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Meeting the President

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Promoted to the Federal level, our heroines meet President Bill Clinton – a politician with a pointy-eared secret.

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Oh beautiful for Pilgrim's feet!
Whose stern impassioned stress!
A thoroughfare for freedom's beat!
Across the wilderness!
America, America! God mend thine every flaw!
Confirm thy souls in self control!
Thy liberty in law!

July 21st 2000

It had been two years of working in the Dallas Auror Department alongside my best friend, Sabrina.

Few things happened of note.

The Dark Bumpkin petitioned the AMA to grant him political asylum, after his armies were spectacularly destroyed by the goblins when his lieutenant had the audacity to challenge the goblin nation.

Needless to say, he received it. Americans don't discriminate, even against snake-faced freaks like him! The Goblin King offered clemency to Snake-face as long as he disposed of his lieutenant, which he did; so the AMA had no reason to deny the application. It would have been different had he broken the law on American soil, but he hasn't!

The old Bumpkin wanted me to hunt down Tom and finish him. To his request, I replied that I would only do so if I had a warrant for his capture. I reckon he wasn't too happy with that answer.

Sabrina and I got promoted. Today, we will be leaving the Dallas Auror Department and entering the federal level as agents licenced by the AMA!

Sabrina and I held hands nervously as we entered the AMA base in Houston. We got directions at the front desk.

We strode purposefully down a phantom hallway into a room where the president of the AMA was waiting. We were shocked, to say the least. We were expecting a high up official, but not that high up!

“Mr President, what an honor,” Sabrina said, being the first to recover from the shock.

“The honor is mine, young witches. Please call me William.” If you haven't guessed, at this time the presidents of the USA and AMA were the same guy (wizard as the case may be), so picture Bill Clinton meeting with the gym leader of Saffron city and a female Harry Potter.

“Now to business,”said William, “I usually do this by Skype, but since I'm here: by the power invested in me by the people of the United States of America, both magical and mundane, I promote Jamie Jackson Potter, and Sabrina Beck to the status of full federal agent, so mote it be. Now repeat after me. I, (your name), swear on my magic and life to uphold and enforce the entirety of the US constitution and any law that is passed in compliance with said constitution. So mote it be!”

Sabrina went first:
“I, Sabrina Malone Beck, swear on my magic and life to uphold and enforce the US constitution and any law that is passed in compliance with said constitution. So mote it be.” A red light flashed.

I went next:
“I, Jamie Lily Jackson Potter hereby swear on my life and magic to uphold and enforce the entirety of the US constitution as well as any law that is passed in compliance with said constitution. So mote it be.” A blue light flashed.

William reached into his suit jacket and pulled out two vinyl cards. He passed one to Sabrina and the other to me.

They were blank at first but as soon as we touched them, they started glowing. Once the glowing receded, it revealed a standard identification card with our credentials as federal agents.

“Now, to the reason why I am here,” William continued, “It has come to my attention that one Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is planting spies in my government due to a rather unhealthy obsession with Agent Jackson-Potter. Now we are going to use this obsession to gather intell on the man. Your first assignment is to challenge him to a friendly duel In order to gauge just how much of a threat the man is power-wise. This mission is so valuable that I am going to be taging along in disguise, or rather, I am going to take off the glamour that I have been wearing ever since I could cast one. You never know when your true appearance can be your best disguise.”

With this, William snapped his fingers. His real appearance was similar to Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Yes, the president of all America was a high elf. Sabrina and I gasped in awe. He was gorgeous!

Sabrina and I instantly knew that we would keep his secret to our graves for merely the opportunity to work with this wonderous creature in his true form.

Once Sabrina, William, and I left the AMA building via a secret exit, William handed me a set of keys.

“These are to an enchanted SUV provided by the AMA," he explained.

I clicked the button, and the lights to a Ford Explorer Sport flashed twice.

We disembarked.

[*Edit: I decided to lighten up on the crack of this chapter. While Sabrina and Jamie are still going to want to hang around him, they aren't going to be plotting to rape him anytime in the near future.)
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