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Ginger's Follies

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Ginger Hirano has stepped up in the world taking her little sister along for the ride

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Ginger Hirano's eyes were evil slits as she received a letter telling her she now had Isabella's job as leader of troop 46321 and granting her full reign of the girl's to recruit.
Ginger(Cackling) It's about time they understood my full potential now let's see Isabella had six girl's under her so I'll need six teeny, tiny, pre teeny uniform's pronto.
Ginger cackled having no desire to make girl's Fireside Girl's but rather six bully boys that shunned her and embarrassed her at every point of her life turn into six girl's she would have a lifelong bond with.
Deliveryman: Package for the new Troop leader of 46321.
Gretchen(Signing) That's me and boy when they say speedy they mean speedy.
The deliveryman left and Gretchen opened the box to find six teeny, tiny, pre teeny Fireside girl's uniforms berets and bows optional.
Ginger(Giggling) Complete with sashes and one very unlucky bully will be my little sister having to live in my shadow.
Ginger laughed triumphantly seeing her bullies yawning and slowly drifting off to dream land.
Ginger(Putting together six sleepover bags) Gentlemen time to see how the other half lives crush talking, junk food binging, figure worrying genes and all.
Ginger also put her clothes when she was six and a newly acquired Fireside Girl Sash into one of the bags sneering knowing one of the bullies were bound to give in to her.
Ginger(Rubbing her hands together) Troop 46321 we have work to do.
Ginger laughed evilly as each and every one of her bullies were now fully asleep.
Ginger(Putting her uniform on) The great thing is since I'm older than them they'll have to do whatever their leader tells them meaning every Friday is sleepover night.
Ginger skipped off making room in her bedroom for the newest Hirano wo would be sharing a room with her and all her awards.
Ginger(Making a bed) Having a little sister is going to be amazing. She'll take after me and I'll be her role model forever.
Old clothes and stuffed animals decorated Ginger's new sister's closet and bed.
Ginger(Beaming) Hand me down's just like I got from Stacy now I'll get the new clothes and you'll get scuffed up sneakers, frayed skirts and dresses, and patched up T shirts and regular shirts.
Ginger anxious to get Friday Funday as she deemed it started jumped into her bed and closed her eyes airing her fink out allowing it to creep into all of her bullies dream world’s.
Ginger(Beaming) That should cause some damage.
Ginger cackled green smoke flowing from her body and evaporating into six different dream worlds’.
John Ward fell into a weight room which was his greatest dream being a body builder.
John(Running up to some weights) Time for me to have some fun.
Ginger fell into the shadows sneering seeing mini her all in John.
John(Lifting weights) I'd like to see a baddie beat me with these muscles.
Ginger(Aparating a cake) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ginger II ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
The cake had a candle on it in the shape of a number 6 with funfetti on the frosting.
Ginger: Time for this little Glow Worm to make a wish.
Ginger walked into the weight room shaking her butt her fink exploding into the room with John not noticing her.
Ginger(Grabbing the weights John was lifting) Awwwwwwwwwwww how sweet a boy who thinks he's stronger than me in dreams.
John tried to lift the weights but found Ginger was 100 times stronger than him.
John(Struggling) Wha-how-are-you-stronger-here-this-is-my-dream-and-I-control-it.
Ginger(Chuckling) When dreams are all you have you learn how to use them to your advantage.
John: What-do-you-want-with-me?
Ginger(Showing John her letter) Guess who just became a Fireside Girl troop leader? Give up already? Fine I'll tell you it's me.
John(Trying to lift the weights) What-does-that-have-to-do-with-me? Jesus- how-strong-are-you?
Ginger(Kissing John's cheek) Stronger than you'll ever be weakling.
Ginger giggled kneeling on John's stomach crawling until her face touched his.
Ginger: Now to answer your question what does me being a Fireside troop leader have to do with you? Well I need a troop and I did warn you and your friends I would have my vengeance.
John(Grunting) Jesus-is-every-part-of-you-made-of-muscle-mass?
Ginger(Flexing her muscles) Funny you should ask because the answer's yes and you showed me even bullies pay attention in anatomy.
John: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my arms please let go.
Ginger(Shaking her head) It's time to show you what being a bully gets you.
John screamed in pain as Ginger took her uniform off leaving just her underwear and we see pulsating muscles all over her body.
