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Chapter Two

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It continues as the War Doctor meets Romana on Gallifrey.

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The few moments of quiet go fast as even out side of the glass Dome surrounding the capital you could here beings die up in sky trenches. Blasts of energy destroying command ships and other types of weapons. Mona's head swings around as she walks hearing the devastation however it dosent seem to phase the warrior. They both walk over a bridge with an overview of parts of the city, that lead in to the chambers of Romana, the Madame President of Galifrey. The Capital city of Galifrey, otherwise known as the Citadel, was gorgeous even in the chaos of war. Mona was so amazed at the different TARDIS's deploying from the Citadel to go up and fight off the Daleks. However soon the sights of the Orange sky and beautiful Domed city were gone as they began there descent into the inner chambers of the President Romana. The inside is a bit darker but still so intriguing. The halls are arches instead of a more rectagular shape. Through the arches there are different designs and have words place on them in Galrifreyan all in gold ores. They proceeded through the archways, there footsteps echoing through like shots from cannons rattling the countryside.
Then after a stroll that seemed forever, and a silence that would drive any one mad, they come to an opening which leads to a sort of intersection room. Timelords walking all about from door to lift to other, its chaotic. The Warrior stops for a few seconds to take a look around. He then takes a big sniff in through his nose. Mona asks what hes doing.
"Uh, what are you doing there old timer?"
"Stop calling me old timer, i despise that. I'm just smelling the air of the Timelords, new nose." He chuckles a bit and signals her to follow as they head for a desk on the far wall in front of them. To the left sits an intimidating , giant door.
"Whatever ole timer." Mona Sarcastically remarks. The Warrior ignores it and goes up to the desk where there is a secretary of some sorts working.
"Yes, hello my Dear I am here to see President Romanadvoratrelundar. Is she in?" The Warrior asks ever so sweetly.
The secretary looks up from a form she is filling out.
"Well yes shes in. However i cant let just any time lord walk in. You need to have an appointment with her, shes a very busy lady. Who are you exactly?" She asks.
"Yes well just intercom in there to her and tell her Doctor John Smith is here to see her." The Warrior replies.
"You didnt tell me you were a Doctor to." Whispers Mona to the Warrior.
"Im not now hush mona." Whispers back The Warrior.
Mona in confusion dosent reply.
"Yes, well she says she not sure who you are." The Secretary looks back up at the Warrior.
The Warrior grabs the intercom hologram device and projects himself.
"President Romanadvoratrelundar, are you telling me you dont remember who i am, good Doctor John Smith?" The Warrior asks so sarcastically.
The Doors then open slowly. The Doctor and Mona make there way inside.
The Chambers of The Lady President of Galifrey are astounding. So that she could have the room ,she wanted to live from her office, they installed the same Timelord Technology that makes the TARDIS bigger on the inside. To describe this room would mean there were words in the English language to Fit it. She herself was very beautiful. Romana II was a great leader of Galifrey, and a great friend to The Warrior.
"Doctor, its good to see you, where have you been, I see you have regenerated...poor thing, it is a lottery we all have to deal with ya know. oh and who is this." Romana teases the Warrior.
"Ive been everywhere, " The Warrior chuckles. " And your just jealous of my matured look, its the new 100. Oh yes, this is Mona, she is an aspiring Galactic Medical Officer." The Warrior motions for Romana to greet her.
"Hello Lady President, so very honored to meet you." Mona curtseys in respect to The Lady President.
"My Dear girl you dont have to do that, your gonna give me a raging ego." Laughs Romana
"So why have you come here with Doctor, he did tell you were in the middle of what has been called The Last Great Time War?" Romana Asks looking back at the Warrior then to Mona.
"Yes he did, but ive came to help. He'd tried to leave me back on my home planet. I adamantly refused." Mona smiles so proud of herself.
"Yes well good luck then we have many medical staff members that do require assistance, im sure you can be of some help somewhere." Romana replies.
Romana then notices the energy rifle strapped to the Warriors back.
"Mona, may you excuse the Doctor and I. I need to speak with him privately. As you can see my office here is massive, go explore. Just be weary, dont get lost. I tend to do that sometimes." Romana smiles and Mona nods and goes off towards some artifacts to explore.
Romana turns to the Warrior
"Doctor what is that weapon there in the holster on your back. Ive never known you to take up arms." She asks worriedly.
"Romana, things have changed. The TimeWar is destroying everything in existence.
While i was away i tried to save this girl,Cass, On a crashing space Loader. She wouldnt leave with me after she realized i was a TimeLord. The war has madeBThe universe hate us all and i am no different. We crashed on Karn, she died, and so did I. However the Sisterhood of Karn revived me, to plead my return to Galifrey and stop the war by any means necessary. I agreed, and they gave me an elixir to regenerate into this body, a Warriors body. Thats is why i am here, to lead our troops into the bloodiest battles any being has ever seen. Thats my curse, that is why i am no longer The Doctor. Call me what you will but i am not the Doctor anymore for what i will have to do." The Doctor turns to her desk while he explains fidgeting with a pen.
