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Chapter Three

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The War Doctor and Mona meet with Rassilon imploring him to reconsider his decision.

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"Good to see you again Doctor." Rassilon greets as he stands from his desk to walk around it. The office was much smaller than Romanas, however you wouldn't expect that since Rassilon was the Founder of the species.
"I thought you had surely perished in the abyss of this bloody war." Rassilon's voice sounding a bit more dramatic.
"Yes well, it has been a while since i returned. Had a lot of unfinished business to attend to before i came here to fight the good fight." Teases the Warrior.
"Yes well who might this be then?" Rassilon motions to Mona.
"Well, hello lord Rassilon." Mona replies, " My name is Mona.
"Well pleased to meet you Mona." Rassilon turns his attention back to the Warrior as he shakes Mona's hand.
"Well Doctor, i see you have Regenerated, what is it now Eighth, Ninth?" Rassilon walks back to his desk and motions for them to sit down in the two velvet, infinity embroidered chairs in front of him.
"Yes well Rassilon Ive been informed that you plan on resurrecting The Master. I must implore you to reconsider. He is a Absolute madman." The Warrior and Mona both sit down as he makes his argument.
"Yes yes i know he is, thats why we've had this revelation. His insanity can be a key asset to us defeating the Daleks." Rassilon laughs as he elaborates his plans.
"Rassilon...this war is destroying everything in existence. So many planets caught in the crossfire, so much innocent life lost. By bringing back the Master all your doing is risking so many more lives!" The Warrior pleads in anger of Rassilon.
"!What would you have me do Doctor?! Run away as you have done for eons?! We are losing millions up there in the sky trenches, and TARDIS after TARDIS is being destroyed. We build more yes but the Daleks are destroying more than we can put out. Galifrey will stand, and if it takes a mad man to help lead us out then so be it!" Rassilon shouts the last statement of his rebuttal. The Warrior begins to talk but is motioned to cease.
"Doctor there is nothing else to say. The process was voted on last evening. It has began and will end soon." Rassilon interrupts.

"YOU DID WHAT! ALREADY, YOU ARE A FOOL RASSILON!" The Angry Warrior stands and shouts. Mona Stands up and backs towards the Door attempting to leave the arguement.

Rassilon stands as well. "Yes Doctor it has already been initiated. I guess here comes some holier than thou speech from the Great Doctor. hmm."

The Warrior goes to turn around, and then hesitates. He turns his head around at Rassilon to say one last thing.

"Rassilon i regenerated to end this war and I will end it, one way or the other." The Warriors voice full of rage, he then proceeds to leave.

"!?Doctor...!?Doctor what do you mean?!" Rassilon stands there confused and angry, very angry. However the Warrior Dosent reply, he just walks out.

