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Omg. It's Patrick

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You're going to cry and then wonder why the hell I titled the chapter that, I don't know either, it's the first thing that came to mind...TISSUES!!! YOU NEED TISSUES!

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Pete entered his dorm, feeling quite low and made his way over to his bed only to see a folded note with a dying red rose on it, right next to his stuffed panda. He opened the note and widened his eyes.

We have her, and we know that you know. You can either try or save her or die trying, but if you're a no show, she dies broken hearted

Pete dropped the note and grabbed his phone going through his contacts.

"Patrick, I don't care, I love her," he paused and took a breath as Patrick mumbled something back. "Meet me at the café"


"Alex is in trouble," Joe raised an eyebrow.

"What kind of trouble?" Pete shook his head and looked at Patrick who nodded.

"She was involved in the mafia...and was sent to kill me," Andy scoffed.

"And we're going to help her?" Pete shut his eyes tight and sighed.

"She was forced to do it, or she would be killed...and she's the last one in her family, meaning..." he paused and Patrick continued.

"Meaning she had everything too lose, but she had never fallen in love with one of her victims," Joe shook his head.

"You've really done it this time, Pete," Pete shook his head.

"Alex is going to be killed if we don't help her soon," the three nodded and Joe smirked.

"So we get to kick some mobster ass?" Pete smirked and nodded.

"Basically, yeah," he smiled and threw a fist in the air.

"Yeah! Let's do it," Pete looked at Patrick and bit his lip.

"Thanks man for understanding," Patrick shrugged.

"You know, if you love her and trust her, you'll do what you have to do..." Pete lightly smiled and Patrick copied. "And your friends will help,"


Funny when I opened my eyes I didn't see anything except a blindfold and when I tried to open my mouth, all I felt was duct tape. My hands were tied in front of me and my legs were tied together as well. But, hey, at least I was alive! Shaking my head I heard nothing around me, but rather below me, a lot of shouting and large objects hitting the floor. I breathed in sharp threw my nose when I heard a door open and a gasp emitted from whoever it was. Two hands fell on my cheeks and their fingers hooked into the blindfold and lowered it to expose Pete, a beat up, blacked eye, cut up Pete. But he still looked as handsome as could be as he smiled and tore it off the rest of the way, going to untie my hands.

"Alex, oh my god," Even though he was so happy to see me, I glanced up to see a limping bodyguard enter the room, bleeding and one hit away from a one way ticket to hell.

I widened my eyes as he raised an unsteady arm and aimed his gun right at Pete. Doing what I knew what was right, I grabbed Pete's shoulder's and flipped him around with me, right when I heard the bullet go and more footsteps enter the room, the sound of bone cracking and a body hitting the ground. Blinking slowly I gulped as I first felt the effects take hold of me, and the taste of blood enter my mouth. I gripped Pete's shoulders tighter and he raised one hand to the tape on my mouth and lightly tore it away letting my mouth fall open and the red liquid start to trickle down my chin and slither down the side of my neck, disappearing into my blouse. Pete shook his head slowly at first, the devastated look growing more and more worried as the seconds past. All I heard behind me were the gasps and the frantic grabbing of jackets; I could tell they were trying to find their phones to call for help, any kind of help. Pete's eyes started to water and it broke my heart even more to see the clear drops fall from his dark brown eyes to the floor in-between us.

"Pete," the sound of my own voice was something that scared me, I was dying and I knew both of us could tell. In the distance I heard the sirens and Pete shook his head even more, holding onto my hips as I gripped his shoulders.

"Not yet, Alex," he muttered and I blinked even slower than before.

"I'm sorry Pete," I heard him hiccup and shake his head more violently, holding me tighter against his now shaking body.

The cold got to me right as I heard the frantic running up the stairs and the shouting of paramedics, telling the guys and Pete to get out of the way. But Pete didn't let go until my body started to go limp and the workers pried his convulsing body off of me, me falling back into more arms as my vision got more and more hazy. As I was placed on some kind of uncomfortable floor stretcher I blinked one more time and saw Pete fighting the paramedics, crying his eyes out. Closing my eyes, I tried to fight it...I still had to tell him that those three words were true.
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