Ginger: This soooooooooo R-O-C-K-S rocks because in reality you had the muscle but in dreams I surpass those with a set of my own.
John(Struggling) Can-we-get-on-with-what-your-vengance-will-do-to-my-friends-and-I?
Ginger(Standing on John) Sure see as I said I need a troop and Fireside guidelines state a troop is six or more. So to get even with all of you for bullying me for so long I say welcome to The Fireside Girls.
John: You-can't-recruit-us-we're-boys-and-I'm-sure-the-name-Fireside-Girl's-means-no-boys-allowed.
Ginger(Throwing six sleepover bags on John's stomach) I have it covered and smothered. Do you like my new catch phrase? Every troop leader has one and mine's I have it covered and smothered.
John: My-friends-and-I-would-never-join-your-club-Hirano-so-forget-about-it.
Ginger(Laughing) For-get about i-t you are such a kidder. See your friends and you are in a no choice situation meaning you don't stand a chance against me.
John laughed even though the pain Ginger was applying to his arms was unbearable and she giggled pressing her toes into John's stomach.
Ginger(Beaming) I'm glad you find your demise funny but hey what can I say? I find it funny too because I'll have no more ripped undies thanks to wedgies, no more wet ears from Wet Willies, no more wet hair from swirlies, and no more burned arms from Indian sun burns.
John: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww exactly how much do you weigh?
Ginger: 105 dry 115 soaking wet but it's not my full weight hurting you just my feet weight and those things are huge I've never weighed them alone just my full body.
John(Groaning) What-if-we-promised-to-leave-you-alone?
Ginger: You've already made that promise to me in front of Principal Gordon and that lasted all of three days.
John moaned and his nose gave a sniff smelling the odor Ginger let loose into his dream world and she sneered lying across his body raising her arms and a blast of fink crept under his nostrils.
John(Gagging) Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww-what-have-you-been-rolling-in?
Ginger(Acting innocent) What this old smell? Oh it's a combo of sweat socks, smelly armpits, sweaty clothes, rotten garbage left in the sun, and expired dairy. I call it fink.
John(Choking) That's-the-foulest-smell-ever.
Ginger: Soooooooooooooo let's get this show on the road Fireside Girl number 2.
John: Wait-the-prophecy-said-if-you-became-troop-leader-the-first-boy-to-fall-asleep-would-be-a-family-member-of-your-choice.
Ginger beamed nodding after John's every word her grin getting wider with every word John said.
Ginger(Thinking) Now let's see what to make of you? You're weak, helpless, whiny, moany, and the perfect mini me because I was all those things when I was younger.
John(Eyes going wide) Wait-you're-turning-me-into-another-you?
Ginger(Chuckling) Sure I mean as I said we have the same traits and it'll be easy as pie to make you my little sis and Ginger Stacy Hirano the 2nd.
Ginger(Humming The Waggle Dance) You know screaming was another trait I had at six which just confirms you and me are like intertwining fates.
John(Crying) Please-please-please-don't-take-me-I-promise-to-never-bully-you-again.
Ginger(Grabbing a notepad) Crying checkarooni I cried to get my own way all the time Stacy hated six year old me because of it.
John: Why-me-I-mean-what-is-your-fascination-with-me?
Ginger: Think back to our first Summer at camp without our parents. There was a dance and the two of us were single that night.
John: I-remember-that-night-you-were-dressed-pretty-with-a-red-flower-in-your-hair-and-you-bolted-from-the-mess-hall-crying.
Ginger(Pinning John down) Because after telling all the campers at camp that you had a crush on me you told me you couldn't stand me which is why I can't trust a boy now.
John: So-turning-me-into-your-sister-is-revenge-for-an-innocent-act?
Ginger(Unzipping the duffle bag) What you did was far from innocent just ask any pre-teen girl. And I wanted revenge on you since that day so yes turning you into my sister is vengeful at best.
John: My-words-just-got-blown-out-of-proportion-Ginger-I-still-love-you.
Ginger: There you see give a girl all the power and suddenly boys are scared and weak. I wonder how Wonder Woman handles all her power?
John: What-if-I-became-a-pet-I-mean-you-always-wanted-a-pet-right?
Ginger took out a faded pink nightgown holy white underwear, pink bunny slippers with brown matted fur, and a paint stained white sleeveless undershirt.
