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Way back, when Gerard was a high school not-so-hot-shot, he had a best friend named Frankie. They were those kids that you'd most likely find kicking back on the bleachers or in the back of a class...

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Hey guys!

I've decided to make my return! This is also on archive and I'm currently working on part 2 so stay tuned if you like it.

V xo

Way back, when Gerard was a high school not-so-hot-shot, he had a best friend named Frankie. They were those kids that you'd most likely find kicking back on the bleachers or in the back of a classroom sharing some headphones and talking only among themselves. Not incredibly popular but they didn't care, they had each other. It'd been that way since they became neighbours at just five years old.

Their weekends would be spent in a record or a comic store and sitting in the local park then, when the sun had started to go down, they'd head either to Frank or Gerard's place for the night. Frank would teach himself something new on the guitar and Gerard would sit across from him, scribbling another new drawing or reading something fairly obscure, and neither of them ever got bored. They loved their own little world, it just felt right.

Summer was their favourite time of year though, it was when they could spend the most time together, relishing in the freedom of no school. More often than not the boys would head to Frank's grandma's house by the beach. She wasn't exactly a rich lady but she had a guest house, something that the boys took full advantage of. This was also the place their biggest secrets would come to light.

One evening, during their last summer before they headed to separate colleges, there had been a summer storm and the boys had decided to sit on the roof and watch the distant lightning. They'd only been at the house a week and still had the whole summer ahead of them, it almost felt like they had forever.

They'd spent the entire day in the sea, splashing around and generally acting like little kids. When summer was over, it was time to grow up and both boys knew that this summer would probably be their last together. Things don't always go to plan once you're in separate states, so they were going to make the best of the time they had now, before it was gone forever.

Frank had been talking about how they should try to make it down for summer during college too, instead of spending the whole time with their folks, when Gerard groaned and buried his head in his arms dramatically. Frank had merely quirked an eyebrow at him, used to Gerard's random outbursts, and nudged him softly.

"S'wrong dude?" Frank had asked, a small laugh in his voice.

"College, man! I'm going to be the lamest guy there!" Gerard huffed as he turned to look at Frank, pouting slightly as Frank laughed at him.

"Come on, Gee! You're like, way cooler than anyone I've ever met, especially any assholes who try to give you shit. You're gonna kick, and totally get, so much ass dude!"

"Frankie-" Gerard said seriously, turning to face his best friend and ignoring the summer rain that had begun to fall "I'm a virgin, remember? We've never even been kissed."

A thought occurred to them both then, something that they'd never even considered for real before, but now as they sat staring into each others eyes in the warm heavy rain, it seemed so right. Frank shuffled slightly closer, reaching a shaking hand out to brush Gerard's hair from his eyes. He noticed, really saw, how attractive Gerard actually was.

He had the most expressive eyes he'd ever seen, and Frank was sure he had saw every emotion inside of them. Gerard had really smooth skin too, pale and delicate, like the finest silk. He brushed his thumb over Gerard's cheek and let out a shaky breath between them.

"Why don't you kiss me?"

Gerard blinked a few times, trying to absorb what Frank had just asked, he couldn't deny that he'd thought about it before. The difference between those thoughts and right now is that they were just that; thoughts. They held no promise and he knew he'd never do it so he just shrugged it off and buried them away, he was only just seeing how badly he wanted to kiss him. He just wasn't sure if he was dreaming or not.

Frank leaned in and pressed his lips to Gerard's so softly that they could barely even feel it, just ghosting over them and pulling back to gage his best friend's reaction. Gerard sat, eyes closed and smiling lightly. This is real, this isn't a dream. Frank leaned in again and pressed more firmly, tentatively wrapping his arms around Gerard's neck.

Neither of them payed attention to the fact that they were soaked through, they just blocked everything out around them and continued sharing soft kisses. It wasn't until Gerard slipped a little that they clambered down from the roof. Gerard shrugged off his hoodie as soon as they got inside, leaving him in just his beach shorts, and turned to Frank.

There seemed to be a sudden tension in the air, not awkward or uneasy, more desperate and wanting. Frank removed his own jacket and put a hand out to Gerard, releasing the breath he didn't realise he'd been holding as Gerard pulled him to his chest.

