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date with ty lee chapter 2

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Right but what am I going to wear said ty lee

Category: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Published: 2014-12-28 - 307 words - Complete

(Hi people this is naskie speaking please review the story guys). T. Date with ty lee chapter 2. Right but what am I going to wear asked ty lee. I know mei go buy this dress for ty lee and a pink one got that said azula. Great now am ty lee's survant said mei know pissed. Ty lee let's go to the spa said azula. Now ty lee ask aang everything about said azula. Why asked ty lee confussed. My brother thinks his the avatar said azula. Wait what does this mean you are using me just to get information on aang ty lee said in anger. Yeah why else would I set you two up are you going to fight me said azula in her serious mood. No said ty lee still in disbelife she thougt azula cared about her. (With aang) aang was driving his father car as he whent to fetch ty lee he walked towards the door as he knocked 2 times. Ty lee showed up at the door and said hi aang ready to go she asked. Ah ah wow you look beautyful said aang. Thanks said ty lee as they heareded to their destination. Aang do you mind if I ask you a qustion asked ty lee. Ask me anything aang said as they reached the sushi shop. They sat down and orderd. Are you the avatar ty lee asked. No am not aang said a little scared they almost caught him. Okay ty lee said after there dinner aang drove ty lee to her house. Still I can't belive you live here alone said aang. Well sometimes mei and azula come sleep here said ty lee. They looked in each other us and aang gave her a hug see you at school said aang as he left. Bye said ty lee.
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