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A Magic Trick

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Post TAC (AU). Artemis has a worsening condition which is surprisingly a normal sickness for humans and not something fairy related nor grandeur. But that isn't just where his troubles lie yet agai...

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Fowl Manor, Dublin, Ireland, Now

"Take cover! Take cover!" shouted Holly Short as she swerved to her right, a DNA cannon blast nearly blowing her to bits.

Retreating hastily from the proximity of the manor, the LEP officers scanned the surrounding area. They kept a lengthy distance and shifted nervously in mid-air. One of the officers' scanners dinged and he held it up to the Major's direction, indicating the device.

"DNA Cannons, identified. Quite a large a number – partially surrounding the whole place, and a blast area within a five mile radius."

The Major gnashed her teeth, "Koboi… I should've guessed she was out for revenge."

She looked at her own scanner and mentally calculated how much fire power would take down an army of DNA cannons. The diminutive elf tried in vain to think of a fool-proof strategy, but most of her plans were either too risky or too slow. Time didn't seem to cooperate with them at the moment so she hoped to Frond that Foaly's offline network worked. Whispering low on her throat mike, Holly gave a silent prayer that the technical wiz was on the receiving end. The visuals on her helmet spurred to life, and a hazy screen filled her view of the centaur. She almost sighed in relief but the hard part hadn't even started yet. The Major cleared her throat.

"Ah, Holly, the connection isn't stable. Lock-down is in T-minus forty-two minutes, and we could only send messages through e-mails -" said the technical genius without looking up.

"Opal Koboi is at Fowl Manor and we've got our hands full with some blasted DNA Cannons – an armada of them."

Foaly neighed in surprise, a shrill shriek of static that made the elf's ears ring. He gaped like a fish and kept opening and closing his jaw before nodding like a lost child in a mall. Holly didn't even try to give her friend a funny look – she was too high on nerves to acknowledge his comical episode. She waited as the familiar click-clacking of Foaly's keyboard filled the background silence. A minute passed and her palms began to sweat, her mismatched eyes darting back and fort from Fowl Manor and her group of LEP officers. Holly didn't want to know what was possibly happening inside the stone walls – she could only hope Butler and Artemis could handle a few moments without fairy help.

They're fine - fine, she coaxed herself. If Boy Wonder isn't actually half-dead right now, the Major added. She cringed at the thought.

Foaly was done before the elf could ask him and he showed a layout to Holly's helmet, explaining subtly how DNA Cannons worked. At this, the Major only rolled her eyes but didn't bother interrupting him. The centaur continued to ramble about certain weak spots the cannons have and advised her not to use laser beams in disarming them.

"I've downloaded the data from your scanners and it's safe to assume that Koboi didn't bother to modify her latest version. It is quite a pain to shoot each of those pesky cannons without getting burnt to a crisp yourself, so to say…"

The Major gave a shove-it-and-get-on-with-the-important-stuff look at the centaur. He gave an indignant snort in return but complied.

"You just have to use the critters to locate the weak spot that I'm programming right now on all of your officers. You should use some of the weapons I sent there – there's a special type of device specially made for emergencies like this. They look like Mud Man handguns, minus the barbaric design, though they have the same effect with buzz batons. These babies shoot micro electric-wires that wraps around the object and can electrify it to a thousand volts," he finished with a smug look.

Again, the elf rolled her eyes but also equally impressed. A small tug on her lower lip was the only response she could muster for her friend. Though Holly would never admit it personally to the centaur, she was always thankful Foaly always had her back.

"Thanks a lot Pony Boy, Artemis owes you a whole mountain of carrots and I, a bottle of nettle juice."

The technical genius grinned despite the situation. "I knew there were advantages being friends with the Mud Boy. Good luck, Holls."

He saluted lamely before dissolving in static and leaving an exasperated elf on the other line.

LEP Headquarters, Ops Booth

The technical wiz almost fell out of his chair a second time after he ended the line with Holly. He didn't know what to feel – being tricked by Opal Koboi twice. The thought was very funny indeed, if he wasn't Foaly – the LEP's technical genius. Another round of random thoughts bombarded his mind space.

The world is in danger, Kelp is going to have my hooves on a body bag, I can't believe that megalomaniac tricked me again! And, Artemis really has a knack for bad luck.

He shook his head to clear the cobwebs from his thoughts and reluctantly dialed the Commander's communicator. Commander Kelp was presently patrolling and making sure everything was in order since most of the LEP was aboveground. The Lock-down was fast approaching and Foaly was going crazy. The communicator on his hand buzzed and the unmistakable voice of Trouble Kelp could be heard on the line. He gulped, not at all ready to deliver the message. He hoped his booth was an indestructible fortress against a very enraged LEP Commander.

