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Chapter 3

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While translating Marcoh's research notes, Ed and Al stumble across an unusual transmutation, which Al uses in battle against Lust and Gluttony. Unfortunately, this transmutation cause Ed and Lust ...

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Ed and Al sat on a couch in Col. Mustang’s office while he read the false report issued by Hughes on what happened at the hospital the other night. “Apparently, there was a patient in the psych ward who snapped and went on a murderous rampage. I’m to burn the bodies of those that were lost in a bonfire at 1500 hours today. Of course, we’re using dummies, but it’s so the families of the deceased can feel a sense of closure.”

“And how is the military going to explain the Fullmetal Alchemist disappearing?” Ed asked, slouching in his place.

“There’s no official record of you ever being in the hospital, so there’s no need to worry about that at the moment,” Roy Mustang responded as he set the report on his desk. “About what really happened, are there any clues as to—”

“Excuse me, Colonel, but I need to address something important,” Riza Hawkeye abruptly said as she walked over to Ed.

“What is it?” Ed asked.

“Sit at attention! Hands on lap! Back straight! Legs closed!” Hawkeye sharply shouted in his ear, causing Ed to sit the way she ordered. “You are in a female body now, and I will not have you acting in an inappropriate fashion.”

Relaxing his shoulders, Ed turned to Hawkeye and said, “How was what I was doing inappropriate? I—”

“Sit back up!” After Ed corrected himself, Hawkeye responded, “Imagine if you were wearing a skirt or a lower-cut blouse and were seated in that position. You don’t want to show everybody something you wouldn’t want them looking at, would you?” Ed blushed, prompting Hawkeye to continue. “You have to be mindful of this sort of thing in the future if you want to continue interacting with people while in that body.”

Ed shrugged and said, “Fine; I guess I have no choice right now. Until we find Lust and switch us back to normal, I can’t really say no, can I?”

“Lust?” Mustang asked.

Al responded, “Yeah, that’s the name of the lady Ed transmuted with, though it might have been a code name or something.”

Mustang pulled out another piece of paper. “The official report says she was taken from the hospital by two people, a large man named Gluttony and a gender-ambiguous child named Envy. Did they mention anything about what they wanted her for?”

“No idea,” Ed said. “All I know is that they have very sinful names and from what I saw sinful personalities to match.”

Al then turned to Ed and said, “Wait, I did hear that fat man saying something about getting Lust to a “Father.” Do you think maybe he leads whatever group those three work for?”

“I’ve never heard of anything like that,” Mustang said, assuming a thoughtful pose. “I’ll conduct an investigation into these—”

“That won't be necessary, Colonel.”

Everyone looked to see Führer King Bradley walk into the office, followed by Armstrong and Hughes, both with shameful looks on their faces. Ed, Al, Mustang and Hawkeye immediately stood and saluted him. Bradley raised a hand and said, “At ease, everyone. Major Armstrong and Col. Hughes filled me in on everything that really happened at the hospital. I merely came to hear from Mr. Elric what happened before that.”

Al squirmed a little and said, “Um, I’m sorry, but I don’t really know what happened myself.”

“I wasn’t talking about you,” Bradley said. He then grabbed Ed by the hand and said, “I was talking to the now Ms. Elric.”

(One hour later)

Bradley sipped from a cup of tea before saying, “I never thought I’d have trouble from Howitzer’s alchemy again.”

“It was a shock for me as well, Führer,” Mustang told Bradley.

Bradley turned to Ed and Al and asked, “What made you perform such a dangerous transmutation?”

“We just found it in some notes we were looking at, I swear!” Al frantically said. “We didn’t know what it would do, and when those two attacked us the other night, I used it without thinking!”

“More importantly, why would you allow that kind of transmutation in the military?” Ed yelled. “It’s only because this Howitzer guy was a State Alchemist that this even happened to me!”

Bradley calmly stood and said, “At the time, I believed it was a useful skill that could help sabotage our enemies and give us inside information on future enemy strategies. I never counted on the activities Howitzer himself abused the power for. As soon as I found out, I had him dishonorably discharged.”

“Dishonorable discharge?” Ed asked. “What exactly did he use this for?”

“That is not important for you to know. What is important is finding Howitzer himself.”

Armstrong asked, “You mean you know where he is?”

“Don't be ridiculous,” Hughes asked. “We’ve kept tabs on all the alchemists who’ve left the military or were discharged, but Howitzer fell off the grid 5 years ago.”

