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Book Two - Chapter Three

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The War Doctor and Mona search the streets of Morellium V in search of Mona's parents.

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The Hours pass as they creep along empty streets, and alley ways avoiding the Dalek Menace. Finally ,after almost stumbling thorugh a debris filled restauraunt, the Warrior and Mona come upon what seems to be a Dalek Prison camp. They crouch into some foiliage on the outside of the perimeter.

"OI..." Mona Whispers. "..So are my parents in there ole timer?"

"Well...i am getting readings off of that DNA sample i took earlier that points in this direction." The Warrior replies as he looks over his Sonic Screwdriver.

"You know ole timer...i just had a thought..." Mona says looking through the branches at the camp.

"Now Now Mona, dont do that to much. You know itll hurt your cranium." Chcukles The Warrior quietly.

"Very funny you bag of dust. No though seriously. What if the DNA sample that you took is locked on to a pice of hair i got cut off once, and is stuck to the bottom of some one's shoe?" Mons worriedly asks.

"Hmmm... No no my dear, this is a bit different than you understand. My TARDIS not only took a regular DNA sample, but a timestream DNA sample as well. It looks into your past to match up your timeline with your mother and father." The Warrior elaborates.

Mona takes a sigh of relief. "Thanks Doc..." there is an awkward silence, it had been the first time Mona had called him the Doctor. quickly he changed the subject.

"UH, do you suppose we get in, blast our way around?" The Warrior asks as he now is looking thorugh the foiliage as well.

"Well, i see a few entry points with guards posted at each one. Then i see them taking people out in lines. What do you suppose there doing?" Mos says as she observes.

"Well my guess is that they didnt kill all of the occupants of this town so they could use them as slave labor to mine the Ragnamite depostis you have here. Its there main power source." The Warrior pulls his sonic out once more, setting the sound to low so that he could scan the area for a precise count of Morelliums, and Dalek's.

"Well...seems we have only one choice there..." Mona charges her laser rifle.

"Yes...yes in deed!" The Warrior stands up with Mona quickly. Before Mona can open fire, the Warrior yells out: "HELLOOO, YES, WERE OVER HERE...TWO PRISONERS UNACCOUNTED FOR!"

Mona looks at him like hes an idiot.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WE WILL BE EXECUTED!" Shouts Mona in a panic.

Two Daleks notice them a few yards away and quickly make there way over to them.

"INTRUDE, INTRUDERS, YOU WILL BE IMPRISONED TO LABOR FOR THE DALEK EMPIRE!" It screams it few times before finally apprehending them.

"Yes yes you blasted metal parrots, lets go!" Shouts the Warrior.

"Are you daft ole timer! We have still been caught, even if they dont execute us. What are we going to do?" Mona now walking with ther hands up. She had dropped the weapon in the bush she was crouching in before.

"Oh for heavens sake cant break outta jail, unless your there first." The Warrior laughs at his companion.

"I hope you know what your doing ole timer."A very Worried Mona replies.

Hundreds of Lightyears away back on Galifrey Rassilons stands in the front of the council of timelords.

"...and i do say that, thicould finish it for all of us. Yes there would be casualties on both sides i will agree to that your royals, however the needs of the many outweigh the sacrafice of the few!" Rassilon is fighting for his new idea to eradicate the Daleks. Acouncil member stands out of the entire room to reply.

"Rassiolon as lord president we all respect your thoughts, and ideas. However this couldnt be the most intelligent decision im sure. It would completely eradicate the race of the Daleks, and us as well. There is no bunker strong enough, there is no forcefield with enough power to defend against this!" The council men's rebuttal echoes through the chambers. There are a few of the council who vocally state there agreements with the other. Rassilon becaomes annoyed

"Yes, the dangers are great, but if we could evacuate the planet on an arc of some form, we could save a part of our speciaes, and be done with this infernal war. Its destroying everything. Yes our planet would be completely devastated, if not destroyed, but this is the moment we should be preparing for." Rassilon shouts his arguement into the councils ears once more.

The same Council member who protested before stands back up. "Yes you do make very valid points Lord President. However the fact remains this is not the Gallifreyan Way! I say this, all who is opposed to this implement of...the item which shall be mot spoken of say aye!"

"AYE!" is shouted all over the council chambers.

"The number of people in protest of the implement is Seventy eight members of one hundred fifty six." Announces the Historian of the council.

"Alright now then, all who are for this, please say AYE!" Rassilon commands.

"AYE!" Rings out the council once more. Excpet its exactly the other half of the council.

"Seems the council is deadlocked, Seventy eight to Seventy eight." The Historian announces.

"Well then...we must deliberate another option council..." Rassilon commands with authority.

Back on Morellium V, the Warrior and Mona have been locked away with other mine workers for the Daleks. Some of them were actually acting quite odd. hey just stood there in a corner of the cell. The Warrior and Mona were both baffled by act of the prisoners.

"I do wonder whats going on with that lot?" The Warrior says out loud.

"Yea, as do i ole timer..." Mona is perplexed by their behavior.