"Gerard I-"

"What, Frankie? Tell me." Gerard whispered nervous and shaking, he wasn't sure what to do anymore but he didn't want them to stop.

"I-I want you to...I want to have sex. With you." Frank said quietly, eyes wide and pleading in the glow of the moon shining through the window.

Neither spoke again for a long moment, Frank was almost afraid Gerard was going to walk out, that he'd over stepped the mark, but then Gerard was charging forward and kissing him again.

"Yes..." Gerard said breathlessly between kisses "I want that too."

After that it was all shivers and nerves, rushing through them as gently touched each other. They'd made their way over to the bed and stood by it, kissing and whispering sweet words to each other. They were terrified but, at the same time, desperate to feel each other completely.

Frank skimmed his fingers around the waistband of Gerard's shorts, tickling the skin just above as they kissed. His thumbs brushed lightly over Gerard's hip bones before dipping in the waistband and slowly pushing the shorts down. Gerard shuddered and gripped Frank's shoulders as he was suddenly exposed to the cool air of the room, feeling more vulnerable than he ever had before.

With shaking hands, Frank removed his own and pulled away to slip under the covers, watching as Gerard followed suit. They lay, side by side, gazing at each other for a minute. Gerard brought a hand to rest on Frank's bare hip and smiled softly.

"Are you sure you-"

"Y-yeah. Yeah, I want this." Gerard nodded and chewed on his lip as he thought the next part through.

"How are we going to, y'know? I mean do you want to be on top or?"

"I-I'm scared..." Frank admitted shyly, his cheeks burning at his confession "But I think I want you to be top. I want to feel you..."

"Okay." Gerard breathed shakily "Okay."

It was all shaking hands and breathy moans, awkward fumbling and messy kisses. Gerard tried to open Frank up like he read online, he was always a curious soul, smothering his fingers in saliva and rubbing them over Frank's entrance until he felt the muscle relax enough to squeeze two fingers inside.

Nails dug into Gerard's shoulders as Frank gripped him tight, biting down hard on his lip and squeezing his eyes shut tight as a burning sensation spread through him. Gerard stopped with his fingers halfway inside and wrapped his spare arm around Frank's thigh, placing gentle kisses on his friend's stomach.

"Do you want me to stop?" Gerard asked quietly, brushing his thumb over Frank's sweat dampened skin "We don't have to do this-"

"Don't-I want this. Keep going, please?" Gerard nodded and stayed still a moment longer before pressing his fingers all the way inside and leaning to run his tongue curiously over Frank's erection.

Frank gasped and his eyes shot open wide, he'd never felt anything like that before. It was strange and wet but felt so good, sparking across his nerves an and swirling in amongst the pain. In a quiet moan, he asked Gerard to do it again, and groaned in appreciation as Gerard took him in his mouth and scissored his fingers.

Gerard took it slow, simply sliding his head up and down, opening Frank up as he did. He didn't want to hurt Frank, he wanted to make it as painless as possible. He wanted to make it special for them both. Frank tugged on his hair insistently and Gerard looked up, catching Frank's gaze and smiling.

"I think I'm ready."

Shifting into a comfortable position, Gerard lifted Frank's legs to his shoulders and guided himself to Frank's entrance, slowly pushing inside and moaning at the heat surrounding him. It seemed to spread like fire, rushing over his skin and dancing through his nerves. His knees began to shake and he leaned down, awkwardly kissing Frank as he made love to his best friend.

Their movements were less than graceful and neither really knew what they were doing, Gerard thrusting at a steady pace, almost robotic and far from smooth. Frank clung on to him anyway, clawing across his shoulders as Gerard buried himself inside of him.

Frank felt Gerard come first, filling him with a warm and sticky liquid, before feeling a hand wrap around his leaking cock. Gerard stroked him for a few seconds and he came hard, covering Gerard's hand and his own stomach. The whole thing wasn't exactly smooth and romantic but as they lay side by side, giggling and sharing tender kisses, they didn't care at all; it had been perfect.

They spent the rest of their summer as a couple, holding hands, kissing and hugging, and at night sharing their most tender moments in the dark where they could be completely alone. They never referred to themselves as a couple, not ever feeling the need too, but also subconsciously knowing that their time was limited.

Frank wanted them to have a forever and Gerard wanted them to have an eternity, but in Frank's mother's car on their way home from the gorgeous beach and their private guest house, they knew that forever couldn't happen.

