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Book Two - Chapter One

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Two Years after the incident aboard the Cruciform, we catch back up with Mona and The War Doctor. The War Doctor decides to take Mona away for a little break.

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Years had passed since the incident on the Cruciform. The Warrior had aged a bit harsh since before. The War was having a great effect on him. All of the stress, and blood shed was haunting him even then. Yes he was a TimeLord, but they as well as any one else, age. Mona was still by his side. She was a practicing field Medical officer, by this time, with the TimeLord Millitary forces. The Warrior had taught her about combat, as the Medical Personel around the Citadel, and Arcadia had taught her some of the greatest medical secrets of the age. Recently they were engaging in combat on the Galifreyan moon of Omega. Mona had helped revive three officers after extensive wounding. However it seems the Armies of Gallifrey were losing ground.

The Sky Trenches over the Citadel, and most other great cities were holding quite nicely. However the ones above the City of Arcadia were not in quite as good of shape. The Daleks had beaten and battered it contiuously over the eight long years. Maintenance personnel had attempted to mend it but they were all killed by Dalek Fleets swooping in for another siege. Even TARDIS's were Begining to be more of a hassle than an advantage. The Timelords were begining to use battle ships, and small range fighters instead. They were having a bit of success in the campaign, but not enough to drive back the Dalek Forces.

The Doctor and Mona wait in the Chambers of the President of Gallifrey, Rassilon.

"Where is this bloak anyways? We should be up there fighting with the rest of them." A very impatient Mona folds her arms as they await on there Lord President Rassilon.

"Mona, The two most powerful Warriors are Patience and Time." Says The Warrior with a very wizard like tone as he leans back in the Chair he is residing in.

"Well then, are you going all philosophical on me ole timer?" Chuckles Mona.

"Eh...well i believe Leo Tolstoy said that once. He was a very great writer you know. I helped him write War and Peace." Says the Warrior with a smile on his face reminiscing the days of giving Leo Polstoy ideas for War and Peace.

"War and what? Well any ways have you heard anything from Romana here of late?"

Asks Mona .

"Well she did send me a Message not too long ago. Said she was traveling, seeing some more of Earths History and such. She was having a fabulous time in the Sixties i do believe."

"Sorry, so Sorry to keep the Both of you waiting." Announces Rassilon as he burst through the Doors. Rassilon walks around to his to his chair and sits down.

"Yes well, how about we get on with it Rassilon. Why did you call me here eh?" Asks the Warrior with a bit of an annoyed tone. He sits up in his chair.

" the air of that last debacle on the Cruciform two years ago, that you warned me about, I need your help once again Doctor, or John Smith or whatever you call yourself these days."

"My help you say? With what?" The Warrior inquires as he strokes his grey mustache.

"I need you for...a reconnaissance mission. I need you to help retrieve something that was recently lost on an excavation convoy." Elaborates Rassilon.

"Yes well, what exactly is this something?" The Warrior asks with a bit of a puzzling tone.

"This confidential information. A Dalek fleet attacked a convoy that was on its way back here from the planey Moffteece. It had a veryimportant piece of cargo aboard, and they stole it. I need you to go behind enemy lines to Skaro, and retrieve what has been stolen from us. You will be accompanied by Lieutenant Aero and a small company of soldiers." Explains Rassilon as he is folding some documents away on his desk.

"Confidential!? Oh for heavens sake Rassilon, I need to know what i will be looking for. Sending those bumbling idiots on a recon mission with me is like electing Laurel and Hardy Prime Ministers." The Warrior jokes as he stands from his seat.

"Yes...fine, however Aero will still be accompanying you. You do not need to know. It is important for us, Gallifrey, for everything when you bring it back here. Now, there will be no more questions asked, you just do as your told!" Rassilon barks at the Warrior.

The Warrior is obviously unpleased with the situation. However that is all he needs is a bigger problem than the Daleks right now. He turns to walk out. Mona quickly stands to follow.

"Oh Doctor..." Rassilon shouts. " ready in a few hours. Aero will be coming by your TARDIS to brief you further and you will deploy to Skaro soon after." Rassilon orders with a smirk on his Face.

The Warrior scowls back and walks from the chambers. Mona quickly scurries behind him. They walk back into the Corridors of the Citadel.

"Hey ole timer, what do you think we are getting from Skaro? Im sure its important just as Rassilon says, but do you really think it could end this war?" Mona Asks as they walk along through the crowd and corridors.

"Well Mona, im not entirely sure. I do believe its something of importance to the war. Rassilon needs to be weary however. hes already power hungry, even after taking the Presidnecy these last few years. This could just make things worse. Makes me apprehensive to even go."

"Also whos this ? I havent actually met him."

