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Kingdom Hearts: Hope

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Okay. I'm going to type up a proper Disclaimer now that I've decided to go ahead and turn it into something. Hahaha. I DO NOT own any of the characters except Inari and any else that I'll add. I ha...

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Chapter One: The Beginning

As King Mickey ushered me into the room I met the one named Riku's eyes with one brown and one hazel eye. And I felt something. I jerked my eyes away, my head moving so slightly as to shift my auburn hair, and didn't see him blush lightly. Others noticed though. I stood a little stiffly and uncomfortably because I knew the way this conversation would go. I shook myself out of my inner thoughts as King Mickey said my name.

“This is Inari. She's... special. In a lot of ways. One being what she has shouldn't exist.”

Leon spoke up. “Shouldn't exist?” I saw him stand up straight uncrossing his arms.

I avoided looking at anyone directly. I was rather uncomfortable. I shifted slightly my arms behind my back, my right hand holding onto my right arm at the elbow.

King Mickey looked at me and said, “Go ahead show them.”

All eyes were on me, and I was even more uncomfortable as I spoke. “Must I? I..” my words cut off as he gave me a sad look. I nodded my head and held out my right hand as I looked away. A keyblade appeared in my hand. A very unusual keyblade. I heard everyone's gasps as I held it in front of me. It was Silver, White, with Black detail on it. It reminded everyone of the Nobodies, I knew. I could feel they're confusion, hatred, fear. Only three were calm. Sora, Kairi, and Riku.

I concentrated on them instead and felt peace wash over me.

King Mickey kept looking at me and said. “Keep going.”

I bit my lip and held out my left hand a mirror image of the other keyblade appearing in my hand. They were like twins, the same in every way, except for what they did, and the fact they mirrored each other.

Another round of sound filled the room.

“As you can see she not only has a entirely different form of the keyblade, but she has TWO.” King Mickey said softly. “But there's more. It's okay Inari.”

I let out a sigh, avoiding everyone's eyes and spun the keyblades around then slammed them together combing the two into one.

“I found her on a world where they said they saw a girl with strange eyes and auburn hair in the park playing with blades that looked like a key.” King Mickey said. “I had heard rumors for a while now, I just didn't hold any credence in them until I saw them for myself.”

As soon as King Mickey spoke I made the keyblades disappear and clasped my left arm with my right hand at the elbow again only in front of me this time. I refused to make eye contact with anyone.

Finally I heard Riku speak up. “What are they for? Where did they come from?”

King Mickey started to speak up, but I interrupted him. “... They came from a wish. A wish so strong and hopeful full of need and wanting that... they appeared. That I appeared.” I stood stiffly and finally made eye contact with Riku. “I appeared out of a wish as well. My keyblades are a mirror image. I am a mirror image of Sora. Sora... Sora his keyblades unlock the worlds. Mine... Mine make it possible to split people in half. I can make them heartless and nobodies. They make it possible to give a Nobody their own form without taking away from the original person.. I can make it to where the Nobody has their own life. Their own choices. Their own hearts. “

As I finished there was utter silence. My gaze never left Riku.

“How did this happen?” Sora and Kairi spoke at the same time.

I broke my contact with Riku and looked at Sora. “A Nobody wished so hard, with so much hope, need, and want, that it was heard all over the worlds.” I looked away at the ground. “The Nobody that did this was-”

I was interrupted by Riku. “By Roxas. It was Roxas wasn't it?”

I froze and looked at him again. “By Roxas, yes. He and Namine are so.. unique so unusual as to have created me. Created these keyblades of Hope.” I held my hands out again and they appeared. “I have two because Roxas had two. Because Sora has two.”

My vision snapped to the floor again, the keyblades disappeared, and I went back to my original pose. “I... I know most of you think I'm a abomination just like the nobodies are. But I can put them all back together. To make them Whole again. Those that want it. Even if their heartless has been destroyed.”

There were a few sounds of agreement when I said abomination.

No sooner than that Kairi spoke. “No. No your not. Your a gift, a blessing.” Breaking away from the others she placed her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. “You are because people with pure intentions, and hopes, and dreams, wished so hard for a hope of ever being their own self.” She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. I was so surprised, so stiff. I suddenly felt my eyes fill with tears that I couldn't hold back and I slowly melted. “Th... thank you..”

Sora approached me then. “Kairi's right. You aren't an abomination. You're Hope. The Hope of those who... were cursed by fate.”

I swallowed hard and pulled back. My eyes fluttering once more to Riku then away.

“I can free Roxas and Namine. You wouldn't loose your hearts. You wouldn't loose anything. But they... they would gain everything.. Roxas wants to meet you. He.. no.. you changed him, Sora. You gave him Hope. Hope for a future.” I closed my eyes and pressed my hands to my heart and lowered my head.

“He wants to know you as you. He wants to be like you. He wants to travel in the light and not the dark. To be everything he's capable of being. And Namine... he.. wants a future with her. And she reciprocates his feelings and emotions.”

