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A Storm is Coming

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Post TAC (AU). Artemis has a worsening condition which is surprisingly a normal sickness for humans and not something fairy related nor grandeur. But that isn't just where his troubles lie yet agai...

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Lower Elements Police, Haven City

A fuming Commander Trouble Kelp sat idly in front one of Foaly's plasma computers, never uttering a single word. Lock-down was in T-minus thirty-one minutes and counting, but the centaur felt like he wasn't safe at all. A few minutes ago after he called, the Commander came banging on his ops booth and flashing a very dark grin. The technical genius thought it wasn't funny, and mumbled an apology in hopes Trouble won't butcher him after all.

"'Sorry?' A 'sorry' won't cut it!" Kelp said through gritted teeth. "Koboi is loose and a great number of our men are out there on a wild goose chase. Before any of them gets to Fowl Manor, it would be too late. I can't believe you let her trick you twice. D'arvit, centaur!"

The technical genius couldn't even form coherent speech and spluttered before Commander Kelp waved his words away. He rubbed his face in exasperation and sighed heavily, slouching on a nearby console. His tired eyes roamed the countless plasma computers and asked questions like nothing happened. So, they spent the last twenty minutes communicating with the LEP groups around Iceland and directing them all to Fowl Manor.

"Poor Artemis," whispered Foaly to himself.

Trouble's elfin ears caught it and he scowled. "Fowl is anything but poor. If something happens to him, it's because he did things to deserve it."

The Commander's words were full of spite – that much appealed to the centaur. Foaly eyed him before returning to the task at hand. Trouble's got issues, he thought knowingly.

Fowl Manor, Dublin, Ireland, Normal Time

"I need an officer for every three cannons. We have to storm the manor simultaneously, so wait for my signal before pulling the trigger."

"Affirmative," saluted the group to Holly.

"All right!"

Major Short stretched her right arm forward, palm to the side – indicating for the squad of LEP officers to Fowl Manor. She watched as each of her officers hovered a few meters before the five feet radius of the DNA cannons' blast area. The air was heavy and chilling – the signs of a heavy downpour. It seemed even the weather knew the dangers of the situation and it came down to warn them. Overhead, the rumbles of banging drums and bursts of light were the only signs that a storm was coming. It was going to be hard seeing things in front of their eyes when the rain begins. Holly knew Artemis wasn't safe but at least, she could hope he was still alive.

All the men seemed to be ready and were all waiting for her signal. The Major made her way towards the front of Fowl Manor's gates and planted herself between three DNA cannons. She aimed her Electrino – the group thought it was an appropriate nickname, on the second cannon.

"Ready… " She whispered, knowing the LEP officers were on stand-by. "Aim, Fire!"

Their weapons gave a loud hiss as the electric wires found their targets. A teardrop from the sky found its way on Holly's cheek and she wiped it with the back of her hand. The officers gave a soft cheer as each of the DNA cannons self-destruct and the rain began to fall. The lightning and thunder were telling her everything was about to get worse.


The squad regrouped where the elf was currently standing – in front of the mansion's gigantic gates. She mentally counted each officer as they landed next to her. Their expressions were hard, yet they all knew they had a small victory entering the premises. Her group of LEP officers was soaked and some were visibly shivering now and then. Nevertheless, Major Holly Short knew they were ready to confront Koboi.

She led them to the walkway and gingerly pushed the gate. The Major was surprised it was unlocked – very odd for Butler to leave it open, but she couldn't blame the big guy especially with the current circumstances. It was her first time in many years to enter Fowl Manor through the main door; she always seemed to visit Artemis through his bedroom window. And the genius never complained about it really. Thinking about the pale boy right now seemed to be a bad idea, since she didn't notice the presence of two pixies, both armed to the bone with Mud Man guns.

An officer was warning her when a bullet ricocheted to her direction. Holly swerved to her left but she was a beat too late and the metal ball embedded itself on her right shoulder. The diminutive elf cried in pain and let out a burst of Neutrino blast at the assailant. The pixie moved slowly but he managed to duck out of the way, only nicking a lock of hair in the process. The second pixie, who Holly realized was Descant Brill, threw hand grenades at them.

