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Chapter One

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The First chapter of the War Doctors path to imminent destruction.

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The TARDIS jolts, shakes, and jumbles enough to wake up the woman lying on the seat adjacent from the console. Her eyes open to the bright lights of the overhead ceiling. Brighter than some supernova's burn it blinds the woman and she comically falls off the seat.
"Ow, oh my god where am I." The girl so disoriented asks.
"You are in the TARDIS my dear well on your way back home." The Warrior replies as he going over coordinates.
"The what?..." She stands up to see this very old man working with some sort of contraption that is still jolting a bit.
"The TARDIS girl are you deaf, and stupid?" Sarcastically the Warrior scoffs.
"Girl has a name and its Mona, and im not stupid old timer!" She angrily huffs back at him.
"Well seems someone needs a nap dosent she!" The Warrior laughs right back at her.
Her face turns a bright red and she sits back down on the chair. She blows her curly red hair from her face and also notices some dirt on her black jeans. She casually wipes them off and straightens her white uniform shirt.
After a few minutes she remembers what happened, him saving her from that awful Dalek that appeared. She remembered seeing a tiny blue box appear out of thin air.
Her eyes widen, she realizes the only place she can be is in the tiny blue box she had seen. She looks around at the room an gazes in amazement of how enormous on the inside compared to the outside. The Warrior notices it and answered before she could even open her mouth.
"Yes its bigger on the inside, Timelord technology, yes yes i know...mind boggling." His condescending tone reaks as he diddles with the console.
"Timelord, i knew you had to be one of those." She announces as he turns to her.
"Yes yes I am the Doc-" he stops himself, he dosent believe that anymore. Time to invent a name.
"John...John Smith, thats my name...John Smith." He repeats it after the awkward silence.
"Well alright i believe ya ole timer. Why aren't you on Galifrey fighting on the front lines?" Mona stands and walks around the TARDIS.
"I am on my way there now. I am going to end this wretched war." His bitterness flows as venom from a snakes fangs as he replies.
"How exactly are you going to take me home, i never even told you where i was from?" Mona asks as she looks over at him.
"Well you did in your stupor earlier. You didnt give me exact Coordinates ,however i do know where Morellium V is." The Warrior dosent look up now from the TARDIS as he goes over some equations while configuring the engine Speeds.
"Yes well, maybe i dont want to go home. Did you think of that ole timer? Also do you actually think im going to believe this box travels, my planet is light years away." Mona states now as she feels a bit comfortable.
The Warrior does look up now in pure amazement.
"Now let me see if i understand your thought process young lady. You just met me not to long ago, you know my name, that i probably couldve lied about, you know im a Timelord heading to Galifrey to fight in the war, and you just want to tromp along, could be killed, kidnapped ,and your pretty contempt with the risk?" Its quiet for a moment.
"Yea...why not , you know you only live once." Mona scoffs and smiles at the Warrior.
"Oh for heavens sake child, you must be thick." The Warrior shakes his head in dis belief.
Before Mona can make any sort of counter argument there is a loud sonic boom. The mid-piece of the console stops moving and it means they had landed.
"Well my dear seems we have arrived,if you would be on your way im a very busy man." The Warrior opens the Door from the console and shoos her away.
She peeks her head out the door, she is amazed at how short a time it took her to get home in this raggedy blue box. She was still very adamant about not going home. Mona turns around to the Doctor.
"I aint goin nowhere ole timer, I have nothing left here any more ,thats why i left to study on Skaro. So im staying with you, unless your going to pick me up and carry me out yourself, and im sure you would break a hip." Mona scoffs once more.
"My dear you would be surprised." He retorts, "fine i wont stop you but your not my problem. Im not your keeper. If you come you go and do whatever you are going to do. I have official business to attend to." The Warrior spouts back at Mona and then closes the door as she nods.
The TARDIS wheeze's and they leave her home planet. However his discussion with her wasn't over. Something did not seem right about this young lady, she was to eager to risk it all or nothing. Galifrey was no place for a child what so ever. The Warrior sets in coordinates for his planet then looks up at his company.
"So what were you studying on Skaro? You do know that is the Dalek homeworld?" The Warrior walks around the console to where she is now sitting.
"Well, i left Morellium V to study on Skaro with the Thals, however my transport ship malfunctioned and crashed into the jungles there. The entire crew Died but me. It was horrible however i pushed on looking for the Thals, they are a very advanced race. I was looking to learn to be a Galactic Medical Officer. Thal medicine is so advanced." Mona explains, " However there only academy was on Skaro, and by the time i reached it, it had been raided and evacuated." Mona looks down at her feet as she explains this tragic story.
The Warrior feels a soft spot in his hearts.
"Yes well my dear, i do apologize for your stroke of bad luck. However why go with me to Galifrey? Obviously your an educated young lady, you know this Time war is destroying everything. Why go there?" The Warrior is a bit puzzled at this point.
"Well the night we crashed on Skaro i did what could for the few that were injured, i just..." Mona chokes up a bit but dosent show tears. " I just did not have the equipment. So maybe i can help, i may not be a Galactic Medical Officer, however i do no basic Doctoring." Mona looks back up at him now.
The Warrior turns around and walks back to the other side of the console.
"Yes well Time Lord anatomy very different." He remarks.
"Yes well i have studied the dual-cardiovascular system, the regeneration process, and many other parts of your anatomy. Speaking of, which regeneration are you john smith?" The ever so knowing mona asks.
The Warrior stops and squints his eyes to think.
"Ohhh...hmm well im not sure i can even remember a number for me, oh blast." The Warrior frustratingly answered.
It did get quiet for a bit after that. The sounds of the different mechanized pieces in the console all working together almost sounded like some orchestra playing the ode to joy. Then through the silence the great boom of the TARDIS sounded once more along with its wheezing. They had once again landed, this time on Galifrey. The Warrior opens the Doors and begins to walk out of them as Mona follows.
"Keep with me for a few..." He tells Mona.."maybe we can help one another." And they both walk out under the burnt orange sky into the capital.
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