"Yes is extrememly abnormal for them to be so calm in a time like this." The Warrior replies to Mona.

"You mean you dont know then sir?" says another prisoner, who seems to be acting normal enough.

"Hmm...excuse me, know what?" The Warrior inquires.

"Well, firstly my Name is Rax, sorry i was eaves dropping, but i coulndt help over hear you talking about that lot in the corner there. Now waht im bout to tell you is going to be shocking, hoever i swear that every line is true." Rax states.

"Oh for heavesn sake, out with it man!" A very impatient Warrior exclaims.

"We work so hard here. They have no compassion for the sick or the old, and that was most of our community, the old i mean. They would work them, quite literaly im afraid, to death. They started to becom frustrated with our feeble bodies and worked us harder, only depleting there worforce further. Then about six months into there occupation here things changed. Iwould watch a man die right in front of me, and they would cart the body off like normal. Then the next day he would be back working in the mines with me. The Daleks were re animating there corpses some how , at least i thought. Just here recently i seen a Dalek giving one of those...well things..." Rax Motions to the group huddled in the corner. "...and in the middle of the command, i seen somethin emerge from its head, IT WAS EYESTALK SIR! There some how augmenting us and creating hybrid Daleks! Now there not even witing for us to die. There just exceuting us and turning when they feel the whim. Its monsterous sir!" Rax begins to become hysterical near the end of his tale.

"Mona, see if you can calm him going to go and take a closer look." Whispers The Warrior.

"Sure Ole timer..." Mona directs her attention to Rax. "Alright now lad, lets calm down ok..."

The Warrior walks over to the group of people to examine them. He pulls his backup screwdriver form his boot as the Daleks had taken his original one. He begins to scan the backs of them looking for any evidence of augmentation. The story did sound a tad odd. The Daleks had never been one to use dead beings as spare parts. Almost made him think of the Cybermen. He shutters at the thought of it. However it seems his thoughts are coming true. There had been extensive surgical work done on these people. Seems that they didnt so much as take out there emotions and thoughts as an individual being, but they destroyed them as a whole from the inside. These people were impossible to resessitate...they were Walking Dead Daleks. Then out of pure curiosity the Warrior attempt to turn on the tracker to see if two of the corpses are her parents's. At first it is malfunctioning again.

"Oh for heavens sake, you infernal device come on!" The Warrior angrily scolds the inanimate object. He once again pounds it with his hand, hoping the barbaric motion would work again, until he's startled by a gasp. It was Mona, she had walked up behind him to give the group a look over herself. She stood there motionless staring at two of the scarred up, bent over cadavers. The Warrior could only guess that it was her parents. He looks down at his feet in dispair as Mona silently sobs. "Mona, my dear im so so sorry Mona, why dont we-" He is cut off when she holds her hand up, as if to say just give me a minute. The Tears are rolling down her face at this point. The Warrior begins to walk away until Mona stops him.

"Doc...are they..." She cant even finish the sentence, its to painful.

The Warrior looks back at her into those ig sad eyes of hers, and shakes his head. She closes them and tries not to let out a blood curdling sob. Mona then lunges at him and crys on his shoulder. He can here her muffled sobs into the breast of his jacket. The Warrior wraps his arms around her to console her. They stand in the cell, as the rest of the inmates look on. The Warrior gives them a scowl as if to say mind your own buisness. They all see his intimidating expression and go back to there own buisness. After ten minutes of sobbing Mona backs away from the Warrior. She wipes her face and nose, and then looks up at him.

"Hey...can you...pu them out of it all Doc. I mean...can yo-" Mona is cut off before she can finish as The Warrior nods his head yes.

"Are you sure thats what you want Mona?" He asks before going through with it.

"...Yes...i just...just need you to walk me through it ok, it will help me with this all." Mona replies as she whipes her face some more. The Warrior was about to begin when she tops him. She Walks over to the Male and Female and kisses them both on the fore head. "Goodbye." She Whispers as she backs away from the both of them. Mona looks over at the Warrior and nods. The Warrior walks over to the deceased parents of Mona, and sticks the now operating Sonic screwdriver to the back of the fathers head.

"When the Daleks converted your p...people into these hybrid monstrosities, they didnt look at all of the technichal flaws that would go along with the project." The Warrior explains ever so delicately. "If my calculations are correct, a high burst of ultrasound energy from my Sonic Screwdriver will over load the wiring, and mechanics which they had to install onto the brain stem to earn obeidiance over the entire body, and its functions..." The Warrior pauses before he commences. "Mona, My Dear, are you sure you can watch this?"

"Y...Y..yes Doc..." Mona whispers as she nods her head.

The Warrior quickly pushes down the button on his sonic which releases a high burst of untra sound energy, frying every piece of electrronics holding the father both together. The burst was set so high it also fried the mother's wiring as well. Mona turns away and quietly sobs some more. The Warrior wraps his arm around her and walks her a cot nearby. He lays her down so she can grieve in peace. He was thinking they could attempt a breakout of some sorts when the sun's rise. However she needed some time. The Warrior was begining to realize, how urgently, this war...needed to end.
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