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Chapter 7 - Errands in the Alley

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Dealings with goblins, and the present start to sink in

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The Fellowship of the Fox
by Ryuuohjin

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Chapter 7 - Errands in the Alley

Rhy opened her eyes and gazed at the ceiling in wonder. She couldn't remember how she ended up in a bed. How long had she been asleep? She thought as he stretched stiff limbs and gave a yawn. She flopped back, laying on the huge bed. It had huge covers of pure white cotton that were soft and so very comfortable. It was squishy to the touch, and the room was spotlessly clean and bright, just his sort of place without being too tidy. It even had a homely feel to it. She for some reason felt well rested and relaxed.

Rhy grinned as she sat up in the large bed. It still sometimes seemed odd being smaller than she was as Harry. However, it didn't really bother her that much anymore. Since she felt fitter than she ever had, and so much stronger.

As she looked around the room she saw that the large bed that she was sitting on seemed to be, in a very large, circular darkened room. From what she could tell, almost all the furnishings seemed to have rounded backs that were against the walls.

Rhy kept inspecting the room, until a door was opened, and Luna bounced into the room. She took a seat next to her on the large bed and looked at her intently.

"Good morning, Rhy. How are feeling today?" Luna asked.

Rhy smiled in amusement at the way her eyes seemed to sparkle with excitement. "Quite good, actually. Where are we? I only remember that after the ritual we arrived at the Hogwarts Express, and that I only managed to bind the house elf’s to me before falling asleep. What happened after that?"

"We are at Rookery, we decided since you were still asleep I would take my home. Since my dad was the one least likely to ask question, or have any problems with sudden guests."

"How long did I sleep for?"

"You were out for quite awhile, about twelve hour I think. That ritual seemed to have put quite drain on all us. But it seemed to be most noticeable when it came to you, maybe it's because you're the youngest physically."

Just as Rhy was about to ask another question, suddenly a loud grumbling sound was heard. Rhy quickly looked away, trying to hide the darkening of her cheeks. But as the grumbling was heard a second time, Rhy's cheeks grew darker, almost moving past red and straight to scarlet. Luna really couldn't help herself from giggling at the sight of her blushing friend.

"What do you say about that we take the rest of this conversation down in the kitchen," Luna asked Rhy amused, who's face now had the same colour as the tips of her hair.

As if in response to Luna's question, Rhy's stomach gave a away another loud grumble, followed by the further darkening of her cheeks. Taking that as a confirmation, a giggling Luna told Rhy she would be waiting for her down stairs.

Rhy then shaked off her blush, yawned and stretched again as Luna left the room. She then hopped down from the bed landing on her feet, and went to locate the bathroom. As soon as she entered turned on the shower. She then brushed her teeth, while she waited for it to heat up, before she slipped out of her clothes.

She stopped suddenly with a light blush looking down at her smooth, firm, and tight body and smirked, as she had lightly defined muscles that she knew were a lot stronger than they might look. She had come to like what she saw; her body was incredible, even more so was her non-human appendages.

She stepped into the shower, letting the warm water wash over her young body. It felt nice and refreshing just to bask in the warmth of a shower. The water removed the stress clean from her body, and letting her forget her woes for awhile.

When she finished her shower and washed her hair, she stepped out and dried herself on the towels that were there. Rhy had realized by now, something that always had her as boy, why girls spent so much time in the bathroom. It could take forever, or nearly forever to dry their hair, especially if it was as long as hers. When she was Harry she used to rub his hair with the towel to stop it dripping, and then not care whether it was still wet, but doing that now would get her clothes wet.

However, when she finally finished, she went back the bedroom and proceeded to dig out some clothes. She dressed in a long white summer dress that hanged halfway down her shins, with pink cherry blossoms decorating the hem. She was wearing white underneath so nothing stood out. It was tied around her waist by a purple gorgeous silk sash, with a beautiful detailed leaves pattern. Her assemble topped of by a pair of crimson opened toed pumps.


Dry and clothed, Rhy had gone downstairs and tucked into her breakfast, as Luna continued her tale. She told how her how had introduced their set of twins to Weasley twins. Made up some cock-and-bull story about a experimental transportation spell going wrong, as explain why and how they had ended up there. They then began to spin some random fish tales about where Harry was, and what he was doing. They decided that their first plan of action was to spread too many as possible. The Weasley's and Neville would to do spread through the Wizgamot and MoM. Luna and Hermione would use the press and the Rasp's the goblins.