"Neither have i Mona. I just hope he isnt as corrupt as our lord President." The Warrior scowls back at the Citadel as they walk out of it heading for the TARDIS.

"Yes well, i do have a bad feeling about this ole timer." Mona says as they close in on the blue police box.

"Thats to be expected my dear. You know you dont have to be here. The choice is yours Mona. You can always go home, its not to far." The Warrior stops at the Doors of the TARDIS and turns to her as he offers her a way out of all of this.

"I cant Ole timer. Im to invested here, ive helped you and learned so much. I do feel needed here on Gallifrey...fighting the good fight ,as youve once called it. Besides, i gotta make sure you dont break a hip out there fighting these aluminum fools." Mona laughs and so does the Warrior. She walks into the TARDIS and the Warrior stands by the door.

She goes inside talking about some thing to do with the TARDIS camouflage however the Warrior is paying it no mind. He begins to think about all of his past companions and how if he could go back and change a few of them ,he wouldve. He wouldve told a few of them to go home, or stay in the TARDIS , and maybe a few would still be alive today. They didnt all die, but the point was that some did...on his watch. He wasnt wanting to lose a friend in Mona either.

'Maybe i could politely nudge her home. I know she dosent want to not sure if i could lose her on my watch, and be able to live with myself. Shes been with me for two years here, and it can be her time to go home.' The Warrior thinks to himself as he gazes into horrific scenes of what could be Mona's death.

"OI Hey, ole comin!" Shouts Mona from inside the TARDIS.

The Warrior shutters to even think about it. He pops back into reality at Mona's call.

"Oh for heavens sake cant an old man get a minute to think?!" The Warrior shouts back at Mona.

"Took you long enough Gramps!" Mona chuckles. "Hey, i thought you said you werent that old?" Mona inquires to the Warrior as he rounds the Console.

"Well, now im Only four hundred five...I do believe...maybe...well...its in the Ballpark!" Laughs the Warrior, as Mona chuckles at him.

"...Mona..." The Warrior looks at her as he closes the Doors of the TARDIS from the console. "How about we take a little bit of time for a... mini holiday of sorts. We can go to see your family. They are On Morellium V i do believe." The Warrior attempts to remember her home planet as he asks her about it.

"I mean that actually would be nice. I havent seen Mom and Pop in a bit, Well a very long time. I dont think we have the time gramps. We have to return in time for to brief us...right ?" Mona sits on the raggedy old couch connected to the railing.

"Well my dear, im not sure if you are just blonde really under that fire engine red hair, or if you just have forgotten that your SITTING IN A TIME MACHINE!" The Warrior shouts to add emphasis to his point. He then smiles to let Mona know he's just teasing. The Warrior walks over to plot coordinates for Morellium V.

"Hey now you old bucket of dust..." Mona stands up and then puts her hands on her hips. The Warrior looks over at her, actually believing in his mind that she had seen right through his facade. She then walks over to him and kisses him on the cheek, like a grand child would kiss there grand father.

"Thanks ole timer." Says Mona as she walks off to corridor of the TARDIS. "Im going to go change into something from my planet. Back in a jiff." Her voice trails as she walks down the corridor to her room.

'Well then old boy...' The Warrior thinks to himself as he is pulling levers and pushing buttons. "... What a relief. Thought she had me for sure. I suppose she wouldnt be happy about the ulterior motives i have here , but its for the best Doctor...' The Warriors jaw drops at his own thought. He hadn't referred to himself as the Doctor in quite some time. For just a second he did feel like his old self again. He wasnt covered in blood, or shooting at a Dalek, or watching fellow soldiers perish in the fires of this chaos called war. For a moment...inside of him at least...there was peace.

Unfourtanatley the moment passed just as everything does. He began to think about what he and Mona were going after. Joining that Lieutennant to Skaro, wouldnt be fun at all. He was going to have to add to more Destruction to the pot. Killing Daleks, and creating violence. Good cause or not ,he didnt like it.

"Now Now...lets see. "He says to himself. "Which town was she from...hmmmmmmmm...ah, yes..." He pushes in Coordinates for her her home town to come up on the scope. "...yes yes, oh you are a talented one arent you there John Smith...well now it has been to long since ive seen Leowve I remember visiting there, ever so many years ago. i believe i was with Jamie. I miss Jamie, he was quite the character." The Warrior smiles as he scans for a place to land that isnt in the middle of the busy city.

The Warriors scan picks up life forms, but not as many as there should be. Then another sort of life forms show up on the screen. The radiation signature has spiked into the highest percentiles since he wa last here. even in that amount of time, it wouldnt make any sense. With the combination of high radiation overflow, loss of life, and the all to familiar signature of the unknown life forms, there was only one answer.

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