"Take cover!" The Major yelled for the second time that night at the top of her lungs, ignoring the burning pain in her shoulder.

She rolled her way to a thicket of bushes and stones, and lay flat on the ground. Blue sparks arched around the open wound but it refused to heal completely. Holly had to take the bullet out before it healed the flesh and closed around it completely. She was about to prod the wound when a burst of rocks and soil showered on top of her hiding place.

The Manor's grounds were in chaos as LEP officers and bullets danced in the night. Some were shot, some managed to destroy the firearms. But she could tell their only enemies were the Brill brothers and no Opal Koboi in sight. Holly grunted as she forced her legs fold underneath her body and crouched cautiously towards the firefight. She had to disarm the twins, they were meant as leverage for distraction and she couldn't let Koboi do anything to the genius inside the manor.

Even with the blood seeping out and soaking her shimmer suit, the elf continued to pray for Artemis.

"Please be safe."


Dark clouds rolled in rage and lightning struck like the wrath Holly felt. The winds were unbearable and rain poured mercilessly. They finally managed to capture the Brill twins and found that they were both mesmerized – undoubtedly by their Mistress. It was so cold and the whipping leaves and branches made a horrid picture outside. The elf's stomach clenched in uneasiness as she lead the way to Fowl Manor's entrance and stepped into the grand living room. Her gaze immediately went for the staircase where it led to Angeline and Artemis Sr.'s rooms, and Myles and Beckett's.

Usually, it took minutes for Holly to reach the top in normal situations, but she zoomed so fast that she landed on its hallway in a matter of seconds. Ten officers followed her lead and checked every room for its occupants. The Major didn't even bat an eye as they passed the Mud Boy's parents or his brothers and even Juliet. Her only concern was locating Artemis.

They neared another corner that led to the second staircase, and the diminutive elf felt herself launching to thin air and landing soundlessly on the lush carpet of the third floor. The genius' room was ten steps away but Holly couldn't move an inch now that she was facing Artemis' door. Her heart pounded like a hammer and it took all her self-control to stop herself from crumbling right then and there.

A captain tapped her shoulder and she jerked at the touch. He nodded towards the door and seemed to ask Holly permission. She blinked.

"Major, we're waiting for your orders," said the captain.

"Uh, right, okay."

Holly wordlessly stomped towards the genius' room, feeling dread bursting underneath her skin. She clamped her hand on the door's handle, the cold steel burning like a furnace. Without a second thought, she pushed the door open with a loud swooshing sound and gasped. Her head felt light and her knees threatened to weaken. The hairs on the back of her head stood on end.

The elf found Artemis standing, his pale skin bathed in silver moonlight and his mismatched irises jagged and glazed. The most unnerving thing was his smile – it was crooked and humorless. He looked so much like a broken doll, Holly thought it was a nightmare - until he spoke.

"We have guests, Mistress." Artemis' voice carried inside the room. Its timbres were placid and cool sending shivers to the group of officers. He never wiped the smile off his face and it made the Major more unnerved than ever. The dulling pain in her right shoulder was the only thing that kept her rooted to reality. She scanned the whole room for any danger but the only thing she found was another form behind the genius. She didn't have to guess. It was Opal Koboi in pixie form.

"Why, hello dear guests," chirped Past Opal Koboi as she materialized on top of the Mud Boy's bed. The pixie smiled like a predator and stared sweetly at Artemis. She reached upward and ruffled Artemis' hair like a child's and grinned at Holly's direction. "Like what I did to this incorrigible boy, Short?"

"Release Artemis or we will use all means to stop you. This is your only warning," the Major spat back.

Past Opal was clearly amused. She hooked her tiny arm with the Mud Boy's and pretended to think. Her dark brown eyes flashed and the madness was there for all to see.

"How about… " she started softly. "Never!"

The shrillness of her voice pierced Holly's sensitive elfin ears and she flinched. She knew it was a hopeless situation but she was a trained LEP officer, she can make negotiations under heavy pressure. She tried her luck.