They had managed to recruit the Weasley to this before they left. They would to help spread the word of Voldemort return, and Ministry's adamant denial of the fact, despite evidence. How Fudge had deemed all witness delusional, and all other evidence made up. Because of the fact that the picture they painted was simply to ludicrous to be true, ergo it had to be just a hoax or a scam, it could be nothing more, at least in his mind.

Part way through the story Ena and Kerry had made their way down to the kitchen. Drowsy, bleary eyed and hungry, they had stumbled their way to the table, devouring their own breakfast with gusto.

"Speaking of the goblins, did any of you go Gringotts yesterday?" Rhy asked as they subject came up.

"No, none of us had the energy for it then."

"That is what we to do first then."


Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, former Transfiguration teacher, receiver of Order of Merlin First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock of the Wizgamot, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, founder and leader of the Order of the Phoenix, last but not least Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Had not noticed the strange silver instruments aligned on a self on the far side of his office, as he humming a tune mindlessly as he walked up the stairs and into his grand office. He had just returned from his traditional breakfast with a few of his fellow Professors. He walked over to his desk and, after sitting comfortably in his chair, thumbed through a few pieces of parchment, then pulled out a piece.

The truth was, as important as the instruments were, he rarely noticed them, he barely even recalled they were there most of the time. For years they had continued their various movements and displays without any noticeable change or interruption. Had he bothered to look he would have seen that almost all of them had but stopped. But he just couldn't spare a moment to check on them at this time, especially since he hadn't figured out that new prophecy his Divination Professor Sibyl Trelawney had given him. He would find out later that this was something he would come to regret dearly.


Gringotts bank was its usual efficient self. As three girls ascended the steps, the youngest of the girls bowed formally to the two sentries there, and greeted them respectfully… in their own tongue! Shocked stupid, both goblins bowed in return, and gestured them inside, where four other goblins escorted them to the counter. As the girls stopped in front of the teller, who sneered down at them.

"Greetings," the youngest of the girls said "My name is Rhy Rasp. We are here to see Director Ragnok."

The goblin grasped the edge of the desk, and pulled himself forward, staring at the girl, who looked back fearlessly. "Do have an appointment... Or a summon?"

Rhy thought for a moment. "Oh, I have that." She then started digging into her pockets, placing the random contents on the teller's desk.

"There it is," She said as handed over a letter to the goblin, who took it, and began to read it thoroughly.

The goblin looked startled for a moment, before straightening up. "Very well."

"This appears to be in order." He raised his hand and clicked his fingers, summoning one of the Goblins near the back of the lobby. "Griphook will lead you to the Directors office."

"Griphook take these young ladies to the Directors Office," the teller said, "It's most urgent."

"Greetings Griphook," Rhy said, "May your gold and the blood of your enemies continue to flow."

Griphook's eyebrows raised at the respect and tradition toward the Goblins shown to him.

"Greetings, young Miss," he said, "May your treasures be bountiful, and your battles quick, bloody and victorious."

"Let's go see the Director then, Griphook," Rhy said, "it's best not keep him waiting, don't you agree?"

"Quite correct, Miss," Griphook replied, "This way, please." And lead the girls through a sets of doors, with a stone passageway lit by torches behind them.


While the Rasp were meeting the goblin, Luna had occupied herself by mixing a large batch of their very own special version of magical glue. It was made of homemade quick drying super glue; that was mixed with a liquefied sticking charm, along several other charms that made it impervious against the elements, once it had completely dried.

As she was letting the cauldron simmer for a bit, the fireplace at the Rookery flared and Neville fell out of it. After he dusted the soot off of his clothes, he began walking to the kitchen.

"Hello Neville." Luna said with a big smile as soon as he entered the kitchen.

"Hello Luna. What're you making?" Neville replied as spotted Luna behind a large cauldron.

"Our special glue, I thought we might need it in the future."

"Sure, we might do, but isn't a full cauldron a little too much."

"You now what they say, better too much then too little."

"Maybe, where are the others?"

"Gringotts. So what brought you here on this fine day?"

"What do you mean?"

"The summer just started and I thought you would be spending time with your grandma, until we gathered at Hermione's parents house."

