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Love Me, Leave Me, Break Me

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Don't cry, don't hate, just read and hope that I can write the next chapter,

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Chapter 10- Love Me, Leave Me, Break Me

It's funny, I never remembered falling asleep, let alone changing into an oversized shirt that wasn't even mine, or being covered up in thick blankets. But I did remember that Pete was there, and he was probably the reason all that happened. Turning my head I saw the top of his head and his dark hair falling in his face, barley exposing his closed eyes. Smiling I snuggled into the sheets, holding them around my face as my feet met his ankles and I blushed as I wrapped my legs around his own, for warmth. It was cold in the house and even under probably 10 layers of blankets, it wasn't good enough. Not long after I had done that, I closed my eyes and moved the blanket up so my eyes were covered as well.

"You look really cute in yellow blankets," I peeked over the thick comforter to see Pete smiling, his eyes half open. Smiling at his half-audible, raspy morning voice, I shrugged and lowered it a little more.

"I'm cold," I let out truthfully. Pete smirked and wrapped an arm around me, bringing me slightly closer as the sheets rose and we soon became under the covers, the light from outside making the yellow illuminate.

"That's the beauty of having a girlfriend or boyfriend," he muttered and I raised an eyebrow.

"What?" Pete smirked and kissed my forehead.

"You never have to wake up in the winter alone and cold,"

Blushing slightly I rested my hands on his shoulders, resting my head just below his chin as his arms encircled me, lightly rubbing my back. In that moment my mind was running. This felt so perfect to me, like nothing I've ever felt before...something that I had missed, yet never had a chance to experience, and it was something I had to savor, before telling Pete to run. At that moment, I realized I loved him, and he deserved to live a perfect life, without some hired hit-girl to kill him- I would take one for the team, in hopes they wouldn't care if he got away. In that vary moment; I knew I wanted it to last as long as it was going to, even if it hurt me.

"Pete?" I muttered and I heard him hum.

"Yes?" I gulped and closed my eyes.

"Is it ok if I told you I loved you?" Every word dripped with hope and every second that passed with silence my heart dropped a centimeter more. He took a deep breath and one of his hands moved from my back to my cheek.

"Alex, look at me," I swallowed hard before looking up and opening my eyes to see his twinkling. "Say it again," And that's when my heart stopped and my breathing ceased.

"I love you..." He blinked once before closing his eyes and bringing my face closer and pressing his lips to my own.

"I love you too,'re everything I think is perfect," that hurt even though I didn't show it, he trusted me...he thought I was perfect, this was only going to end up in one place.

Blinking slowly, I let it continue, whatever he called perfect, just what we were doing...being in love.


It was the last day of winter break for Pete and the last day before one of us died, both if I didn't do something. He had come over earlier and left an hour later, to go drop out of his classes, and I was scared for both of our lives. I was going to tell him as soon as he came back, and tell him to run and get him and the boys out of this town, city, state and maybe even country. Taking a deep breath I sat down in front of the trunk at the foot of my bed and unlocked the padlock. I heard the click and took a deep breath and looked inside to see those infamous red heels shining in the bright light of the room, the glossy look making it look positively perfect. I took them out and placed them next to me, revealing a bunch of paperwork I was supposed to look over before I even got involved with Pete. Oops? Shaking my head I picked up the next case, and opened it as well, revealing the revolver Massino had given me at the tender age of 17. Biting my lip I took it out and closed my eyes, resting it next to the shoes. Next came the Polaroid pictures of all the bodies, /proof/, as Massino liked to call it, that in fact the people were dead. And then the deck of cards, all the Queen of Hearts of different decks. I turned back to the paperwork and skimmed through it a bit. It landed on background information. Glancing over it, I gasped. Right in Sonny's handwriting, was something scribbled.

Subject is not in any way related to the mafia...abort mission ASAP

Knowing my luck, it was already too late; I heard something drop behind me and slightly turned to see a bouquet of red roses lying on the ground next to an oh-so familiar black converse.

"Patrick wasn't lying," I closed my eyes and dropped the paperwork, standing up and seeing Pete slightly shaking.

"How did he know?" I asked, now scared. Pete shook his head.

"He said he overheard you in a alleyway one" I held my breath and looked away.

"Pete...I can explain," he bit his lip, the tears brimming his brown eyes.

"Tell me why," Taking a breath I looked down at my hands.

"I'm forced to, but I want to have to run," Pete nodded.

"I was planning on doing so, after seeing all this," I parted my lips and let the first tears fall.

"I'm not going to hurt you Pete," He turned and balled his fists.

"It's too late for that," Closing my eyes, I felt my heart begin to speed up and yet my breathing stopped.

"I want you to run," I opened my eyes to see him looking down at the roses. "I'd never be able to live with myself if you were to get killed," Pete didn't turn his attention away as he spoke next.

"And what's going to happen to you?" he asked quietly. I wrung my hands together and looked away, so I only saw a little of him.

"I...I die tonight Pete," And it broke my heart to see him nod and walk away.


Not even two hours after Pete had left had I gotten another visitor. And in the worst way possible. A gunshot heard from the living room and what I knew as a body hitting the wood floor. I shot out of bed to see some of Massino's men barging in and grabbed me by the forearms, bringing me to the floor on my knees. I bowed my head as Massino himself stepped in and slowly made his way in front of me so that all I saw on the ground in front of me were two black Italian boots.

"Don't worry, Alessandra...we won't kill you," He paused and smirked. "Yet,"

I closed my eyes as the whole room erupted in laughter and the two men brought me to my feet, and forcing a washcloth over my mouth and nose, and as my vision got hazy and all I could smell was Chloroform all I could think was if Pete was ok.
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