Before I could say anymore Kairi smiled and interrupted me. “Yes. Free Namine. I want her to be happy and be able to love and live her own life. Not be forced to live my life. She.. is her. She's her own unique individual...”

Sora grinned and nodded. “Yeah, free Roxas. I.. I'd really like too meet him. He knows more about me than I know about him. I'd really like to know him too.”

All the while King Mickey still had sad eyes, he smiled a little at my acceptance.

I nodded. “It won't hurt, I promise.”

I opened my eyes held out both my arms from my body the keyblades of Hope appearing. I spun and slammed the two together once more. I stepped back several feet, the wind blowing around me strongly as I pointed the keyblade at Kairi. A bright light left the keyblade and pierced Kairi through her heart and out of her back... in that light it made a slowly emerging form appear. From the bottom you could see first feet appear, then legs, an upper body and finally a head. Namine's head. Her eyes were closed, but she was smiling softly. She blinked a few times and her smile grew. “Hi, everyone.”

I lowered the keyblade and a barely discernible smile lit across my face.

Kairi's face lit up. “Namine!” she ran to her and hugged her tightly.

Sora watched and smiled then looked at me. “I'm ready.”

I nodded my head, the wind swirling once more around me. I pointed the keyblade at Sora and once more light erupted from it piercing Sora through the heart and out his back. A form began to appear just like Namine. Once his head was fully formed you could see his eyes were closed. He blinked them open and looked straight at me. I jerked a little startled. Ignoring everyone and everything he marched over to me, stared me in the eyes, then grabbed me hugging me tightly, whispering in my ear. “Thank you. Thank you for... hearing my call. My hope, my wish. For being so brave to come here to face everyone and everything. Without you, I wouldn't exist, Namine wouldn't exist.”

My throat was suddenly dry and it was hard to swallow as I whispered. “If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have existed to begin with. Don't thank me. Thank yourself. For your the one that made it possible.”

Roxas pulled back and shook his head. “I made the wish, but you made it happen. You always existed. Someone just had to wish and hope so much that you came to be. This, this was the time. No one's ever been able to bring you to light. But it was time. Because he's here. The one you've been waiting for for a very long time.”

I blinked a few times, glanced at Riku and quickly glanced back at Roxas.

“I think... that you should go meet Sora, and the others. That.. you should be happy. I think they are all very anxious to meet you.” I said softly.

Roxas just grinned at me and turned toward Sora.

I watched as everyone laughed and smiled. I looked to King Mickey and spoke. “This... this is what you wanted isn't it? For everyone to be happy. Because in the upcoming battle... things could be... bad.”

King Mickey nodded. “Yes. But... Roxas and Namine still have their own abilities don't they?”

I nodded my head. “Yes. Roxas is still a keyblade wielder. Namine however... doesn't have rule of Sora's memories anymore. She herself... has a keyblade now. The keyblade of Memories. To unlock and lock the memories of others.”

All the while I talked to Mickey Riku watched me closely.

King Mickey nodded and noticed Riku's interest. “Good. We'll need their help in the long run. I have a feeling I won't even have to ask, that they both will offer to.”

I gave him a puzzled look. “Why are you confiding in me so? Isn't there someone who knows you better, who knows everything better?”

King Mickey looked at me with a knowing look. “You might not know who you are, but I do. It's just something you'll have to discover for yourself. And you might try to be happy yourself.” He glanced at Riku then back to me. I stiffened slightly and glanced at Riku. “What do you mean?”

King Mickey just smiled and shook his head.

“Be happy.”

As I withdrew into myself to ponder upon his words the King signaled for Riku. “Until then I'll have Riku show you to your room.”

I scrunched up my brows and said to him, “My room? You mean a place to sleep?”

“Yes, a place to sleep.” The King chuckled a little bit amused at my confusion.

As Riku approached the King smiled and said, “Riku could you please take our guest to her room? You remember the way don't you?”

I startled a little not realizing that Riku had drawn near my gaze shooting to his face as he replied to the King. “Yes, of course.”

Putting his hand on my shoulder he pushed me toward the double doors across the room and said. “Lets go. This way.” His hand was warm. Very warm. I shook my head a little to exit the haze I was in.

“Okay.” Neither one of realized the entire room's gaze followed us as we left the room.

I jumped as the door's clicked behind me, closing. Riku walked in a steady pace ahead of me as I tried to keep up with him. A thought suddenly occurred to me and I stopped in the middle of the hall. Sensing I was no longer moving he turned to look at me. “Huh? What's wrong?”

I tilted my head a little looking to the side, out the windows. “You're close to the King.. the way he talks about you seems like he trusts you a great deal. What did he mean? That he knows who I am? You must know. Your closeness is very obvious to those who bother to look.”

Riku stiffened a little at my question. “I have no idea.”