"Oh, um," Neville sighed as he slowly and carefully told her why. Luna just sat still listened until he stopped. "It really didn't hit me until this morning that we had returned - well I had at first thought it was just a dream I guess. But once I actually saw and talked with Grams again, I almost broke down crying. Grams became worried, and I fled here."

"It'll be okay, Neville," whispered Luna, as she comforted her friend. "I have had similar problems too."

"I think all of has that kind of problem in some degree. But the only thing we can do for now, would be to grin and bear. Then hope can change things for the better.

By the way, while we talk about changing things, .... "


A similar conversation was also held not far from there, at homestead of the Weasley. Though at the Burrow, it was held in secret and in hushed whispers. Ron and Ginny, like Neville, had started to avoid there family, especially their older twin brothers, when there new circumstances had sunk in. Their plan was to do this until they re-acclimated themselves with the current time period.

Although they knew they had to get used to it, this tactic couldn't go on long without raising any suspicions. Fortunately they only had keep it up just to the weekend and then they would spend the next week at Hermione's parents house.


Like the others, it wasn't until the morning after her current circumstances had sunken in for Hermione. She had spent car trip from Kings Cross talking to her parents about, the TriWizard Tournament, school, and her friends. And her parents had shared what had happened while she had been at school.

It until now, as she sitting on her bed, that her that it all had caught up to her. But before she succumbed to her memories, she pulled herself with realization that she could change things now. And wouldn't need to be like before. But first things first, she needed to get her parents to agree of having some of her friends over for a week. With that all over with, she went down to get breakfast and face her parents once more.


Rhy stretched out her stiff limbs as last of paperwork was finally over. Their meeting Ragnok had been most productive and surprising for both parties it seemed. Apparently some of goblins that had participated in ritual to send Rhy and her friends back, had been sent back as well. But unlike them, who appear at same time and space, the had been sparsely scattered. While some had arrived just yesterday, others had arrived three years ago. It seemed the first time this had happened, the goblin in question had been deemed crazy, and locked away. But as more appeared, telling the same story Gringotts had to relent and started investigate their claims.

From what their investigation uncovered, it seemed like it was a Gringotts employee who had botched up the ritual. As a token of apology Ragnok had agreed to wave all fees for just this meeting. When was settled they got done to business, as Rhy handed them all the paperwork that had been prepared in the future. Along with was a box filled goblin memory orbs, which was the reason way the goblins had agreed to this plan in the first place.

Rhy and her friends had never asked what kind of memories was stored there, or way the goblins hadn't sent someone with themselves. Since goblins had agreed to help and offer their support, they thought that there was no need to look at gift horse in the mouth.

Lot of the papers they had prepared in future had to be reworked, for the a their new circumstances. But in front of them laid copies of papers that declared Harry James Potter a emancipated minor with OWLS, and head of his family. There were also scrolls that confirmed the existence of Rhy Majorette Rasp, a six year old orphan half-blood girl.

According to them she was the little sister of Ena and Kerry Rasp, who were her both legal and magical guardians. Like Harry Ena and Kerry were both emancipated minors, which were home schooled and had already taken their OWLS. They also issued for new locks and keys to all vaults they owned, while the old ones were to be destroyed.

The hard part had been how to handle the different ICW licenses they had, along with registering their animagus forms with the ICW. While their licenses were valid, it would hard to explain them
if anyone came snooping. While it was possible to just skip all the licenses and registry, they still like to do it as legal as possible in case of trouble. The fact that Britain was so parochial it would not occur to them to check the ICW records, was why they chosen register with them instead of in Britain.

The last thing they did was to arrange it so, that mail that either the Potter's or the Rasp's received would go through Gringotts first. They did partly to prevent any tracking by mail, but also to make it harder for anyone to curse or hex them, which knew would happen sooner or later.


It wasn't until afternoon Rhy walked out of Gringotts with her sisters, and started off toward the Leaky Cauldron, to get a late lunch. The goblins would start warding their shop over the weekend. Their original plan of making it a phantom store had been scrapped, so instead they decide to turn it into a regular store. They planned to sell wide assortment of goods there, both magical and not. They also planned to talk to the Weasley twins about selling some of their stock there. Quality wands was another thing that they would need to sell, since they planned to make Olivander flee the country long before Voldemort came looking for him.

