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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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Calista’s POV-
“Yes! And you are our sister” Lexi exclaimed. “Calista Conlon!” Ally squealed. “I always wanted an older sister!” Ally muttered. “So then what were you hiding behind your back this morning?” I asked. “Slingshots. We were making you and Liam a new pair of slingshots. Jay has the marbles from the ones Champ drops” Lexi whispered. “Really! You would do that for me?” I gasped. They both nodded and I gave them a big hug. “Thank you guys so much!” I whispered. “Yes Calista” they squealed and ran off. “They are adorable” I laughed. “They sure are” someone said. I shrieked and jumped up. “Liam Conlon I order you to stop creeping up on me like that!” I yelled. "Ok ok" he laughed, holding his hands up in surrender. "You guys are done already?" I asked. "What can I say? With mini Conlon here, we could probably move a thousand papes a week!" Liam said. "That many?" I exclaimed. "Well when you start selling we could probably do 2000" Liam smirked. "When do I start?" I asked. "Tomorrow" he said. "Great! Oh and I need to go start making the cakes" I started. "Cakes? Who's birthday is it?" Liam asked. "Mine and yours" I said. "What?!" Liam yelled. "We have the same birthday" I tried. "Really? So we're twins? The Conlon twins" Liam muttered. "I guess so" I laughed. I spent the rest of the day behind locked doors making the cakes and by dusk, they were finished.

Suddenly, the door started jiggling and swung open. A boy walked in. "Champ what are you doing here" Liam growled. Unlike when Liam walked through the door, the kids shrank haunts the wall and stared with their eyes wide open. "Champ what are you doing here?" Liam yelled. "Just gettin some of Pa's liquor" Champ said. "No" Liam yelled. "Oh really?" Champ snickered. "He said no. Beat it" I muttered. "And someone like you gonna stop me?" Champ laughed. "Maybe not me, but my dog might" I smirked and whistled. Golden walked out of the kitchen with my staff and stood next to me. "Leave Champ" Spot said again. "Nope. I'm not afraid of fighting you" Champ snickered. Liam jumped on his brother and they started fighting. They ran outside and continued fighting. "Golden, go after them and help Liam but try not to hurt any of them" I called. “Guys, get in the house, now!” I exclaimed. They were all crowded at the door watching them fight. “It’s too dangerous!” I said and pushed them inside. I could only watch helplessly as they fought out of sight into an alley. It was silent, no more screams and cursing until I started to hear barking. I ran over to the alley and looked inside. They stopped fighting already and were shouting at eachother. Champ left and I ran over to Liam. “Are you ok?” I asked. He was beaten up pretty badly and was bleeding in places. “Here, lean on me” I huffed and pulled him up. “Thanks” he mumbled. “Come on boy!” I coaxed Golden. “Ally, can you get the towels?” I asked. “Ok” she whimpered and ran off. “I’m fine” Liam said and sat up. “Jay walked over and sat next to him. “This was not the way I planned to spend my birthday” Liam laughed. “Me neither” I exclaimed. “Oh yeah!” Ally yelled and ran off. Liam looked at me and cocked his head. “It’s a surprise” I said. Ally ran back in with the slingshots wrapped in some paper. “Happy Birthday Liam and Calista” she said and handed us the packages. “You first!” I nudged. He opened the package and pulled out a wooden slingshot. “Did you guys make this?” Liam asked and fingered the C, engraved on the handle. “Lexi and I did” Ally said. “Your turn” Liam said to me. I carefully unfolded the paper and pulled out a slingshot. “Thank you guys” I said and hugged the two girls. “Now we have another surprise!” I said and stood up. “What?” Liam asked. “It’s really great!” Jay smiled sweetly. I came out with the cake. “Happy Birthday” I said. “So you did make the cake!” Liam exclaimed. “Of course I did! If you don't want it, I’ll eat it myself” I smiled. “No, it’s just… nobody’s ever done that for me before” he said. “Theres a first time for everything” I said. We divided the cake into 6 pieces and ate them. "Thanks sis" Liam said. I've been here for what a day and they're already calling me their sister! I don’t know if I should find that funny or… what!? "You are welcome" I said. "Now you guys need to go to bed" I said and stood up. They crawled under their blankets and closed their eyes. "G'night you guys" I whispered and blew out the candle. "G'night Lissie" they chorused. "Hey where'd that come from" I laughed. “Liam said it would be easier to call you that” Jay beamed. “Liam!” I called. There was no response and when I looked his way, he was already asleep.

This isn’t really a romance novel like my other ones, it’s more of the twins and brother sister fights and what not. I hope you still like it even though it’s not what you normally see! Vote, Comment, Follow, Like, Add, and ENJOY!
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