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Notices in regard to the Kick Ass III Universe

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Instead of Author's notes, I will be using this chapter to inform readers of anything regarding the Kick Ass III universe.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Humor - Published: 2014-12-21 - 172 words

Kick Ass III is an Alternate Universe in which The protagonist is the only daughter of a single mother, made so by the death of James Potter at the hands of Lord Voldemort.

The Series:

Kicking Ass at Beauxbatons: Our protagonist's first three years of schooling, at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Yet to be written.

Kicking Ass at Hogwarts: Our protagonist's next three years of magical schooling. Her close friendship with Hermione will bloom here. Yet to written.

Kick Ass 3 (not really but there will be ass kicking): the focal point of the series featuring the fall out between our protagonist and her ex boyfriend Ronald Weasley. There will be some serious ass kicking! In progress.

Kicking Ass at Durmstrang: Our protagonist's final year of magical schooling in which Hermione proves her dedication to our protagonist when they enter their year at Durmstrang together. Yet to be written.

Review this chapter if you have any questions, conconcerns, cookies, or anything else for me regarding the Kick Ass III universe as a whole.
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