When they were finished with their meals, they decided that they would split up. Ena and Kerry would handle filing the last of the paperwork at Ministry, along some other errands they had
there. Like delivering vials containing memories that they thought Amelia Bones, Head of the Magical Law Enforcement, would interested in viewing. While Rhy would runs some errands down Knockturn Alley. As her older sisters left, Rhy slunk into an abandoned alley way, where she donned her mask and battle outfit. Her first stop would be at Ollivanders, and that a quick stop at Borgin & Burkes, then she would see how things would evolve from there.


As she found herself in front of the wand shop. The building was narrow and shabby. Peeling gold letters over the door read Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 b.c. A single wand lay on a faded purple cushion in the dusty window.

A tinkling bell rang somewhere in the depths of the shop as they stepped inside. It was a tiny place, empty except for a single, spindly chair. The store hadn't changed much at all, there seemed to be just as many wands in the various rows as there always had been. Along with the feeling as though she had entered a very strict library. The very dust and silence in here seemed to tingle with some secret magic; the back of her neck prickled, and her skin tingled as what could only be described as magic washed over her.

An elderly man with wide pale eyes - that was shining like moons through the gloom of the shop - walked forward from the shadows. The old man then looked at Rhy strangely, and even more so when she closed the door and locked it, ensuring that they wouldn't be disturbed.

"Welcome to my store, I'm Ollivander," the man said with a dry, dusty voice, one that you might imagine an old book to have. "Who do we have here?

"You can call me Nine-tails, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"That's not your real name is it, and I doubt you would tell me if asked for your real one," Ollivander comments as he scrutinizes Rhy closely. "No, of course you wouldn't, would be such a waste to hide under such impressive glamours then."

"That would be a correct assumption," Rhy said with a nod.

"So, young lady, what can I help you with? You look to young to be buying a wand," Mr. Ollivander said curiously. "It would against the law to sell one to you anyway."

"No need to worry about that Mr. Ollivander," Rhy said assuringly. "I'm not here to buy a wand. I have to seek your expertise on wandlore, on the behalf of a friend of mine."

"Do this friend of yours have a name?"

"Of course he does, it's Harry Potter, I think you have heard of him."

"Ah yes, I think a have," Mr. Ollivander said with a chuckle. "So what does Mr. Potter want to know?"

"As you probably already know he was entered in Triwizard tournament, that at Hogwarts this year."

At Mr. Ollivander's short nod, then Rhy continued. "It seemed like third tasked was trapped with portkey. Which sent him and his fellow champion Cedric Diggory, to a graveyard where Cedric sadly was killed, and Harry was used in dark ritual to raise Voldemort."

At Mr. Ollivander's gasp, Rhy added. "You wont find this mentioned anywhere, because the Minister Fudge have covered it all up. He blames Cedric's on an unfortunate accident, and think that if he just ignores the problems it wont exist, therefore it will just go away by itself."

Before Mr. Ollivander starts to say something, puts up hand to stop and continues her story. "But I'm not here talk about how much of idiot I think Cornelius Fudge, neither is it about how much of coward I think he is. What want talk about is what happened after the dark lord was resurrected. According to Harry, Voldmort started to throw Unforgivable s around, when he countered with a disarming hex something strange happened."

"Apparently as the spells met in mid-air, Harry said his wand suddenly started to vibrate as though an electric charge were surging through it; his hand seized up around it; he couldn't had released it if he'd wanted to — and a narrow beam of light connected the two wands, neither red nor green, but bright, deep gold. And he could see the same seemed to have happened to Voldemort too. Then these beads appeared, on the stream between the two wands. Harry managed to somehow
thrusts them backwards into Voldemort's wand, and.."

Rhy stopped as she Mr. Ollivander raise his hand, in signal for her to stop.

"You can stop there, I can guess what Mr. Potter saw next," Mr. Ollivander said with ashen face. "The effect you describe is called Priori Incantem. When a duel occurs between witches or wizards with wand cores from the same source, simultaneous spell-casting by both will trigger an effect whereby both wands are linked through a single, golden thread of energy.

The two wand holders will then be forced to compete in a battle of wills, in which the loser's wand is forced to regurgitate ghostly echoes of previous spells cast by said wand, but in reverse
order of which they were cast. It is said, the victims of murder are able to hold conversations with those around them, and are capable of remembering the events leading up to and even after their deaths. And if what you are saying is correct, it seems like young Mr. Potter managed to force You-Know-Who's wand in to submission," said Mr. Ollivander said in awe.

