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Book Two - Chapter Five

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The War Doctor and Mona finally make it back to Gallifrey.

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The distraught Warrior and Mona returned to Gallifrey after dropping the refugee'son a neutral, civilized planet.

"Ole timer, it was really nice of those people you knew to help out my people." Mona graciously states.

"Yes yes, the Tarkians. Nice creatures, they owe me a few favors so were on our way to being square I do believe." Chuckles the Warrior.

"Well, Wonder if left without us? We have been gone a while." Mona asks as she tromps to the TARDIS doors followed by the Warrior.

"Mona...we are in a time machine as well my dear. I brought us back 5 minutes after we left."

"Oh, well then...funny how you forget things." Mona chuckles.

They walk back out of the TARDIS under the burnt orange sky. It dose look a bit chaotic now, compared to when she first cane to Gallifrey all those years ago. Almost as soon as they step out, another Timelord takes notice of them and marches over. The Warrior and Mona both notice him as well.

"Well then, that must be ." The Warrior leans over and whisper's into the ear of Mona.

"Yes yes, must be ole timer." She quietly replies.

finally makes it to them after the soldier like walk he had made for himself.

" , reporting for duty sir!" Aero announces as he clicks his heals and salutes The Warrior.

"Oh for heavens sake, can you stop with all of that saluting. Its extremely annoying." Retorts the Warrior.

"Yes sir. Sorry sir, i am here to-"

"Yes yes, we know. Your here to brief us on the Skaro recon mission. Alright now, lets go on into the TARDIS and talk about it." Mona rudely interrupts .

"Yes...well then...I suppose lets hop to it! Replies Aero has he walks in between them and into the TARDIS.

"Well wasnt that rude!" Warrior scolds Mona jokingly.

"Well, we dont have time to waste on him talking!" Replies Mona as the file into the TARDIS.

When they get inside they see Aero looking all around at the TARDIS interior.

"Is this a Type Forty? Your still running around in one of these antiquities?" scoffs as he swipes the console with his finger looking for dust.

"Well, you dont talk about her that way! She is the-"

"Mona, calm down now. He just asked a question..." The Warrior interrupts Mona to diffuse the situation. "...and yes, i do love my old Type Forty. However if we could skip the small talk my boy, it would be appreciated." The Warrior states.

"Yes, yes, well uploading a map onto the scanner of your TARDIS now. Its a map of the chamber we believe to be holding the item for which we are attempting to retrieve." begins to elaborate.

"Which isssss...?" Mona attempts to gain some information.

"Classified my dear..." Aero replies, as Mona smirks. walks over to the scope in front of The Warrior and turns it to all three of them. It shows a picture of a few different chambers inside one of the many Dalek Millitary buildings on Skaro. "...You can see here that there are three main chambers we are looking at on level twenty four. We will de-materialize the further most chamber to the back of the structure. The room we are looking to get into is in the center of the level. Its heavily guarded, so i will need you two, to create a distraction, long enough for me to sneak in undetected." explained.

"Any idea how were supposed to do that?" Mona pipes up, leaning on the railing beside the Warrior.

"Hmm, i suppose you will have to improvise my dear, the both of you. Now I will pop in and find our target, smuggle it out and signal you when the time is right." turns the screen off.

"Well my boy, how are we supposed to know if your trustworthy enough?" The Warrior asks as he walks around the console to take a peek at the coordinates of there next landing. He pulls a lever for them to take off from Gallifrey.

"Trustworthy? Im not following?" A confused replies.

"What i mean, is how are we supposed to know your not just going to pop back in here after you steal, whatever you have to steal, and report back to Gallifrey." The Warrior elaborates his point.

"Well sir, i feel insulted!" exclaims in offense.

"Dont get your knickers in a twist my boy! I will just lock the TARDIS up as we leave to ease my mind!" The Warrior shouts back.

"Well do what you wish i suppose!" Retorts Lt Aeron still feeling offended.

"I will do just that. Now Mona..." The Warrior turns his attention to Mona who was still leaning against the Railing on the other side of the console. "...Head down to the armory snd pick out some tools, and i guess some weapons, so we can put a plan together for the diversion. Oh, and take Knickers with you, he is annoying me." The Warrior scoffs as he looks upon his controls.

"Alrighty ole timer, c'mon twisty knickers!" Laughs Mona as she walks by .

"I am not amused." Says Aero as he walks behind Mona to the endless maze known as the TARDIS corridors.
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