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Two Futas Take A Castle

by BaskliskFutaQueen 2 reviews

Alexis Castle Is Home Alone When Two Of Her Fathers Co-Workers Stop By For Some Hot Fun.

Category: Erotica - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Romance - Warnings: [X] [R] [?] - Published: 2015-01-14 - Updated: 2019-06-14 - 865 words

It was 8:00pm and Alexis Castle was sitting in her favorite arm chair eating some vanilla ice cream and wearing her favorite at cloths that she only got to wear when her father was out of town these were a dark green cut off t-shirt that barely covered her enormous braless white breast and showing off her huge round shiny smooth potbelly that she had been slowly growing sense her last boyfriend had broken up with her because she would not have sex with him she had turned him down because it had not felt right Under her what she considered her beautiful belly she wore a black cotton tong that barely covered her fat plump pussy but did show off her plump juicy white butt cheeks beautifully. Moving down her thick plump muscler legs was the next thing she was wearing a pair of black cotton mid-calf socks that were stretched beautifully by her thick legs. Alexis loved this outfit in facted she had over ten of them but with a different colored shirt and sometimes she would wear it with stocking insede of socks. As she was about to finish the bucket of ice cream and add it to her huge potbelly she heard a loud knock at her front door. So with a grace not many huge people had Alexis climbed out of her armchair and padded over to her front door.
As she opened her the door she was surprised to see her father’s friends Kate Beckett And Lanie she had no idea way they were there as her father had taken a break from helping out the NYPD so he could write a his new book on a secret agent with the help of a sexy British Spy he was now helping in London England so she had not seen the two women for almost a year though she had heard rumors that the two women owned a new club she had wanted to go see it was an erotic club according to her friend Misty and serviced all types of women’s fantasies. So she was surprised to see them at her front door and even more surprised by their looks Beckett and Lanie were both amazingly massive both women had thick enormous muscler arms and legs that she could see were bulging with strength, both had enormous butts that were at least two yards wide and hung almost to their knees, both had massive round shiny bellies with popped out belly buttons which they had on full display, both had enormous round breast sitting on top of their bellies the nipples of which she could see were huge like dinner plates and pushed out against their skin tight shirts. As Alexis looked over the two women’s bodies she also looked at their outfits Beckett wore a skin tight dark red halter top showing off her massive belly and a four foot long cleavage, over this shirt she wore an open black leather jacket with silver chains handing from it she was amazed as the jacket was skin tight just like the shirt and clung to Beckett’s thick muscled arms, moving down Alexis saw a black leather knee length skirt that was also tight it was stretched around Beckett’s enormous butt like a second skin she wondered what would happen to the skirt if Beckett bended over but waved that thought away, Alexis eyes then ran down Beckett’s thick legs each of which was wore a red fishnet stocking that was beginning stretched by her legs, she then took in Beckett’s shoes they were huge black eight inch high heel sandals that showed off her thick fat white toes. Alexis then took in Lanie’s outfit like Beckett her attire was all skin tight her halter top was dark green which Alexis had to say look sexy on Laine’s massive black body the shirt show off her four foot black cleavage as well her massive black belly which Alexis felt the urge to rub along with Beckett’s. Laine wore a pink leather jacket that clung to her biceps and forearm as well hung open, she wore under that beautiful black belly a pink leather knee length skirt that also looked like a second skin, she wore over her thick muscler legs a pair of dark green fishnet stockings that stretched over her legs and finally on her huge stocking clad black feet she wore a pair of pink leather eight inch high heel sandals.
As Alexis looked at them Beckett made a move lifting her arm she grabbed the front of Alexis’s black tong before giving it a quick jerk as Alexis was not expecting it the jerk caused her to fall forward and right on top of Beckett. Alexis’s huge potbelly bounced off Beckett’s massive white shiny round belly and Alexis face landed in the middle of Beckett’s smooth round white shiny breast. As Alexis landed Beckett moaned “Oh my Lanie she is dressed so sexy for us and she can’t wait for us to come in to get our enormous breast in her mouth”
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