Fowl Manor, Time-Stop in Progress

Past Opal Koboi wasted no time setting up the Time-field portal that would allow her access to the normal flow of time outside the time-stop barrier. She was careful where to set the coordinates of the portal, choosing the most secluded part of the manor and the closest to Artemis' room. After a successful ten minute configuration, she turned her attention to her twin.

Future Opal glanced at her direction, sensing her thoughts. She smiled knowingly and hefted the black smooth form of the InfiniBox like a prize. For some reason, it was.

"I trust everything is in place?" the human pixie purred.

Her past self flicked a dark strand of hair from her beautiful face, "Quite - all we need are distractions to complicate those half-brained LEP officers."

This time, Future Opal's lips curved upward – catlike. She eyed the shadowy shapes of the Brill Brothers. The pixie twins have been useful to her for some time now, and the three of them were always a team ever since she built Koboi Laboratories. But for greater things to accomplish, sometimes lesser sacrifices were needed. Merval and Descant were the perfect candidates. Anyway, she had herself for a partner now – something she could never had hoped for.

Past Opal knew what her future self was planning, she caught her eye for a moment then a tug on her lips also rose. They were in synced – how perfect. The Brill twins were cowards for a fact and they might cower from the two Koboi's power, but they would never have the nerves to become live bait for them. Or so they thought.

She called for them, "You two, I have orders for you."

Merv and Scant Brill didn't miss a beat as they strode quickly to their Mistresses. They bowed deeply, visibly avoiding eye contact since Opal Koboi always complained about it. The older twin was startled when Past Opal lifted a hand to touch his shoulder. The other hand cupped the side of his face, forcibly turning it to look at her. Immediately, Merv's tensed body relaxed and his eyes unfocused, making a blank look. Once Scant was aware of the movement, he also took a look at his Mistress' eyes and joined his brother in a trance.

Lovely idiotic worms, thought Past Opal cheerfully.

In a heavy laden voice full of mesmer, she commanded, "You two will join me outside the time-stop and guard my safety until I reach the building. When a squad of LEP officers nears this location, you will act as bait. Understood?"

A dead chorus of 'Yes, Mistress' sounded from the pixie twins. Now, they don't have to beg for mercy – she'll be giving them a swift one.

"It would be enjoyable to play with the Mud Whelp like this," sighed Future Opal.

Her past self held a twinkle in her eyes with the suggestion. "Don't worry - I have plans for that to happen soon."

And with those parting words, Past Opal turned on her heels, the Brill Brothers trudging to follow her. Future Opal graced herself with a contented giggle and also made her way to enter the Fowls' home.


The female pixie ducked into the shadows of the stone walls of the manor. She levitated a foot above the ground, making a fast pace towards her target. The other two pixies walked slowly behind their Mistress with their blank stares and carried human pistols. Past Opal hovered outside the darkest corner of the building and searched for a nearby window. A glint caught her eye and she noticed a partially opened stained glass window on the far right corner. The pixie drifted towards it and widened the gap.

Meanwhile, Mervall and Descant walked away from the building and into the gates of Fowl Manor. They set up Mud Man technology based firearms such as grenades and lead bullets. The Kobois knew human firearms were trickier to heal than Neutrinos. And while the brothers were under Past Opal's heavy mesmer, they won't stop until they wouldn't be able to lift a limb during the attack.

"Hmmm," murmured the pixie as she climbed down into the room. Two Mud Children were asleep on beds and the Mud Maid named Juliet Butler was face down beside one of the two boys.

She merely passed them by as she strutted her way out of the room. Being on the second floor of the house, Opal located the staircase leading to an archway of the third floor - where Artemis' room was directly facing it. Slowly, she put her right foot forward, then the left. As she relished the climb on the flight of stairs, she also took in how majestic Fowl Manor was even for a Mud Man dwelling. Pity it wouldn't be for such a time, she smirked at the thought.

From her earlier experience during the time she possessed the Irish boy's mother, it was inexplicably easy to control anyone afterward. Though she might enjoy controlling the Mud Boy while his consciousness was present delightful, she couldn't risk their plans escaping her own brilliant pixie head. Past Opal will have to be content on using the mesmer on the genius instead.

The tips of her sensitive fairy ears twitched, sensing loud vibrations all around the manor. It was no doubt the LEP were already battling their way in.

"No time to dawdle, then," she muttered under her breath.


"I can't deny the Mud Worm has some taste with decorations," harrumphed Future Opal Koboi as she took in the overly lavish hallways and rooms.

