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A New Hero

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When Riley meets her new Pokemon, she runs into a legend that changes her life, and the way people interact with Pokémon, forever.

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Riley woke up and tore open the curtains. Still dark, but the sun was starting to peer over the horizon. She had been waiting long enough, she wasn't about to wait on the sun to rise. Today was the day. The day she gets her first Pokemon!

She ran to the dresser and put on her shorts, t, and finally her big brothers old hat. The design of a white Pokeball over black made her feel confident because she knew that a master had also worn it when they were her age. After packing a tote bag she headed downstairs and snuck out.

Outside it was still a bit chilly in New Bark Town. She looked around and was pleased to be the first awake and heading to Professor Elms lab. Pleased until she saw in the distance two other kids she knew heading to the same place.

"No way Riley, me and Alexander were the first awake and were the first ones going to get our pokemon!"
"B-but Marty, I think Riley should be the fir-"
"Just because she CLAIMS to have seen the legendary bird pokemon Oh-Ho doesn't mean she gets to be first to get everything!"

A girl with long wavy golden hair and glasses stood above a shorter golden haired boy hiding behind her. Marty had always been Riley's neighbor and rival. Her younger brother was timid but extremely smart.

Riley: "Marty, i just want to get my first Pokémon, it doesn't matter which one it is, i just want to start my adventure already."
Marty: "So you can outshine me right?? RIGHT??"
Alex: "Quiet down guys its like 5am..."

After arguing the entire way, Riley and Marty fight their way to be first through Elm's lab doors.
"Ladies ladies, what's the rush??" Elm was holding his Corsola with a few wires hooked up to it. Despite how odd it looked, Corsola looked happy! "Oh this stuff? Im studying Corsola's ability Natural Cure. But anyways, Im sure you guys want to choose your pokemon, although its very early..."

Marty: "thats right! I got up at 3am and studied each of our choices, Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita."
Elm: "Very good! and based on what I've seen I think I know which one I'm giving you!"
Riley: "Wait, y-YOUR'E choosing?"
Elm: "Yepp! Alexander. You've been awfully quiet. Listening and understanding is important if you want to bond with your pokemon. They need love and someone that gives up thier own pride. I think you should take Chikorita!" Elm placed a leaf designed Pokeball in his hand. His faced beamed with pride!

Elm: "Riley. You're strong but most importantly, you're determined. No matter how long you study it won't matter much if you can't fight on. As long as you don't give up on this Pokémon, you'll be unstoppable. That's why, a capture I did myself, Cyndaquil should go with you."

Marty: "That means I get Totodile..."
Elm: "Yes! This particular one needs someone that has no problem taking control. The world could use more people willing to stand above others and lead when the time comes. Just remember not to step on anyone along the way..."

Elm: "And now its time to meet your new friends!" The kids open their pokeballs...BUT NOTHING CAME OUT.


Meanwhile in a clearing not too far away..........

Woman: "Prepare for trouble..."
Man: "Make it double..."
Pokemon: "No time for dat we gotta get, these Pokemon to da boss!"

Next time in Chapter 2:
~Who stole the pokemon?
~Riley meets her new friend, but is shocked when she see's what it looks like...
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