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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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Calista’s POV-
So this was New York!
“Next stop, Brooklyn, New York!” the man called. “Lets go find Mama and Papa. Then we can work and send money back home to Liz and Carey” I said to my dog, Golden. She yipped and we walked off of the ferry, carrying my backpack and my staff. It was a weapon just in case something happened. "8” I said as I walked into an apartment. “Mama! Papa!” I yelled and ran into the room. A man was crouching in the kitchen. “Papa?” I asked, peering around the door. He turned around and lifted a gun. I screamed and backed into a wall. The man stood up and I could see my mama and papa lying on the floor, trembling. “Your parents?” he asked. I froze, not wanting to give anything away. He gave a grunt and turned around. Then he shot them both! I screamed for help and the man ran out. “Mama! Papa!” I cried, running to them and kneeling. “You were very brave, Lissie. Take care of your sisters” Mama whispered. I held their hands and watched them die. I sat there crying for hours, not knowing what to do now that my parents were dead. "Hold it right there" a voice yelled. I snapped around and saw policemen outside. "Arrest her!" The man hollered. "It wasn't me! Why would I kill my own parents!" I exclaimed. "This man was a witness! He saw you!" The policeman said. I stared at him in shock. "Golden" I called to my retriever. She ran over and I grabbed my staff, then jumped out the window and climbed down the fire escape. "Stop her!" The ban was yelling. I tore through the streets and stopped to hide under a bridge. The men ran past and soon their footsteps faded away. "im mama brón orm. dia cabhrú liom . le do thoil!" I whispered. "i dont imní. tá tú sábháilte anois" a voice whispered. I looked up and saw a boy, around my age, 13. "You're Irish?" I whispered, wiping my eyes. He nodded and sat next to me. "What happened" he asked. "My parents were murdered and they're blaming me for killing them." I choked. Golden walked up to me and sat next to me. "Oh." He said and there was an awkward pause. "Do you have anywhere to stay? Or money?" He asked. "They're all back at my house" I whispered. "We'll go back after you settle down at my place" he said and helped me up. "You would take me in?" I asked in bewilderment. "Sure. Say, what's your name?” he said as I climbed out of the bridge. “Calista” I said. “That’s a pretty name you got there” he said. "Thank you" I muttered. “What’s yours?” I asked. “Conlon. Liam Conlon” he said. "So who do you live with?" I asked as we walked into an old apartment building. "You'll see" he said and pushed open a door. "I'm back" he hollered. I looked around for people to start popping up. "Liam!" A voice squealed and a little boy ran out of a room and gave him a hug. Then 2 girls and another boy walked through the room. They were all younger than me and no parents seemed to be around. "Welcome back" the older of the girls said. "Who's dat?" The smallest boy asked, pointing at me. “Guys this is Calista. She is going to be staying with us from now on.” Liam said. “Nice to meet you” I said. “This is Abby who’s 7, Lexi who’s 4, Jay is 2, and Kane is a few months old. Then there’s Champ who’s my older brother… but he’s probably out getting drunk” Liam said as he pointed to each of them in return. “Champ is the Leader of Brooklyn” Jay squeaked. “Hi” I said with a little wave. “Doggie!” Jay said and crawled over to Golden. “Oh she’s doesn’t bite!” I laughed. All the kids walked over and started playing with Golden. I stood up and watched them play. “I can’t thank you enough for letting me stay with you! There must be something I can do to repay you.” I said. “Well, you could be a newsie with me… but you need to know how to fight” Liam said and Kane started crying. “Let me take him” I said and took the baby from him. “I can fight. What does a newsie do?” I stated. “Sells newspapers in Brooklyn. Are you sure you can fight?” He asked. “Well I can use a staff and have a pretty good aim” I shrugged. “We’ll test them first thing tomorrow. I need to go back to sell papes” he said and left. “Well then, are you guys hungry?” I asked the children who nodded. “I’ll see what I can do.” I said and put Kane in his crib. “There isn’t much I can do… sandwiches.” I muttered and made 7 sandwiches. “Time to eat!” I called. I handed out the sandwiches to everyone and picked up Kane. “Eat up and then it’s off to bed!” I
said and started feeding Kane. “It’s 8:30, off to bed” I exclaimed and cleaned up the kids. They crawled into the mattresses on the floor and I tucked them in. “Goodnight” I whispered and blew out the candle. The door opened and the children shot up. “Hey, it’s just me!” Liam yelled. I walked over and closed the door. “Whoa! What happened here?” Liam exclaimed. “She made us a full supper!” Jay exclaimed. Liam turned to me. “Did you?” he asked. I pointed to the sandwiches and shrugged. He walked over and took one.

Liam’s POV-
She was here for a few hours and she already made such a big difference in my family. “I’m going off to bed” she said. Abby and Lexi scooted over and Calista sat between them. “I can’t sleep. Will you sing for us?” Lexi asked.

Calista’s POV-
“Sing? Me?” I asked. They all nodded and waited.

The Sun’ll come out tomorrow
Betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow
There’ll be sun
Just thinkin about tomorrow
clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow
Till there’s none

I didn’t have to continue anymore, the kids were already asleep. “You’re pretty good.” Liam said. “Oh! You liked it?” I wondered. “Sure.” he said. “Well then, g’night” I said and fell asleep.

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