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Book Two - Chapter Two

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After the War Doctor and Mona arrive on Morellium V. They realize things arent as they were.

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The Warrior was appalled at what he was seeing on the scope. The city, and most of the planet, had been torn down into shambles. Buildings half destroyed, so many dead just left out in the streets, and so much despair stinking up the atmosphere. The Daleks had taken a foothold on Morellium V. The only reason The Warrior could conjur up is because of the high mineral content through out the planet. Its main export was the same energy source that The Daleks used to power there vessels, and power cells on there home planet. Add in the fact that Skaro has been having an energy crisis for the last ten years, this could all make sense. This was now a Dalek refueling station. Before the Warrior can just plot coordinates back for Gallifrey, and think up an explanation on why they had to go, Mona comes skipping back from the Corridors of the TARDIS.

"Well then ole timer, i heard the old sonic boom there, i see weve made it. Now lets say we make a night on the town. I go see my parents, and the old watering hole..." Mona stops talking as she notices the Warrior's face. He had almost turned a full sheet of white since she had seen him last. "...Whats a matter?" She asks,but to no avail. The Warrior is silent. "HEY...IM TALkING TO YOU, WHATS WRONG OLE TIMER?!" Mona now in a panic, and starting to become angry, grabs the scope from out in front of the Warrior. The Warrior attempts to grab it back but Mona is too quick for him. She begins to stare at the scope. The Warrior watches her face go from this happy, excited little girl, to a face full of anger, rage, and sadness. "NOOOOOO!" she shouts and pushes the scope away. Mona falls to her knees, puts her face into her hands, and begins to sob.

"Mona, im so terribly sorry my girl. I had no idea that this had happened." The Warrior sinks down to one knee beside her attempting to comfort the girl. He puts his arm around her.


"Mona, theres nothing that you couldve done. You would be dead now if you had stayed on Morellium." the Warriors raspy voice is replaced by this soft calming one. However to no avail, Mona continues to sob. The Warrior's hearts sink for the poor girl. this had been the first time in the two years, that she had been with him, that he ever seen her shed a tear. She had been through so much already, and now this. The Warrior stands back up as she is attempting to do the same.

"Hey...ole times..." Mona, crying,asks. " there..(sniff sniff)...any chance they could be..." She just stops expecting The Warrior to understand her meaning. Which he did.

"Mona, i wont mince words with you... There isnt a very high chance at all...i mean..." The Warrior stops himself.

"Hey...tell me what you were about to say!" Mona's tears dry up quickly and her firery self returns.

"Mona,it was nothing..." The Warrior lies.

"Look ole timer, this is my parents ok. I wil ldo anything, i dont care what it takes to see them again. So you tell me, or im leaving the TARDIS right now and im never coming back!" Mona shouts in anger.

The Warrior hesitates before finally revealing an option.

"The TARDIS has something called a phsychic link Mona. This Phsychic link can be between...well you for instance and the machine. It would meld with your mind as you think only of your parents ,and it could take us to where they are be located. The usual amount of error is about Sixteen Hundred Meters or so. However there are a few drawbacks Mona. The TARDIS wont differentiate between live and dead, it will take you to them regardless. You could open the doors and come across your parents dead bodies. Do you want that? Can you handle that if it happens?" The Warrior elaborates, hoping she would reconsider.

"Yes...i'll just have to, because there could be a very small chance that they are alive right?."Mona looks at him with those sad eyes. He nods back at her. "Yes, however it is very small Mona." Mona looks back at the TARDIS console, and then back at the Warrior. "...And If they are, i have got to give it my all." Mona walks over to him from around the console. "So how do we do this ole timer?" Mona folds her arms as she awaits his instructions.

There is a silence for just a few seconds.

"Here come over here and put your hands on the console..." She obeys. "NO no, i mean plant both hands in these areas, and begin to clear your mind of every thing except your mother and father." The Warrior orders as he moves to the other side of the console to prep for the phsychic connection.

"What am i supposed to think about?" Monas voice cracks a little as she asks.

"Think about your parents Mona, and nothing else. Clear your mind, do not let anything, and i mean anything interfere. Not this war, not me, not anything. If you do it could possible send the TARDIS into a frenzy and we could blow a hole in the planet. Now...begin." The Warrior presses a few different Buttons on the console and pulls a lever.

Mona begins to think of a time when she was a child with her parents. Would sit outsode of there home on some nights and watch the beautiful stars in the dark green sky. She could almost smell the the purple buds growing in the garden next door to them. Her father would always sit in the bright blue grass with her and point different constellations out to her. Her Mom maknig sweet pastries in the dining area. She could see her old pet Jackyl-bee, named Harrison, Frolicking through their living area.

The TARDIS was beginning to shake, and move. The center piece of the console began move up and down as it always would when they would de-matierialize.

"YES MONA YES! ITS WORKING, KEEP GOING! I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN YOU CAN STOP!" Shouts the Warrior as he begins to watch the TARDIS console light up. He then Walks over to the Doors as they finally land.

"Yes Yes Mona well done, we are here...wherever here is exactly..." Mona Quickly comes back to reality and runs over to the Doors with the Warrior. She grabs her laser rifle which was hanging on the railing.

"So...this is it where you are. We are all alone in here. These metal monsters could be anywhere." The Warrior warns. Mona nods her head. "Now dont wander off!" The Warrior opens the TARDIS doors. Mona walks out first, gun drawn, ready for combat. The Warrior walks out rather casually right behind her to lock and close the doors.

The atmosphere is bleak. They seem to have matierialized in some sort of cargo warehouse. It was partially destroyed but it couldve been a torture chamber, or excecution area for the Daleks. There really wasnt any way to tell until they seen more of the place. They landed in a maze of crates, and debris so they were having to watch there step. They come upon a corner and both of them hug the wall, as Mona peeks around for a view.

"Its clear..." she whispers. They both walk out and relax a little as they see the building appears to be empty. "Is there any way to know exactly where we should go?" Asks Mona as she looks around the area they are standing in seeing multiple exits.

"Well my dear, i took a DNA sample from your hands as you were melding with the TARDIS and i have it uploaded into my sonic..." The Warrior begins to fiddle in his jacket pocket until he finds it. "...Yes yes, there it is. This should help tri-angulate are search a little bit." The Warrior says as he holds it up into the air to search for any remnant of Mona's DNA. The Screw Driver whines not pickingup any signal until the Warrior tinker's with it. "Oh for heavens sake...the blasted thing needs to be upgraded im sure." The Warrior grunts as he is tinkering. Finally he gets frustrated and begins to beat it with the palm of his hand. It begin to pick up a faint signal. "Yes well i do suppose a bit of primitive thinking can go a long way sometimes." Smiles the Warrior as he holds it back over his head once more. It gets a steady signal this time, pointing to the north of there current position. " Yes well, its this way my dear." Says the Warrior as they begin to tromp there way north in search of Mona's Parents.
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