The day they had to leave for their separate colleges was the hardest on them both, in those hazy days of their summer romance they'd come to realise exactly how they felt about each other, how they'd felt all along. The night before had been spent in the very same way that they'd spent their first night together in the same house, Frank clutching Gerard as he moved inside of him, kissing and sharing sweet words.

But outside of their houses on the morning of their departure, they cried into each other's shoulders, wishing they had more time.

Gerard pulled back, wiping the tears that had rolled down his face, and smiled down at Frank. He brushed away Frank's tears too and pressed their lips together in a slow, deep kiss. He wanted Frank to feel how much he would miss him, to feel exactly how he felt. They pulled apart, eyes closed and foreheads resting together and released broken breaths over each other's lips.

"I love you, Frankie. I'll always love you." Fresh tears forced Frank to choke on his words as he clung to Gerard tighter than before.

"I-I love you too, I don't want to leave."

"I wish we didn't have to."

They shared a final soft kiss, trying to breathe as much as each other in as possible, before their mothers pulled them apart to their seperate cars, their fingers clinging together for a last desperate touch. Watching through the back window as their cars took opposite directions, both boys felt like they'd left their hearts in the street that day.

Fast forward eight years and Gerard is hard at work in New York City. His art career had taken off while he was still in his final year of college and he was well known in the NYC art circuit, especially since having some of the most successful exhibitions in recent years.

His art had been referred to as heartbreaking, he'd even earned a nickname 'The loner' as all of his work seemed to surround lost love and many connected together, like a tale without an ending. It had even been frequently mentioned that he'd never been seen with someone by his side, fueling the ideas that people had developed about his pieces.

As hard as Gerard had tried to keep in touch with Frank, they'd become swamped in college work, the phone calls had stopped and the emails had eventually drawn to a close. All they had left was a rare hand written letter that was passed via their parents, and even that hadn't happened in around two years.

It was one night before summer that Gerard had received a phone call from his brother, begging him to take a break and come home to Jersey for summer. Gerard had mulled it over for a few days, debating his work load and appointments, but eventually settling on going home. He figured he was probably due a vacation.

Mikey had an ulterior motive for his invitation, it wasn't just to see his brother. You see, Mikey had become friend's with a guy named Ray amd they'd come to find they had a mutual...problem. Gerard had never gotten over Frank, he was still in love with him after eight years apart, and although he'd gone through the crazy college years, he'd never been guilty of sleeping around, and had never been in a relationship. He just couldn't do it.

So one night while at the bar with Ray, Mikey had been talking about his brother still being in love with his best friend from school. Ray had sympathized with Mikey, having a friend who was having the same problem, and generally bitching when Ray had said-

"My buddy hasn't even had sex in about six years, and even then it was a drunken fumble thst he felt guilty for! It's like his first boyfriend was his fucking soul mate or some shit. I just wish I could find the guy, maybe see if he's still feeling the same about Frankie." and Mikey had leaned forward in some sort of shock, gasping-

"Frankie? As in Frank Iero?"

And so they had begun to play around with the idea of getting the boys together, maybe they'd get some closure or maybe they'd get back what they once had. Either way, Mikey and Ray had a chance, they weren't letting it pass them by. When closing time eventually rolled around, the plan had been set, they were going to bring back the summer that the boys fell in love.

Ray had swung by Frank's place, he was living down by the beach now, having gained ownership of his grandma's house when she died. Frank would often visit her and just sit in the guest house for days, she'd decided not to take those memories away, so left her grandson the house in her will.

Frank hadn't done too bad for himself after college either, using his music degree to set up a guitar school online. Ray had helped in the venture and now they both did well in their business, teaching people via online tutorials and Skype a few times a week. They'd hired more people to teach and only did a few lessons themselves, but overall business had been booming.

Frank poured drinks for himself and Ray and talked about having some friends down for summer, Frank wasn't exactly abundant in friends because he'd been so busy right out of college setting up his online guitar school, but Ray had said he knew a couple of awesome dudes and that had somehow convinced Frank to let the whole thing happen. Ray grinned and patted Frank on the back as he asked who these dudes were anyway, he was still apprehensive about complete strangers in his home.