"What do you want Opal? Why have you come here?" Holly knew the answer but asked anyway.

Opal studied her nails for a minute and whispered in Artemis' ear. The genius seemed to comply with whatever the pixie was telling him so the Major decided to play the game warily. He sat on his bed, directly in front of the group of LEP officers. Holly almost cried in surprise as the evil pixie sat on his lap and snuggled on his chest. Her eyes fluttered closed and opened them in slits. Past Opal looked at them under her lashes.

It took all of Major Short's self-control from doing anything rash and stupid. She breathed deeply – Holly wouldn't let the pixie watch her frustrated.

"Hmm. This is most comfortable. Don't you think so, Aaarty?" she drawled the last word.

The Mud Boy, with his unnerving smile answered, "Truly, the most."

The pixie giggled like a little girl and the elf cleared her throat. Opal glared daggers at her but she didn't say anything afterwards. Holly repeated her question.

Past Opal laughed wickedly. "Revenge, Worm," She paused and tugged hard on Artemis' head that some strands of raven hair came loose from her grip. The pixie looked at the boy and slapped him once again - red hand marks swelled on his other cheek. "-is the sweetest thing."

Still, the pale boy smiled and looked at Opal like she was everything in the world. Holly's grip finally found her Neutrino 3000 holstered at the side of her hip and she was soothed by its presence. She had to distract Opal somehow, she had to save Artemis.

"Opal, if you surrender right now, the LEP is willing to give you a chance behind bars and nothing else."

The beautiful pixie smirked. "I know what you're planning, Short. But it's all in vain. You have lost already and I'm here to give the bitter taste of defeat!"

Ignoring the steely hard gazes of the LEP officers, Past Opal slung her arms around Artemis' neck and looked at Holly. The Major's Neutrino was in her outstretched hand and aimed it at the pixie's direction. Her body felt on fire and hatred contained her whole being. If I have to shoot Artemis to get through Opal, then so be it.

Holly cocked the gun and carefully aimed it at Artemis' knee. Before she could've shot the Mud Boy, Opal released her hold on him and he stumbled backward, his body limping.

"H-Holly?" he rasped through pained breathing.

The elf faltered and it was all what the pixie was waiting for. Past Opal let out a burst of energy that blasted the officers a few feet, their bodies connecting solidly on the walls. They were instantly disarmed – their Neutrinos and other weapons came flying out of their reach. Holly's ears were ringing and she struggled to sit up but it was no use. Some of the officers were unconscious and some were groaning, still, all of them were in one piece. The elf tried to crawl on a nearby discarded Neutrino. With a trembling hand, she reached out and closed her fingers around the weapon.

"Arrgh!" cried Holly as Past Opal's heeled foot came crashing down on her hand.

Using her telekinetic powers, the pixie flicked her hand on the Major's form and the elf was suspended in mid-air. Opal clicked her tongue. "You've always been an annoying insect Holly Short. I would looove to mess your pretty little face and watch you cry but I have pressing matters to do first," she pouted. Glancing down on the Neutrino, she picked it up and sighed, "Bye-bye, pretty little insect."

"Sto-o-o-p!" Artemis hurled himself on Opal but before he could touch a part of her, he was thrown off on his side. He stood again on shaky legs and blurry eyes but the genius was determined to fight Koboi. It was a very stupid thing to do for a mastermind yet he couldn't let his friends get hurt. He was looking for a concealed weapon in his room when his body became rigid and the only thing he could do was blink his eyes.

"This is priceless!" Koboi giggled. "You really are quite entertaining, Fowl. To be fair, I'll give you a chance to choose, and you will make your choice now."

Artemis didn't reply – the noise of dripping rain and rolling thunder filled the room. The pixie frowned at him and at the elf. "Do you not care what happens to yourself or to this pathetic fairy?" she scowled.

In return, the genius only closed his eyes. Past Opal realized he couldn't talk and sheepishly grinned, "My bad. Now, Choose. Fight and this elf will die," her other hand held up the Neutrino with the highest setting on Holly's heart. "Come with me and she will live."

