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Chapter Three

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Not the most exciting chapter, but contains information necessary to the plot.

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Okie Dokie, welcome to the third installment of Jamie Potter and the Laws of Magic

You know I go hard at opponents like I'm going to war.
You know I go rough keep it classic start with my Bulbasaur.
You know I leave you burning up yeah you can call me Magmar.
I'll be taking down your Kadabra when I send my Houndour.
Oh Braviary, there I go again, flying back to you.
Now I'm getting into your head like a Mewtwo.
My moves super effective one hit KO you.
Now I got you under my spell like a Hypno.
Better say your prayers baby don't you cry, but your Magikarp has only one more fight.
And I got you so scared of my Arcanine, but I'll only stay with you one more fight.
I tried to tell you no, but you challenged me when I crossed your path.
That was your mistake, now you're gonna suffer my Poliwrath.
You'll be waking up having nightmares about my Dragonite.
You'll be waking up burned, poisoned, confused, frozen, paralyzed.

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns Harry Potter, I am not her. Nintendo and Gamefreak own whatever stuff I may decide to borrow from Pokemon, I represent neither company. NateWantsToBattle owns One More Fight (Pokemon Parody of One More Night, which is owned by Maroon 5), I am not him, nor do I represent him.

I am simply playing in their proverbial sandbox.

So let chapter three commence:

3:40 A.M
As I get ready for my first patrol with Sabrina, let me go on another rant here.

The British are so full of shit! Who in their right mind is as conspicuous as to send their Aurors out in scarlet robes armed with only a wand. Let alone the antiquated foci that British wand makers are forced to produce.

Granted, the British DO allow obliviation of non magicals without their consent, but that brings in a whole other level of wrong. Using mind magic on non magicals, without their consent, is morally despicable, and against the fifth magical addendum to the Constitution of the United States.

Despite this, the average American non magical knows next to nothing of the true nature of magic. Why? Because we're not so damn moronic as to walk around like we never left the nineteenth century. In fact, we're the most advanced magical society on Earth!

As for the British Ministry's regulation on wands, that debate is covered by the non magical portion of the constitution. "As a well-regulated militia is necessary for the protection of a free state, the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Infringed means limited.

So yeah, I'm not too much a fan of the British.

I personally carry seven magical weapons on my person at all times.

The "cigarette lighter" in my purse is actually a mini-wand.

The switch-blade knife in my pocket doubles as a magical focus.

My primary wand, made of Atlantean Crystal, is always strapped to my left wrist in a sheathe imbued with the properties of the cloak of invisibility.

My secondary wand, made of titanium alloy, is always strapped to my right wrist in a similar sheathe.

I carry an enchanted pen that when the cap is removed, it expands to be an M-16 charmed to have infinite ammunition.

I have twin knives charmed to stun or kill (depending on which knife) with the slightest cut to the skin.

At my hip is a rapier with so many charms on it that listing them all would take eons, it was my granddad's.

I own hundreds more where that came from.

Now, to the present. Sabrina and I are dressed in standard Auror uniforms (which for American Aurors, look like regular police uniforms. Also, in addition to our usual weapons, we now each carried a standard issue magical taser, along with a standard issue magical glock.

Now we must head out to relieve two other Aurors of their patrol, as their shift will end and ours will begin.
I drive the patrol car with Sabrina riding shotgun.

We get there, and relieve the senior officer and his apprentice of their patrol.

I'll end it there. It's too early for anything REALLY exciting to happen on their patrol.
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