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A Confused Soul

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A spiritual poem about afterlife

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2015-01-17 - 334 words

Where am I? Why can I see my body?

Why does it feel so cold?

I am now floating up in the air,

As I look down at my lifeless body;

As my love ones are crying next to it.

I can't believe my eyes, I am really gone.

What is to become of me now?

I feel that my spirit is now going to remain and I'll be all alone.

So, this is what death is like. It feels so lonely and scary.

Maybe, there could be more after death.

Maybe my soul just has not been excepted up into heaven yet.

I wonder why I am the only ghost around,

Maybe this could be all to become of me.

Oh, how I wish I wound have appreciated my life,

Because now I am gone and have nothing to look forward too.

Oh, how I will miss my parents,

My siblings;

And all my friends.

Now that my life is over, I will never get to talk to them again.

Now, I suppose I shall just watch the ones who are living,

Have fun lives.

As I will remain as a spirit all by myself.

I begin to cry as I could not feel tears coming from my eyes,

And I then begin to fly up into the sky.

As I float up there, very depressed,

A light then shines down on me from the sky.

I'm confused because it is dark out,

So why is there light?

Just then, I see Jesus floating in air,

Slowly down the light.

He smiles and holds my hand and takes me up into the sky.

I now find myself up in pearl gates,

With my loved ones who had passed on years ago.

I thought it truly was the end,

But it really turned out to be a new beginning in the afterlife.

However, I still never forget what I learned,

When I left the world that day.

It's that, life is something very precious.
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