Artemis felt Holly's eyes on him and she was pleading – pleading to save himself. He tore his gaze away from the elf and blinked at the pixie, knowing he had to choose eventually. His body sagged to the floor and his chest tightened uncomfortably. Artemis tried to gain a steady breathing but it felt like the air inside the room was too thick to breathe in. He couldn't keep himself from trembling.

The Major was no longer stranded in mid-air and she also crumpled to the floor like a sack of dough. Her head jerked upwards, watching Past Opal Koboi approach the genius. If looks could kill, Holly would've done it on the pixie a hundred times already. She tried to form words but they were garbled, "Do-ont. Ar- Artemirgh!"

The pale boy felt the pixie's shadow in front of him but he didn't look up. His mouth was in a tight line as he waited for Opal to do something. The shadow moved and he found Koboi looking at him, her hand tucked on his chin and lifting his head upward. She smiled cruelly and said," What is your answer?"

Artemis looked one last time at Holly and whispered, "She will live."

The tears on the elf's eyes flowed like a river. She couldn't believe it - the Mud Boy just offered his life so easily to the megalomaniac. It was more heartbreaking to know that Artemis did it for her sake but she still couldn't understand why. Why? Why, Artemis? Why are you so stupid? How could she be more important than his family and himself? Holly screamed at Artemis with all her strength to take his words back but Opal flung her backwards, hitting her head and the world faded to black.

Artemis' Room, Fowl Manor, Hours Later

Holly's last memories before waking up on the cold plush carpet was Past Opal's bloody smile and a single tear rolling down from Artemis' hazel eye. Her head pounded with a splitting headache and her ears buzzed that she couldn't hear a thing. Thankfully, the Major's eyes were clear enough to scan her surroundings and found many of her men waking up and healing the injured. Before any of them could fully get up, a familiar voice came booming through Artemis' room. It was Butler, and his eyes were searching the room for his charge. He looked ready to spill some blood if no one would tell him where Artemis was.

"He's gone," said the elf so softly, she didn't know if the manservant heard her or not. Hot tears threatened to fall again but she held them in and her lip quivered.

The giant Eurasian took in the Major's appearance and his look softened a bit. He supported the elf with one arm until Holly could stand on her own. She didn't look Butler in the eye and she limped away while talking. "It was Koboi – she escaped and came for revenge."

"I know, Artemis informed me last night and I was updating the Fowl's security before I was knocked out," the bodyguard gritted his teeth and palmed at his Sig Sauer. "I should've been here protecting him instead!"

Holly gave him a pained expression. She shook her head slowly. "If it's someone's fault big guy, it would be mine."

Their conversation was disturbed by a rush of wind and the numerous heat shimmers in the air. The last numbers of the Lower Elements Police materialized inside the genius' bedroom. A few Majors questioned Holly with what happened and where Koboi could have gone. She didn't have an answer to give them, and their only hope locating the evil twins were gone – abducted by Opal Koboi. The group made a search for hidden weapons inside the room but only discovered human ones. The Major reported all of this to Foaly and the centaur said that the Commander would like them to ask assistance with the Mud Man giant. Their only other sliver of hope was Artemis' bodyguard and the search was for the megalomaniacs were continued all around Europe.

Holly hung her head after passing the orders to her men and Butler ushered her to eat and sleep. It was impossible to think of sleep after what happened but sooner or later, her body would give up. She knew what she had to do before anything else – the elf has to explain the situation to Artemis' family. If there was no chance of ever locating Artemis, Holly had to at least give the genius some credit and let his parents and brothers know what had had happened for the past six years.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Butler uncertainly as he guided the elf to the Fowls' dining room.

Holly nodded. She couldn't think of anything else that would justify Artemis' actions and what happened that night. It was time for the truth. Looking at the intricately designed wooden table, she knew everything normal about the humans' life was about to change. She and Butler were standing at the entrance but no one noticed her. She cleared her throat rather loudly and said in a strong urgent voice,

"I'm a friend of Artemis' and my name is Holly Short. Your son is in danger."

A chair clanging down the floor was the only response before the elf covered her sensitive ears and squeezed her eyes shut.
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