The Warrior is silently filled with rage as they walk back to the lift, Mona dosent say a word until there in and on there way up. He takes his sonic as they begin there ascension to make it go by a bit quicker than last.
"So its too late then?" Mona sighs.
"No Mona its never too late. Rassilon will just have to see the error in his ways. Unfortunately i fear that Galifrey in some way will have to pay for his mistake." The Warriors voice,wise and raspy, fades near the end of that last statement.
"Well what are we doing now then ole timer?" Mona asks as they both wait to reach the top.
"Well, Mona i am going to go do what i came here for. Im going to the sky trenches above the citadel. Millions are dying and being brought back, or regenerating but eventually that wont be possible. Eventually you cant bring one back, they just die." The Warrior's stern voice returns.
"Well what am i to do?"
"You are going to stay with Romana, and do as she says." The Warrior commands.
"Yea i don't think so ole timer. Im not just some dainty little flower. I can handle a weapon, the only reason you had to save me from that Dalek is that i didnt have a weapon at the time." Mona spouts back.
" will not go, it is to dangerous." The Warrior scolds.
"There is no decison for you to make there old timer. Im going with you whether you like it or not." Mona folds her arms as she tells the Warrior whats going to be.
The Warrior smiles a bit. It almost makes him reminisce to the days of traveling with another live pistol companion, Ace.
Ace had been so young. So protective over her Professor. Carrying that nitro 9 around in her book bag, that couldn't have been safe. But those were the days when it was fun, when it was worth it, when he was really the Doctor.
"Doctor?" Mona attempts to bring him back to reality. " hey ole Timer!" She calls again and this time the Warrior does come back. He blinks a bit and sort of becomes aware of his surroundings.
"Hmm yes uh..." The Dumbfounded Warrior replies.
"Were here, ready to go?" Mona asks looking at him, attempting to scope out some thing wrong.
"Hmm yes yes then to the TARDIS then." The Warrior walks out of the lift and Mona is quickly on his heels.
They Both make there way through the winding corridors and out under the Orange Sun again until they come upon the TARDIS.
"You know, never knew Galifrey was as beautiful as it is." Says Mona as they are about to walk into the TARDIS.
"Yes well so many great memories here, great home to grow up on, " smiles The Warrior. "Rolling through the red grass, in the streets of Arcadia when we would visit." There was a smile of memories on his face, he then turned around and into the TARDIS he popped followed by Mona.
"So what exactly is a sky trench?" Asks Mona ash she goes to the seat she was in before.
"Well its actually hard to explain..." He begins to program coordinates, "Sky trenches are like great walls of air and floating steel. The atmosphere on Galifrey is a bit harsher than any other planet in the Kasterborus system. The high winds spin around the planet so fast they create an impenetrable wall of air. Now before we created the regulizers, that are equipped on the panels over the cities of Galifrey, the wall of air did protect us but is was un controllable an un reliable. The regulizers..." He stops to pull the lever that makes the TARDIS to dematerialize. "The Regulizers keep the wing at a steady pace instead of a changing natural speed. Its so the wall of air stays constant. Where we are headed is one of the many panels." The Warrior explains all of this as his sonic comes out, and so does his laser rifle. He then raises the power level of his weapon. Taking it from a class two security protocall laser, to a class four military grade rifle. He then walks over to a staircase leading to the under console.
"Stay here ill be right back!" He shouts as he walks down.
He goes down under the console and then gets on both knees as he pops some screws that hold the partial vent over a hiding place. He then pulls a wooden chest from the hole in the TARDIS. His hearts pound, this chest was ominous however he knew what was in it. The Seal of the Time Lord rest upon it as he opens to an arsenal of weapons. The arsenal of weapons include several De-Mat grenades,phasers with the incendiary setting, and several other death machines he had collected over the years. Then through it all he finds a bar of Aces Nitro 9 with an old sack she would put her things in. Tears well up in his eyes but no time reminisce now. He quickly bundles what he needs in the old sack and goes back to the console room with Mona.
"Right now we should be landing, when we go out here remember there is a war going on. You stay with me, keep your head down until we reach the tower on the panel. There we can find command and begin maneuvers to join the fight, in whatever means nessesary!" The Warrior orders. Mona sarcastically salutes ,and goes to the Door behind The Warrior. The Doors open and the blasts from Daleks and timelords are deafening. Immediately the warrior begins counter fire trying to move Mona and himself to the tower 60 yards away. The blasts from the Rifle shoot Dalek after Dalek out of the sky but it seems there are two in every ones place. As there sprinting and firing back they run into TimeLord military also defending the Sky trench. As Mona is sprinting she catches a glimpse of one man falling off the Sky Trench after being hit by a Dalek Ray. She is horrified. Blood rains every where from fallen Galifreyans. The ones that weren't completely disintegrated lay disfigured and deformed awaiting death like a gift. The Atrocities were also noticed by the Warrior as they ran under the Burnt Orange sky getting closer and closer to the Tower. Suddenly a Dalek hovers right in front of them at the entrance.
The Warrior pulls out his sonic screwdriver to repel the ray. It works however the ray is a bit more advanced that his screwdriver.
"MONA PICK A DE MAT GRENADE FROM MY POCKET YOU WILL SEE A FOUR NUMBER SETTING. INITIATE IMPLOSION SETTING ONE!" The Warrior Shouts over the sound of his screwdriver repelling the Daleks Death Ray.
Mona quickly grabs one and is able to plac it on the correct setting. She then throws it onto the Dalek. The Dalek stops his assault and then quickly the Warrior tackles Mona to the floor as the it silently implodes over them. Without words The Warrior looks up and grabs Mona to burst in through the entrance where they would be safe.
The tower is filled with other Galifreyan commanders and other soldiers arriving there By trans-mat.
"Mona are you ok?" Asks The Warrior as he is putting his Sonic back into his pocket.

"Yeah i should be ok. Well for an ole timer you sure can move there!" Mona teases as she brushes her shirt off.

"I really do wish you would quit it with the old timer bit. im really not that old you see-" The Doctor is interrupted by a Timelord Commander who approaches them.

"Identify yourselves!" Orders the TimeLord commander.
"Well im Doctor John Smith, and this is Mona. We are here to fight the good fight." Replies the Warrior as he dusts himself off.
"Welcome to tower Koreen." Says the commander sternly.
"Well well thank you there ,now whats the report?" The Warrior points toward the screen on the north wall showing all events outside the Tower.
"Well same as usual another siege, we've been getting the same maneuvers from this squadron over and over, losing man after man for them to fail at penetrating through the sky trench.
"Blimey my head hurts!" Complains Mona.
"Are you sure your alright there Mona?" The Warrior puts his hand on her back, concerned.
"Yea yea im good, its just really loud out there." Mona replies.
"Do you need medical attention?" Says the commander.
"No no no, im fine im ok." Mona assures them both.
"Well commander do you have a name?" Asks the Warrior.
"Just The Commander sir." He salutes the Warrior as he answers the question.
"Yes yes yes dont salute me." The Warrior states.
The Commander awkwardly puts his hand down.
The Warrior proceeds to make himself at home and begin helping by creating Electro magnetic pulse projectiles to hurl at the Daleks in battle. As Mona was his assistant she gathered his supplies and rations. However one of the biggest battles of the war was right around the corner.
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