"Your a warrior? Doctor why not leave the universe, i understand that you are not a coward. This could kill you." Romana pleads.
"I could run, but it would follow, eventually ,if not stopped ,this war will destroy everything in existence. Millions and millions of innocent lives destroyed, whole species extinct and i cant let that happen. However i know some will perish, but i will try my best to prevent that." The Warrior puts his fist to the desk.
"I understand Doctor..." Romana replies but then silence falls over the two as they both let the situation sink in. The Warrior proceeds to break the silence.
"So, how are the sky trenches holding?" He turns to her now with this very serious face.
"Well they are pristine for the moment. But im not so sure myself. We run diagnostics on a tri-hourly basis, troubleshooting if any thing. Here at the citadel they are still pristine and so are the ones over Arcadia." She looks at a form on her desk.
"However the war is raging, were losing so many men its un fathomable. Were bringing them back to life but this all seems insane. Rassilon wants me to leave office." Romana's stress was so easy to see at this point.
"Why is Rassilon asking for the position now?" The Warrior asks in confusion.
"Im stalling him in one of his horrible plans, unfortunately I alone stand in the way of Resurrecting the Master." Her voice cracks at the even mention of his name.
"The MASTER!" The Doctor shouts, "THESE BUMBLING IDIOTS WANT TO RESURRECT THE MASTER! Why at a time like this?" The Warrior is flabbergasted.
"Rassilon seems to think that The Master's blatant insanity can be an asset. He believes he can go against the Daleks with the full fledge of his anger and insanity and save Galifrey from imminent destruction. Now calm down we dont need the entire Dalek battle fleet knowing." Romana urges the Warrior.
The Warrior calms it down a bit and Romana continues to talk; "I fear i will soon have to leave office. Rassilon is wanting to resort to insanity to save us all. I can only stall him, not halt his suggestion to the council to remove me." She rounds her desk and sits down with a sigh.
"Rassilon has them all convinced that he can help then..." The Warrior puts his hands behind his back in a pacing position.
"Romana you carry on with your Presidential duties. I am going to go and try to convince Rassilon from committing such a unspeakable travesty." He turns around stil in the pacing position. "Mona.." He calls, "lets go deary weve got places to be."
Mona comes very quickly and follows him out.
"Doctor!" Yells Romana, "Good luck.." She wishes him and out the door they both go. The Warrior leads them both out and then as they hit the intersection room they take a direct left headed towards where the council was. Mona was ready to speak.
"Yea so i pretty much heard every thing in there, whos the Master, and Rassilon?" Mona asks as they walk down the corridor to the lift.
"The Master is someone like me, another TimeLord i mean. He is evil, the darkest of the darkest. Also filled with insanity. Hes been out to destroy me for a very long time. Im everything he hates." The Warrior coughs then opens the lift for Mona to go in first. They get in and he presses the last button on the panel. He then continues; "Rassilon is the father of our species. He is the one who made it possible to time travel in the first place. Well him and Omega." The Warrior explains to Mona.
"Then from what i heard, you all think he is like some madman." Mona looks at the Warrior in confusion.
"Well Mona, it wasn't always like that. At one time he was a great leader, a hero. Hated corruption and political thievery. Then he began to age, and as the years went by he became more and more afraid of one day running out of regenerations and death. He has became a shell of a great leader." The Warrior Looks straight ahead as he tells this story. Mona is as attentive as a child listening to a bed time story.
"However the shell is all the high council of TimeLords need to follow him any where. Although there are a few who have became just as him, just as corrupted i mean. The other percentage, a very small one at that, do think he has grown out of touch however are too afraid of political, and quite literal in some cases, execution. I must convince him not to resurrect The Master. The consequences could be ever so grave." The Warriors face so worried at this moment.
There is a few moments of silence after that.
"So!" Shatters Mona, " what happened to the "we go our own way "deal you were speaking about back in the TARDIS ole timer?" The holier than thou attitude flairs up as she ask's the Warrior. In the attempt to avoid catching himself going back on his word he pulls his sonic from the jacket of his coat.
"Cant this blasted thing go any Faster?" He so casually avoids.
"Oh no you dont ole timer, dont you go ignoring me!" Shouts Mona simply teasing The Warrior.
"Oh for Heavens Sake, fine. I may have been a bit harsh on you. I thought you would be in danger. You still could be." He admits as his sonic begins to make the lift go a bit faster than Before.
"So your reasoning was leave me by myself, on a planet at war with the Daleks?..." Mona Replies with her hands on her hips.
"Yeeeeeaaaa...maybe not my best reasoning i do admit..." They both laugh and soon after the lift reaches the underground council room where Rassilon would be.
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