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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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Calista’s POV-
“Kids, time to wake up!” I whispered. It was already 7:00 and the kids needed to be at school by 8:00. I finally got them to wake up and dressed, though Liam wouldn’t budge from the couch. “Eat up!” I said and pushed some bowls of porridge towards them. They walked off and I walked back to feed Kane. “Liam, get up!” I exclaimed. “I’m getting up, Im going” Liam muttered and got up. “Put on a shirt!” I laughed and threw him one. “The girls are at school. Jay is selling with you, am I right?” I asked. “Sure, we gotta test you first, remember?” Liam said. “Alright” I said and whistled for Golden. He led us outside and stopped at the docks. “Here’s a slingshot. You see those bottles over there? Try to hit em all.” Liam instructed. “Alright” I nodded and put Kane on Golden’s back. There were 3 liquor bottles, each at different distances. I loaded some pebbles and aimed at the first bottle. I hit all three of them without much effort. “I taught myself how to shoot back in Ireland” I explained and turned around. “I’ve never seen a girl shoot so well. Or shoot at all, in fact!” Liam exclaimed. “Thank you!” I said and handed the slingshot back to him. “Liam, who’s that?” a boy said as he and some other boys walked over. “Guys meet Calista. She’s going to stay with us from now on” Liam said. “Ace. This is Claw, Bear, and Snipe” Ace introduced. “Hey!” I smiled. “You really think Champ’s gonna let her stay?” Bear muttered. “Who cares! He’s too busy getting drunk to care about us!” Liam insulted. “Ok then!” Ace exclaimed, raising his hands. “Now we need to see how good you are with a… staff” Liam said. I took my staff from Golden’s mouth and walked back. “Ace, you’re pretty handy with a staff” Liam smirked and pushed Ace forward. “See if you can block all my attacks” Ace instructed. “Sure” I shrugged. 3 hits to the left, 2 to the right and a swipe to the feet. I blocked them all. “Ok then… no need to go any further!” Liam exclaimed. I lowered my staff and so did Ace. “Welcome to Brooklyn. Consider yourself a Conlon” Liam said and shook my hand.

“Calista Conlon… pretty catchy” Snipe nodded. “Liam!” someone yelled. I turned around and saw a boy around 16. “Champ” Liam muttered. “What are you doing on my docks?” Champ yelled and walked over with a few older boys trailing behind him. “We were just testing someone” Liam growled. “A girl?” Champ laughed. “Yes a girl, you gotta problem with that?” I smirked. “Nothing. Just stay outta my way squirt” Champ said and slapped Liam’s back. “Idiot” Liam muttered. “What did you say?” Champ yelled. “Nothing” Liam muttered. “So that’s your brother?” I asked. “Champ Conlon. Leader of the Brooklyn Newsies! King of Brooklyn! Most feared newsie in all of New York!” Liam sarcastically exclaimed, waving his arms in the air. “I see” I mumbled. “We gotta get back before Champ does. He’s probably going to harass the kids into giving him pa’s liquor. They come back for lunch” Liam said and waved to the boys. “Alright” I sighed and picked up Kane who started to cry. “Hush! Kane! Please calm down” I whispered. He stared at me and stopped crying. “You have a way with kids” Liam smirked. “I guess I do” I whispered. “Lets go Golden” I called and she bounded over with my staff. “So how are you able to manage all the kids and watch out for your brother, make sure your dad doesn’t harm anyone and be a newsie?” I asked on the way back. “I dunno. I guess the boys help a lot” Liam shrugged. “Thats nice” I said and walked into the apartment. The kids were already inside and working on something. “Hello! What are you guys doing?” I smiled. Lexi hid it behind her back and smiled. “Nothin” Ally said. “Alright then” I smirked and put Kane on the couch. “What are you guys going to eat?” I asked. “Sandwich?” Jay yelled. “Ok” I laughed. “I’m going to sell with Jay after you’re done” Liam said and jumped on the couch. “Lazy” I muttered.

“All done!” I called and brought them out. “Hurry up!” I exclaimed and tossed Liam a few and pushed him out the door. “Have fun Jay!” I said and pushed him out. “Hey” Liam yelled. “Go sell your papers!” I called. After they left, I turned to the girls. “Now you girls tell me what you were hiding behind your back” I smiled. “Oh alright! But don’t tell.” Ally whispered and I nodded. “We found a piece of paper sticking out in your bags and pulled it out. It was a passport and said your birthday was today!” Lexi whispered. I gasped. “You’re right! I almost forgot!” I exclaimed. “Wait! But then we realized that today was also Liam’s birthday!” Ally whispered. “So Liam and I… are twins?”

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