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Meddling Old Bumpkin!

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Dumbledore has an annoying habit of meddling in affairs that should not be of his concern.

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The first three months of duty as a full Dallas Auror were quite uneventful. Then the peace broke.

It was not broken by the Dark Bumpkin like I would have thought. I mean, the man was originally supposed to challenge me the very day I got my badge.

The peace was broken by guess who? Head Bumpkin Albus Dumbledore.

I'll admit to have been a little reluctant to have a chat with the man after everything, but I agreed.

“Jamie,” he said after offering me a lemon drop, to which I had politely declined, “Britain needs you. Tom has all but taken over the ministry.”

I frowned. “And this should concern me why exactly? I already told Tom that if he wishes to fulfill the prophecy,he'll have to give me home field. According to Severus, Tom, despite having full agreement with my terms four years ago, has found himself reluctant to face me under my terms. I am hardly going to give Tom home field!”

“And so," Dumbledore began, “you would allow the possibility of countless innocent children to grow up orphaned like yourself!”

Oh ho ho ho ho, he did NOT just say that!

“How dare you! How dare you attempted to play on the emotions of a war orphan for the sake of your wretched nation! How dare you bring orphaned children into this. Countless muggle children are being orphaned everyday due to their having Christian parents and living in places like Aphganastan, Pakistan, Iran,Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. Do you know why? It's because the countries are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and Jihad! Magical Britain has barely a fraction of the people it would take to replace the amount of muggle population lost each day when a child's parents are killed by these extremists! I can't save them, so why would I help the only country in the world that the international wizarding community would be better off without? Those are the IFIFC chairman's words, not mine.”

Dumbledore, possibly feeling tired, promptly faded this discussion into small talk between all groups present.

Either that, or he has conceded to my case, which almost NEVER happens.
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