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Live and Love, Conlon

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Calista is a 13 year old Irish immigrant and came to live with her parents in Brooklyn, New York. But when she finally arrives, her parents were murdered and everyone thought she was to blame. Ther...

Category: Newsies - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bryan Denton,David Jacobs,Jack Kelly,Joseph Pulitzer,Racetrack Higgins,Spot Conlon - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2015-02-26 - 67 words

Author's Note #1
This is a new story I created about NEWSIES and SPOT CONLON. If you have any questions please write to me. I love writing these fanfictions and I've written a lot... probably 6 since January of 2015. If you would like to read more of my fanfictions just let me know and I would be glad to go forward with that request. Thank you!
- Cindy Conlon
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