“Really? Even Roxas acted as if he knew who I was. The King said I had to discover it for myself. But... how do I do that when I don't even know where to start? I'd ask Roxas but … regardless of how grateful he is I doubt he'd really tell me.”

Riku fully turned and walked up to me setting his hand on my shoulder, I turned my head and looked at his hand them him. “I could always ask him if he'd tell me. But honestly I doubt he would. And Roxas. Roxas and I are... estranged. Even though he was apart of Sora. We don't see eye to eye. I think that sometimes it's best to just walk along the path that you're given. And no matter how long it takes, you'll always reach a destination. Even if it isn't the one that you want, or see. Nothing is clear at the beginning. Almost like a puzzle. Pieces are jagged and curved but as you go they slowly fall into the correct places. Do you understand?”

I straightened my head and thought about it for a few second and replied. “I think so. It's like this hallway. I don't know where I'm going, but once you take me to my room, I'll gain more insight and knowledge. I'll know where to go. Where I am.”

Riku gave a lop sided smile and lowered his hand. “Yeah, something like that.”

I smiled at him. “Okay. I will try then. Try to figure it out all by myself.”

He spoke as he started walking again, I followed. “You'll never have to do anything by yourself. You've got a lot of friends now.”

Friends? I have friends? Oh. Kairi. Sora. Roxas. Namine. King Mickey. Donald. Goofy. And Riku... Riku. Why do I feel strange when I say his name? Like .. a tickle of a memory is faint. But I loose it. And I can't remember what it was I almost remembered.

Next thing I know we're at my room.

“This is it.” he said and jerked his thumb at it.

“Let's go in.” He grabbed the handles on the doors before I could and pushed them open.

My jaw dropped a little. It was so beautiful. White walls that seemed to sparkle. Floors that gleamed. It was all beautiful. And the bed. It was so big. And it look so wonderful. It was all so wonderful. The room. The people. No... her new friends. All of it.

I walked into the room and turned sharply with my hands clasped behind my back and smiled brightly. “Thank you very much, Riku.”

Riku jerked slightly startled at the smile. “I... uh... your welcome, Inari. It was no big deal.”

I shook my head still smiling. “To me it is a big deal. You went out of your way to be nice and explain things to me. So thank you.” I turned around again and looked at the room once more, feeling happy.

Riku furrowed his brow a little then shook his head a small smile appearing. He hadn't felt this relaxed in quite some time.

Without thinking Riku walked right up behind me and laid a hand on my shoulder saying “It's good your happy. Everyone should be happy sometimes. Even in the darkest of times.”

Startled I turned a little to look up at him. He just looked down at me and smiled. In that instant we both froze.

He cleared his throat and took his hand away. “I uh.. sorry, but I've got to go. I've got other things to do.”

I nodded. “Okay.” I bit my lip turned and hugged him tightly and whispered. “Thank you.”

Before he could even respond I had let him go and disappeared into the other room my face flushed.


Riku stood there a few moments in shock watching me dart off. He swallowed hard and left the room shutting the doors behind him. There was a not so subtle clearing of a throat and he turned.

“So, Riku, how does she like her room?” Kairi dragged out the so and smiled widely up at him.

He cleared his throat and started walking back down the hall. “Fine, she liked it fine.”

“Really?” Kairi tagged along beside Riku and smiled even more. “I mean, it sure looked like she was overjoyed about it rather than just fine.” She let out a little giggling snort.

Riku bopped Kairi on the head. “Okay squirt. Get that out of your head right now. There's nothing going on. We were talking and she was grateful for my answers.” He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes. “I mean it, Kairi, nothing's going on.”

“Oh well... if something was going on I'd be extremely excited and happy for you and all.” she gave him a innocent look. “I mean after all the bad stuff you've been through since... everything all started.” she paused and grabbed his arm making him stop just outside the double doors. “You know, Riku, you don't have to repent for anything. We all love you. We understand. Don't sacrifice anything in the name of repenting. Do it because it's you. What you want to do. Okay?” she finished looking straight into his eyes.

Riku sighed. “Kairi.” He looked away out the windows. “It's easier said than done. I feel like I've wronged everyone in the most hurtful and deepest way possible. I feel like I need to pay for it every day of my life. I was insecure. Jealous even. I feel like I've aged years since then. And it hasn't even been that long.” He looked back at her. “And I don't even have the courage to talk about the things I've done. I can't. Not yet anyway. Not to anyone. Not you. Not Sora. I can barely let myself think it, much less feel it.”

Kairi gave him a saddened look. “It's okay Riku. Really. We all love you. I forgive you, Sora forgives you. And you need to be happy again. To really truly smile.”

Riku nodded his head, the words sticking in his throat. “Thanks, Kairi.”

Kairi dropped her hand and smiled. “Now lets go. Everyone's waiting for you! I'm so happy we've all found each other again! No ones ever going to leave anyone behind again!” she nodded sharply, still smiling and shoved the doors open. “We're back everyone!”
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