“And besides, we still don’t know what this group who attacked the hospital wants,” Mustang pointed out.

“That’s precisely why finding Howitzer needs to be top priority. This whole mess was started by him, so we need him to finish it. Plus, if he’s off the grid, then there’s no doubt he’s continuing his research on this very same transmutation in secret.”

“Then he might have found another way to get me back to normal?” Ed asked. When Bradley nodded, Ed stood up and said, “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go find him!”

“Not so fast,” Bradley interjected. “It’s safe to assume Howitzer knows about all the State Alchemists up to this point, so it’s not smart to flaunt your name.”

“No one would believe me if I told them, anyway; so who cares? I’ll just make up a name for myself.”

“I think what the Führer is trying to say is that we need to set you up with an airtight alibi. You need to go as someone else in order to avoid suspicion,” Hughes said. “I’d be happy to work with you on it if you want.”

“Sure, thanks,” Ed said.

“Very well, then,” Bradley said as he walked out the door. “Major Edward Elric, your mission is to locate Howitzer and fix all the trouble his alchemy has caused. If at all possible, bring him back to Central so he can atone for his crimes in a special institution.”

Although nervous about what the last part of the mission might entail, Ed saluted and said, “Yes, sir!”

(Three hours later)

“All aboard!!”

The train blew its last whistle before leaving Central Station. While the serene plains outside the city walls awaited its passengers, most eyes in the car were fixed on one spot: the seat occupied by a beautiful woman.

She wore a low-cut red dress held by spaghetti-thin straps on her shoulders and went down to her ankles. Matching red high heels adorned her feet while a slit down the side of the dress revealed plenty of her stocking-covered legs. A fur coat covered most of her upper body, but red opera gloves covered her hands from what could be seen. Her black hair was held up by an expensive hairpin, and a stunning gem dangled from her necklace.

A train attendant walked up to her and said, “Pardon, Miss Scarlet?”

The woman looked up, smiled sweetly and said in a dulcet tone, “Yes?”

“Since the train has left the station, you may wander through the cabins as you wish. That means you can check on the luggage you were concerned about in the caboose.”

Keeping her smile, Miss Scarlet replied, “Thank you. I think I’ll do that. Please, keep my meal warm until I return.”

“As you wish, Miss,” the attendant replied as Scarlet stood and walked toward the caboose. The attendant then looked at the order she had left. “Whoa! How can a woman eat this much and still look so hot?!”

(In the caboose)

Scarlet walked in the caboose and looked around for the package she wanted. After seeing it along the back wall, she walked over and knocked on it four times.

From up top, a small window opened up and a voice silently said, “How are you feeling, Brother?”

Scarlet sighed and said, “This is crazy, Al. What was Hughes thinking giving me such a ridiculous story? ‘An upper-class woman looking for a nice place to build a mansion’ won’t cause any suspicion for this Howitzer guy?”

“It’s better than going in blind,” Al said to Ed, now posing as Miss Scarlet. “With a solid alibi to work off of, Howitzer won’t be as suspicious as if we just asked where he is.”

Ed took a moment to breathe and said, “I suppose you’re right, but it doesn’t make this any easier. This whole plan will crumble if I fall out of character around others. I just hope I can keep it up.”

“You can, Brother. You’ve never failed me when the chips were down. I’m sure you can find Howitzer and get him to get your body back.”

Ed then chuckled. “It’s funny. I became a State Alchemist so I could get your body back, but now I’m the one in those shoes. Thanks, Al; I needed the encouragement. Let’s find Howitzer!”

(In Central; underground)

“I’m so happy you’re okay, Lust!” Gluttony cried as he saw his partner approaching.

“I’m far from being okay, Gluttony,” Lust said as she walked forward. She now wore a black tank top and skin-tight black jeans. Dark boots covered her feet and legs. The tattoo she had from her previous body was now displayed proudly on the exposed chest her shirt revealed. “As long as I’m in this body, I can’t be of much use in the field. I can’t even use the brat’s alchemy so I can pose as him.”

“Get Lust’s body back…” Gluttony mindlessly said as he heard her complaining.

“There won’t be a need for us to do that, Gluttony,” a new voice rang out as Lust and Gluttony looked behind them. Emerging from the shadows, Führer Bradley walked into the light and said, “I’ve just sent the Elric brothers to find Howitzer for us. He’ll be sure to return you to normal, Lust. After that, we’ll continue with Father’s plan.”
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