it is PIKACHU of course!
Now the usual disclaimer: I don’t own Pokémon or anything related to it! Just a fan of the games ;)
Sorry if this fic is rusty! Been a long time since I wrote anything. So please don’t be afraid to be critical! I welcome all forms of critique!

Musings of a Pikachu
The Pokémon was getting mad. He was stuck in this blasted contraption of a pokeball for what felt like an eternity! Honestly! How could humans stuff Pokémon into balls and expect them to be happy?
It is not that the interior was uncomfortable. Quite the contrary! A pokeball was soft and padded on the inside and provided a much softer bed than the hard ground in the wild. But then again a wild Pokémon did not mind the poor sleeping arrangements because they were free to run as they please! This pokeball was tight and snug, encapsulating Pikachu in a protective egg of comfort.
How Pikachu longed to run free in tall grass and to stretch his legs! The craving for fresh air gripped him intensely heightening the Pokémon’s growing anger. If only it could be free!
All at once the snug shell of the pokeball snapped away and released Pikachu. Bright light stung his enraged milky brown eyes. Stale air-conditioned air filled his lungs with a musty smell adding fuel to the Pokémon’s rage. This new environment, with the stale air and bright surfaces, was even worse than the pokeball.
“It is a Pikachu!” a voice reached Pokémon’s sensitive ears. In annoyance he turned to the direction from whence the voice came. A human with black hair and a red and white cap stood smiling at him. Immediately the human launched an offensive hand toward the Pokémon attempting to pet him. Sparks ignited on Pikachu’s red cheeks and before the human boy had time to withdraw his hand a mild electric current raced through his body.
“OUCH!” the human yelped and yanked his hand away. A surge of dark pleasure bubbled through Pikachu’s veins.
“Careful, Ash. That Pokémon is not used to you yet.” A new voice reached Pikachu’s sensitive ears. Whipping around the Pokémon saw another human. This one was wearing a white lab coat. “I’ll put it back in the pokeball. You can have Eevee instead.”
As the human reached for the dreaded red and white ball panic rose in Pikachu…
Not again! He did not want to be trapped inside the tight shell again! Pikachu leapt from the table onto a very startled Ash’s shoulder. Maybe if he clung onto the human boy he won’t go back into the ball.
“That’s strange. Your Pikachu does not seem to like the pokeball.”
“He seems to like me though, Professor Oak.” Ash replied with a huge grin.
“Ok, Ash. You can keep him. Gary can have Eevee.”
Pikachu clung to the boy’s shoulder. The gamble seemed to work! The human in the white coat tucked the pokeball away in one of his pockets. A scent reached Pikachu’s tiny nose. Wild grass and the warm scent of the summer sun radiated from the boy’s tanned skin. Pikachu cocked his head to the side.
If the boy smelled like outside then perhaps it would not be a bad idea to befriend him.
Just maybe.

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