"I got this buddy Mikey Way and he's got a brother who's coming down from New York, his name is-"

"Gerard!" Frank gasped with wide eyes, his hands started to shake and he covered his mouth.

"Yeah, you know him?" Ray asked, hiding the knowing tone in his voice as he eyed Frank's reaction, feeling a little smug.

Frank stood, walking to the glass doors that led out onto the garden and over to the guest house. He pressed his hand against the cool glass and allowed his mind to wander back to the night they'd first kissed on the roof top. Ray walked over to Frank, filled with concern as Frank's shoulders shook and he hunched over.

"Frankie? Are you okay?" Frank turned, smiling wide with a few stray tears falling down his cheeks.

"I'm going to see Gerard again."


Gerard pulled up in front of his parents house and took a deep breath, it'd been two years since he'd been here, it just didn't feel right without the Iero's living next door. He looked at his bag on the back seat and sighed, Mikey had told him to bring shorts because they were staying with his buddy Ray down by the beach. He did thank the small mercy that his mom and dad were on vacation, it was one less headache to deal with.

He honked the horn and drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, waiting patiently for his little brother to make an appearance. His eyes itched from tiredness and he was feeling irritable so he stepped from the car and lit up a smoke, leaning his head back as he exhaled and making a firm point not to look at the sidewalk between his parents and Frank's old house.

"Gerard!" He heard his brother's voice call and he spun to see Mikey running toward him, backpack slung over his shoulder "I'm so glad you came!"

"Hey, Mikes!" Gerard laughed as his brother wrapped him in a hug and lifted him off the ground "When the fuck did you get so tall?"

"Hey, I'm Ray." a voice came from beside them and Gerard turned to see a tall guy with his hand outstretched.

"Gerard. You're driving"

Frank paced around the front room, wringing his hands together and glancing at the clock. It was roughly an hours drive from Gerard's mom's place, so that meant they'd be here soon. He decided to wander down to the beach and have a quick swim, clear his head before his guests, Gerard, arrived. Frank sent Ray a text, explaining where he was and telling him to make himself at home if he wasn't back, before heading off down to the beach to forget for a while.

Ray felt his phone beep and tossed it over to Gerard, asking him to read it while he drove. Gerard obliged, swiping his thumb across the screen and feeling his breath hitch in his throat. Frankie. The name said Frankie. They were going to stay with a guy named Frankie at the beach, it couldn't be, could it?

"Frankie who?" He whispered, unable to control the shaking in his voice.

"Huh?" Ray replied, faking being oblivious to what was happening "Oh, Frank Iero. I set up business with him right out of college, we own an online guitar school for people all over the world. It's pretty sweet. Why? You know him?"

Gerard dropped the phone and gazed at his hands as image after image of Frank filled his mind, taking over him and making him want to cry. He closed his eyes and lay his head back, focusing on the sound of the car engine to compose himself.

"Yeah, I used to."

Ray filled Gerard in about Frank's life in the past few years, mentioning the fact that Frank now permanently resided by the beach. He told him of the hard times he'd had after the death of his grandma and managed to slip in a mention of Frank's single life. Gerard smiled a little at that, partially hoping that Frank still felt the same way for him as he did all those years ago.

Eventually the car trundled to a halt outside of that old familiar house and Gerard wandered up the yard to the door, leaving Mikey to grab his bag. He counted the the rocks lining the side of the house before bending to pick up the fourth one, smiling as he discovered that Frank hadn't changed where he hid the spare key. Fumbling with the lock for a few moments, Gerard took a deep breath, exhaling as the key turned in the lock and let him inside.

'Nothings changed' was his immediate thought as he wandered through to the front room 'He's kept everything exactly the same'. He let his gaze skim around the room until finally he saw the guest house through the glass doors, inviting him to visit the place that still filled his dreams. Ray and Mikey simply watched as Gerard walked outside and across the yard to the guest house, not wanting to disturb him in his thoughts.

The guest house hadn't changed at all either, the same covers were on the bed and the same paint was on the walls. Even the stain where Frank had dropped his cherry soda was still there. It was like a time capsule, taking him straight back to the summer before he went to college. The summer he got the best thing that ever happened to him and had to give it away.

"I never really come in here anymore, not unless I have to" Gerard jumped at the voice behind him, recognising it immediately but noting the slightly deeper tone.

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