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lost sisters

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Adagio Dazzle is a siren Sunset Shimmer is a pony How are these two related you may ask? Well, it's a long story...

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Sunset shimmer watched the crowed walk away from the stage, the stage that had once held three very powerful sirens. Twilight Sparkle jumped up and smiled. "I still cant get over the fact that you defeated them! I almost thought we were going to lose when the sonic waves knocked us off our feet." Sunset nodded and then turned away. "Well, I wouldn't say its victory for all of us, but at least the world is safe, right?" The rainbooms thought for a moment and the looked away from each other. "Well, if Celestia and Luna banish more evil to this place..." Twilight said nervously while rubbing the back of her head.

"And what did you mean by not victory for all of us?" Sunset shimmer hesitated. "I just don't know if you'll understand what I mean if I happen to tell you, its complicated." She turned back to Twilight and grinned. "You know what, it doesn't matter." Sunset began to walk away before being stopped by a figure with Orange and yellow hair, a purple, black and pink dress and boots. "Oh no." Sunset whispered to herself before watching the girl approach. "You think just because you've taken away our pendants that we are just going to leave you and your school alone? well think again, we are going to make your life as miserable as we can and we are going to smile about it."
Two more girls ran up and stood beside her.

"You will not get away with what you've done to us!" The purple haired girl said. Sunset Shimmer froze. Rainbow Dash went in between them. "Good luck with that! you could never make us feel bad for what we did!" Twilight walked up next to Rainbow Dash. "How does making us feel bad make you feel better? Its ridiculous!" Sunset Shimmer pushed Rainbow Dash out of the way and grabbed the orange sirens arm. "Come with me Adagio! im sick of you acting so though and thinking you and your friends can do what they want when they want!" Sunset dragged Adagio of the stage and pushed her into the door that lead under the Stage.

"We need to talk! NOW!" Adagio ran for the door but Sunset blocked it before closing and locking it. "I want to reform you." Sunset said gently. "Why..." Adagio looked quite surprised. "I never wanted this to happen... thought you'd be fine on your own." Sunset shimmer began to sing quietly to Adagio, who was looking quite confused. "But now that your shattered and broken, seems I was wrong to leave you alone..." Sunset sat on a box across from the orange siren and smiled nervously.

"you think its fun to be adored? oh no, soon you would get bored but im sure you don't remember the words I once said... you may not remember but I do, and with out me..." She looked at the floor and frowned. "you" Sunset got up and wiped away a tear. "You're my sister. I left you alone for a few hours and something must of happened... because you turned into a siren, your friends did too while they were playing with you. Your memory must of faded because when I went up to you, asking you what had happened you frowned and flew away. I remember watching you be banished into that portal by star swirl... you were only a filly and so was I. I became Celestias student but filled with the depression of losing you I travelled through the mirror and something changed me."

"I had the erg to rule and take over... and basically, you know the rest." Adagio was a little shocked but...somehow, not surprised. "You...I DONT CARE IF YOUR MY SISTER OR NOT!YOU TOOK MY PENDANT AND REUINED ME!NOW I HAVE NOTHING, I WILL GET MY REVENGE THOUGH, I SWEAR I WILL YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!" Adagios eyes flashed green, giving Sunset Shimmer chills down her spine. Adagio pushed her onto the floor and walked around her. "you WILLpay. and I am not going to be reformed anytime soon!" She unlocked the door and stormed out, leaving Sunset in the Darkness.

The Rainbooms stared in shock. " this all happened last night?! Adagios your sister?!" Rainbow Dash screamed, making everyone in the cafeteria turn to them. "yep... I want her to be reformed but she just wont listen! she's now in a homeless shelter with her friends, but I can tell that their planning to a banded her." Sunset frowned and stared out the window. "I just don't know what to do, she hates me and wants to get revenge as soon as possible, but I don't want to fight her again..." Twilight looked a little worried. "We'll if she does return, we'll be their for her and you." Sunset smiled and turned back to her friends... you should get going, wouldn't the portal close soon?" Twilight shock her head. "I sorta improved it, I've got all day!" The Rainbooms laughed and Sunset giggled nervously but ignored the thought of Adagio and decided that she'll deal with her sister when it comes to it...
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