Ginger: A pet would be a nice gesture for a boy that didn't tear my heart to pieces.
John gulped as he spied a Fireside Girl suit and the old troop 46321 in graduation robes and they were wearing striped clothes with felt points on their butts.
Ginger: Ladies glad you could make it now let's induct my sis into the Fireside Girl's now.
Everybody nodded and a microphone was handed to Ginger The Waggle Dance playing in the background.
Ginger: Now I don't think I can really overstate it
But bee communication is quiet complicated
What seems at first like a simple figure eight
Fireside Girls: Is packed with meaning when their butts gyrate
Ginger: See the waggle explains the angle
From the sun to the door of the hive
We shake it to and fro
To let everybody know
That the angle is 75
Gretchen: Oh 75 degrees is the angle in relationship to the sun
Ginger: Yea but it also tells the bees the distance they're gonna have to go to get there.
Gretchen: Ooh
Fireside Girls: It's a waggle dance waggle dance
Show them where they got to go
It's a waggle dance waggle dance
Take it to the bee chateau
Ginger: (Let's do it)
Shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it stop
Fireside Girl's: Figure eight and shake it again
Ginger: Shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it stop
Fireside Girls: Everybody shake your rear end
Ginger: (You got it)
Shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it stop
Fireside Girls: Come on and swing those skirts
Ginger: Shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it stop
Fireside Girls: Try to hit em at thirteen hertz
Ginger: (That's right)
Fireside Girl's: It's a waggle dance waggle dance
Show them where they got to go
It's a waggle dance waggle dance
Take it to the bee chateau
Ginger: (Waggle dance)
The girl's giggled hugging Ginger and walking off leaving John once again alone with Ginger.
Ginger: Remember The Waggle Dance you'll teach it to your troop on bee day sometime.
John gasped seeing his clothes magically disappear even his underwear leaving him naked.
Ginger(Beaming) Now let's run you a bath you poor thing. I mean no real friends it must irk you to know your friends don't care about you.
John: They'll-be-here-then-you'll-be-sorry.
Ginger dragged John to the tub as easily as she would a teddy bear shutting and locking the bathroom door also transferring all her old clothes to his new dresser drawers and closet.
Ginger: See still no friends now the water's nice and steamy the perfect temp in my opinion so get in and let's get you cleaned.
John(Folding his arms across his chest) No-you're-not-my-mom- and-you-can't-make-me.
Ginger(Lifting John up) When it comes to big sibling VS. little sibling you'll find the older one always wins.
John scratched and bit Ginger as she tossed him like a basketball into the tub.
Ginger(Grabbing a washcloth) Now let's get you sparkling clean.
Ginger instead of washing John took her clothes off and joined John in the tub beaming at him as the bubbles covered her chest.
Ginger(Sighing comfortably) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you know I'm the only pre-teen turning teen to continue being a Fireside Girl I think they like the fact that a teen wants to continue being a Fireside Girl.
Ginger(Cackling evilly) Time for some Hirano blood then six year old me/you will be complete fink and all.
John continued shrinking until Ginger was satisfied with his weight and height then she snapped her fingers and he stopped shrinking.
Ginger(Grabbing a needle) Just a drop of my blood will turn you into a Hirano little girl in no time then we can bond as sisters and make more Firesiders to join us for Friday Funday and sleepover fun.
John screamed as Ginger pricked her finger then without warning pricked his mixing her blood with his and he screamed feeling weak and a pain in his whole body.
Ginger(Laughing triumphantly) I win you lose ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Now that you got the skin pigment let's give you my hair color and length then my feet which will be extremely painful.
John found he had new urges thanks to him being a girl and Ginger beamed seeing his finger nails sparkly purple and his toes sparkly blue.
Ginger: Nowwwwwwwwwww as things look you have my hair color and length which will be hard to maintain thanks to its length.
John screamed as black hair got in his eyes and Ginger giggled seeing the last of John fade and a white light merged with a purple light shooting inside of John finally turning him into a girl.
Ginger(Beaming) And that's our game thank you for playing.
John giggled girlishly and Ginger ruffled his wet hair putting shampoo in it and letting him rinse it out.
John(Giggling) The water makes my nose feel funny sissy try it.
Ginger(Giggling) I have and I know exactly what you're saying it does make your nose feel funny.
John and Ginger laughed gleefully knowing more boys were doomed to be Fireside Girls.
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