Everything seemed to be gleaming or twinkling like gems, the old oak tables and doors adding regality to the atmosphere. Somehow, Opal felt smug to personally have a hand ruining the whole estate. She gave her attention to the waiting InfiniBox on her palm. It felt cool and smooth, but mostly powerful and evil. The human pixie had to give her warmest thanks to the Brill twins for giving her a reunion with her beloved Koboi tech. If they survived the ordeal, that is.

The small onyx box looked as innocent as how sinister the contents were. Future Opal tapped the pass code and gently dropped it on the space in front of her. The InfiniBox grew in size like computer pixels and Opal reached into it, her hand visibly disappearing through the black void. She keyed in a command and the contents of her choice appeared on her outstretched hand inside the box.

A smooth white sphere, the size of a bowling ball was what the human pixie took out of the InfiniBox. She clicked on the button at its top and the front side of the white sphere opened. Inside, fifty nanobots that looked like black widows were incased. She caressed each crystal case with the tips of her fingers and fashioned a remote control out of the sphere.

"I wonder if the blasted centaur would be impressed. Frankly, I started the idea and he copied it backwards."


Artemis Fowl II opened his bleary and tired eyes, and surprisingly felt a tiny weight coming from the side of his bed. Initially, he thought it was his best friend, Major Holly Short who came back from wherever she ran to after their verbal fight. The genius was about to open his mouth and make a witty comment when he noticed something was different. First of all, he could only see a black blur of hair and porcelain skin. The room was inhumanely quiet for two occupants inside the room. And knowing his mother, Angeline Fowl would've insisted Butler to stay by her son's side until morning. Then a thought so fast struck like lighting made his head feel woozy. Butler! Where is Butler? The Irish boy couldn't feel any other presence except for the stranger on his bed and his own strained shallow breathing. Artemis knew who this adversary was.

"Why, it's plainly rude to admit yourself in my room, Opal," he said coolly.

The pixie's blurry form became focused as he gazed directly on her face. She was an enticingly dangerous beautiful woman and her bloody smile made him break in cold sweat. He kept his eyes trained on her lips, never making any accidental eye contact. Past Opal noticed this.

"For an awfully sick Mud Boy, you're surprisingly attentive," she purred. "But whatever plan forming inside that head of yours would be completely useless. After all, no one's here to save you now, Fowl."

Artemis gritted his teeth. He knew she must've done something to his family and the Butlers, probably immobilizing them to help him. "You will never get away with this, Koboi."

"Oh how cliché, do you know the entire manor is in a time-stop field?"

That bit made the genius gulp nervously. He felt the whole room vibrate and tremble. Holly must be outside trying to get in whatever barricade the evil pixie put up.

"Ah, of course you don't – silly me. Hoping for a rescue?" she chided.

"Stop saying random things, pixie and tell me what you want," Artemis hissed.

Her hand was like a whip as it landed on his left cheek. His skin burned with the slap and his head jerked sideways with the force. Artemis couldn't help his eyes widen at the surprise.

Opal's face reddened and she yelled at the top of her lungs, "You do not give orders to me, Worm! I will only tell you what I want to tell and ask what I want to ask!"

The genius faced her and glared icily, his hazel and blue-black eyes gleamed like hard stones. He very badly wanted to curse the megalomaniac, but he couldn't lose composure at a time like this. The pixie continued to talk.

"We want revenge, Fowl. A very painful one. I think you'd like to hear that your family and fairy friends would be safe – even the entire world, but not you or this delicious mansion," she cackled.

"If you think you're leaving this room, you are very wrong."

He hoped his bluff was effective. He might have been caught off-guard with Past Opal's appearance, but he installed paralyzing gas inside his room. He always had a gas mask under one of his feather pillows. Unfortunately, the pixie brushed off his threat like a little child saying he wants to become the president.

"Oh but you're wrong, Fowl. I won't be leaving this room under any circumstance. Especially not with you."

Before the last words left her lips, she lunged on the pale boy and grabbed his neck. She pinned him down with incredible force – a result from the animal experiments she concocted on herself. Past Opal squeezed until Artemis was helplessly flailing his thin arms and legs under the pixie's weight. Gray blotches danced around his vision and thinking he was about to pass out, Opal's smirking face filled the blurry space. With her other free hand, she swept Artemis' raven hair from his eyes and gazed at him. Artemis couldn't help but also look into her eyes. The last thing he remembered before going in a daze was the thundering footsteps coming from outside of his room and the swooshing sound of his door opening.

"Artemis Fowl, you will answer only to Opal Koboi."

I can't say no to that wonderfully beautiful voice, he thought.

"Yes… "
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