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The Eighth Doctor has recently regenerated into the War Doctor. These are his first moment. "FEEDBACK IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED*

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As the newly regenerated Doctor makes his way back to the TARDIS this body feels so different. But he knew why, the Sisterhoods elixir had force regenerated him. He was no longer just The Doctor, he was a warrior, who's mission was to end this war, by whatever means necessary. The Warrior makes his way through the wreckage, looking for his TARDIS. In his mind he's just hoping there's still a TARDIS to be found.
"Yes it shouldn't be very much farther old chap." A voice rang out.
The warrior froze confused. He knew the voice but there was no way it was him. He then stops and turns around.
"Is there any one there? Hello, hello out there." He asks to no avail. The only reply is wind and dust flowing by. He heard what sounded like a piece of the wreckage fall in. He then turns back to his work and pulls off another piece of metal to see his TARDIS just fine, sitting there. Yes it had a few scratches but, just fine. He pushes the door open and walks to the console. The TARDIS desktop theme seemed to have changed while he was away.
"Interesting old girl, coral eh.." He chuckles then flips a switch on the console the TARDIS's middle piece begins to move as it takes off through space and time.
"Yes it is a very interesting theme isn't it?" That same mysterious voice rings out through the TARDIS once more, and this time the Warrior turns around for a big surprise. His jaw almost falls to the floor. It was a funny little man, dressed in plaid pants with a hole in the knee, loafers, with a suit jacket way to big for him, white shirt and bow tie, and the infamous bowl cut. Its been a very long time since hes seen that.
"Well don't look so funny ,you know who i am." Huff's the Second Doctor.
"How in the blazes are you here, why are you here?" The Warrior runs his hand through the new grey hair in confusion.
"Yes well, im not actually here, im more of a hallucination per say." He smiles and rumbles his hands in his pockets.
"A hallucination, why am i seeing hallucinating?" The Warrior asks.
"Well your just a bucket of questions, i don't know!" Shouts the Second Doctor looking a bit irritated with the inquiry that the Warrior has commenced in.
"Well, no need to shout." The Warrior replies.
"Look we all voted, you know down their-" he points towards his chest area referring to the Doctors time line. "And they sent me here to speak with you."
"About the current events eh?" The Warrior chimes.
"Hmm yes quite right. Well we know the debacle you've been put in, and we wanted you to know that were behind you." He smiles as he fiddles with his hands.
The Warrior smiles, "Well that's very appreciated, but i dont consider myself a Doctor any more, not with the things im going to have to do."
"No no no no no boy, its okay, you do as you must. I cant say i would be brave enough my self to stand up and take charge the way your going to have to." The Second Doctors voice raises trying to emphasize his point.
"No no you're doing it all wrong my boy!" Another voice rings out and then is followed by another incarnation appearing beside his Second.
This Tall lanky man appears, in some sort of velvet red suit with frill on the chest, and hair as white as snow.
"Oh my giddy aunt the desktop is Hideous." A startled Third Doctor looks around the room and then at his second self.
"Your supposed to be making him feel better about all of this!" He scolds his younger self.
"Well Dont yell at me im trying Fancy Pants!" The Second Doctor yells back.
The Third Doctor then turns away to the Warrior,
"Yes now you mustn't be to hard on yourself. Weve all did some things we didn't want to do but I promise you it will be ok." The Third Doctor Smiles.
"Yes yes well I've never been to war like this, never had to help eradicate another race. I fear that will be the only answer to this. So no this time im not the Doctor, however i am the Warrior and I will hold the flame for the good men to follow. Ive saved man after man, child after child, woman after woman of the same deeds im about to commit. Im going to fight the Daleks in a way i never have before. Im no Doctor, i can never be you, or you, or any of you again. My life has turned into a war. A war that must be fought by me, not the Doctor, but me!!!"He then Turns away from the past incarnations with tears in his eyes trying to hide them.
The Second Doctor opens his mouth to say something more but the Third Doctor stops him and shakes his head. The Second looks down at his feet in almost a shame of some sorts and disappears. The Third Doctor looks on at his older self for just a moment, and walks over to him and pats him on the back but then Disappears. The Warrior stands straight up and looks where his past selves once stood. Then back at the console as it finally lands. He checks the Readings for where he is exactly he aimed for Galifrey but thought it should've taken longer.
"HELP SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!" A voice screamed on the scanner as soon as it came up. It was a girl out side the TARDIS face to face with a Dalek.
"EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE!" Shrill from the metal Death machine. Quickly the Warrior runs out the Door with the power weapon he had strapped to his back.
"Oi you old tin can, its me The Doctor!" He yells to get its attention.
It turns its eyestalk towards the Warrior.
"ALERT ALERT DOCTOR, EXTERMINATE THE DOCTOR EXTERMINATE TH-" its interrupted by a giant blast of energy from the weapon that completely deactivates and destroys the machine. The wooded area around them catches fire and he then looks back at the spot the girl was standing in. It looks as if she collapsed for some reason so he returns the gun to its place on his back and runs over to scoop her up. He quickly does and returns her to the TARDIS as the fire begins to blaze the forest away . He sets her inside in a nearby seat close to the console. The TARDIS Dematerialize's and the adventures begin.
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