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Book Two - Chapter Four

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The War Doctor and Mona attempt to escape the Dalek work camp.

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The Hours passed quickly as Mona cried herself to sleep. The Warrior sits at the end of the cot, reflecting on the times of the last few years. The Daleks and atimelords destroying everything in the crossfire, which was really the entire universe. Now Rassilon is sneaking around, attempting to get his hands on, well whatever it is. A bad feeling consumes him as he thinks about the mystery object. The possibilities were endless to what Rassilon could possibly be trying to acquire. The Warrior contemplates the different options he could have to end this wretched war. He could almost see the devastation again, as if it was replaying in front of his eyes. Death, destruction,blood,despair, and so much more looking back at him in the face. The Warriors runs through an infinity of scenarios. Suddenly he is shook back into reality with a Dalek scream.


Rax and the rest of the prisoners begin to stand up to attention. Mona awakens from her slumber and the Warrior notices.

"My dear it seems our host's our here for the Wake Up call." The Warrior comments as he looks back at the Dalek commanding their attention.

" seems so..." Mona sits up and whiped her eyes as she slowly awakens. "...yes well...any plans yet ole timer? I would much like to be on our way, maybe help these people in the process."

"For heavens sake Mona, of course i have a plan...well sort of..." The Warrior strokes his beard attempting to think of a plan. Mona lowers her head and glares at him.

"Theres no plan is there?"

"Not in the slightest, no."

"Well then ole timer, are we stuck here?"

"Well Mona, I need to see the outside of this place here a bit more, i do have an idea of sorts. Do you remember what i had to do last night?" The Warrior asks as he looks over at her.

Mona gulps at the thought of the night before, however she nods.

"Well i can do almost the same thing to the surrounding Daleks. If i send out a huge burst of untra sound energy, it will over load there circuits, at least in theory. It will fry my Screwdriver as well but, i have a spare back in the TARDIS. I just have to see the outside, configure my screwdriver settings adjusting for the atmospheric conditions." Elaborates the Warrior as he tinkers with his screwdriver.

"Well we just have to hope it dosent fizzle out like it has been here of late." Scoffs Mona.

The Warrior veers at her, and then back at his work for a few minutes before they hear the cell door open.

"YOU SHALL BE EXTERMINATED IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY!" Screams the Dalek as it rolls into the cell.

"Yes, yes you blasted machine. Well come on Mona, seems we are needed." Jeers the Warrior as he stands and hides his Screwdriver up his sleeve from the wandering eye of the Dalek.

"Yes yes, seems so!" Replies Mona as she gets off her cot.

They make there way out side, followed by the rest of the prisoners, and the guard Dalek.

The Warrior examines his surroundings as they walk out of the cell on there way to the mine.

He quickly counts fifty five Daleks surrounding the camp.

"Well it seems we are over taken here ole timer." Whisper's Mona as they march along.

"Yes yes, it seems so Mona. However that isnt my main worry. If you look at the level of ground we are standing on here, you can see a slight grade. Well with the grade here, im going to have to find a bit of higher ground so that the signal can fully cover the area." The Warrior elaborates as they get closer and closer to there destination.

Mona Notices a rock formation in front of them.

"Hey ole timer, is that high enough?"

"Yes yes, seems so dosent it...hmmmmm..." The Warrior looks over at her and smiles.

"You need a distraction dont you...?" Mona realizes.

The Warrior looks at her approvingly. "Well my girl, your so brave to volunteering."

"Yea yea, alright ole timer. What do you want me to do?" Mona asks.


"Improvise." The Warrior whispers as they walk into the mining area to begin work.

The Warrior splits off from the group and tip toes around the formation looking for a foothold to make the climb.

'Well here goes nothing' Mona thinks to herself. Then suddenly Mona falls to the ground in act of a distraction.

"Oi, she's fainted! Yells one of the other slave workers. They all rush over to help her. The few Dalek guards roll over to the commotion, which gives the Warrior a chance to get up on top of the rock formation.



'Come on Doc, hurry it up' Mona quietly mutters to herself.

The Warrior finally makes it to the top.

"Right right, now just to coordinate the burst...adjust for atmospheric conditions caused by Dalek attack fleet...and...Voila, i have it!" The Warrior speaks out loud. He then holds his sonic over his head. He presses the knob on the side and there is a huge ultrasound wave that erupts from the Screwdriver. It sparks up and he drops it attempting to not get burned. He looks down to the ground awaiting the success of his plan.

All of a sudden the Guard Dalek dragging Mona to the lab slows to a halt. Mona rolls away from the Dalek as it stops and the eyestalk droops. The other inmates notice the other Daleks appearing to not be functioning as well. Mona stands up and brushes herself off. She looks at the Warrior on top of the rock formation attempting to make his way down.

After he does he jogs over to Mona ,as the inmates around the camp celebrate.

"Mona, Mona, i dont think it did the trick quite as well as it looks. Im afraid i just deactivated them fir the moment, we need to get all of these people to the TARDIS!" The Warrior exclaims.

"What are talking about ole timer? They seem to be-" Mona stops talking as she sees a few of the Daleks eye stalks begin to move slightly. The inmates dont happen to notice during there celebrations.

"You're right ole timer." Mona turns her attention to the other free'd inmates. "EVERYONE, WE MUST GO, FOLLOW US TO OUR SHIP!" Shouts Mona.

The inmates begin to look around in confusion.


The group of twenty or so begin to jog quickly behind The Warrior and Mona as they head for the alley way that brought them here. The Daleks begin firing on the group from a far.

"YOU WILL BE EXTEEEERRRMINATED!" Shrills the Dalek squad as they fire there phasers at the crowd. Missing every time.

"C'MON, WERE ALMOST THERE!" Shouts Mona as she helps lead the pack.

Phasers are hitting everywhere, raining sparks and tiny buts of debris. The trip takes a shorter time than before as there not so cautious.

"ITS JUST AROUND THE BEND HERE!" Shouts the Warrior as they come upon the warehouse they originally landed in. The Daleks however were closing in fast.

Then as there nearing the blue box, a random phaser from a random Dalek hits a pillar of the already weakened warehouse. The whole thing begins to topple down. Two huge girders fall in the center of the group and split them away from each other. The Warrior realizes what is about to happen and quickly opens the TARDIS door for the few who made it. Mona cant look back as she scurries inside. The stranded Morellians shout and scream as the Daleks come closer and closer.

"Im, so, so, sorry!" Shouts The Warrior as he steps into the TARDIS and closes the door in a form which every one could sense his regret. The whole of the Console room is silent. Everyone staring at those doors, not even taking the time to be amazed at the Timelord Technology. The Warrior holds his head up against the doors and keeps his hand on the inside handle. His face in a most distressed expression. Mona looks on as the Warrior finally walks back up the TARDIS ramp to the console. He flips a lever and the TARDIS begins to de materialize. He was going to take these people somewhere safe.
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