"Huh... So that's what happened, I will be sure to tell Harry that next time we meet," Rhy said with an expression of interest on her face. "How many would know about this, 'Priori Incantem' phenomena?"

"Wands with twin cores are rare," Ollivander replied as with his face scrunched up in thought. "And chances that their holder would meet, and duel each other are even more so."

"So not many would know about this then?"

"No, not at all, I'm amongst the few who read about it. Only those who had studied wandlore, who would have stumbled upon it. Why do you wonder?"

"Since you have been so kind to provide information, I thought I should warn you. From what I heard from Harry, Voldemort also have no clue, on what happened either. And he is currently searching for that information as well, just so you know."

Mr. Ollivander's grew even more ashen, as he thought about that possibilities.

"Was there anything else you would like to know?" he then asked with slightly quivering voice.

"No that was all. Good bye, and have a nice day."


Rhy then left store leaving Mr. Ollivander to ponder if he should flee the country while he could, or stay and keep the store open. Next day the patrons of the alley would find the wand shop all locked up. A note hanged on the door informing them that, Ollivanders where currently closed for business. And that the store would open again, after the owner had returned from his vacation.


Knockturn Ally was just as she remembered it to be at this period of time. No matter day or night-time, Knockturn Alley’s winding paths transitioned into darkness with ominous clouds overhead, and a chill running through the air. Wanted posters for Death Eaters populating the walls of the alley, here and there one could see windows lined with skeletons and spiders. It was easy to get lost inside, with narrow passages, that just while walking through them offered a type of fiendish feeling. It was filled with shops devoted to the Dark Arts, and others which specialized in objects that have curious and strong magical properties.

As she passed some hags that looked at her with glittering eyes and bulbous growths on their noses and chins. She knew these kind of women had a constant craving for human flesh, preferring children and usually little girls who held a beauty they knew they could never get back. The
changes their affliction left upon their bodies wasn't just aesthetic.

It also weakened their bodies and made them hesitant to create confrontation unless it was with someone they could sense was weak, leaving her relatively safe as long as she didn't act like the scared little boy she remembered she first time had stumbled down the alley. The moment she approached them they started towards Rhy, until she looked at them in the eyes and glared, walking past and broadcasting her aura, which them retreat into the shadows of the alley.


The walk to the large, dimly lit antique shop located at 13B, Knockturn Alley, was quite uneventful. A bell jingled as Rhy entered the store, inside she saw a glass case nearby that held a withered hand on a cushion, a blood-stained pack of cards, and a staring glass eye. Evil-looking masks stared down from the walls, an assortment of human bones lay upon the counter, and rusty, spiked instruments hung from the ceiling. Borgin & Burkes, like rest of the dark alley, didn't seem to have changed much.

As she perusing the shelves, looking at the extremely large variety of dark, semi-dark and downright evil trinkets within the store. Not a single thing was what was anyone would consider "light". It was either meant to harm, to kill, to assist in either of the first two or was meant to frighten. There were also crystals of various blooded animals and a surprisingly large number of
vials of blood from virgins that Rhy didn't want to contemplate since that sort of blood could only come from that virgin losing the very status that made the blood so precious. Then there were the curiously large number of darker tomes within the shop.

As she looking through one of the tomes, a stooping man appeared behind the counter,
smoothing his greasy hair back from his face.

"So, why have you little girl, wandered my dark abode," the man said mysteriously. "There are no dolls or toys for little children here."

"That cabinet," Rhy said, pointing towards the large wardrobe without even looking at
it, "that cursed necklace, that shrunken head that insults people and those enchanted daggers."

Borgin looked mildly concerned as the small girl pointed the things out without even looking at them. "You do realize those daggers leave cursed wounds, right?" He asked, knowing that they could be easily traced back to him, since they had actually been in the shop for quite some time. "And why on earth do you want the head, or the necklace for that matter. You do know that, unless you want people to think you're dark, you can't show them to anyone, right?"

Rhy waved off the man's concern, looking at him with annoyance. "The daggers, I know, leave a Flamebrand curse on their wounds, and the necklace strangles anyone who wears it, but that is the whole point of getting them. As for the head, it is a present for someone."

"Why would a little girl like you, want with anything like that?" he said, with a voice full of mock patronization.

"That would be no one else's business but my own. Either you want the gold and sell them, or you don't want it and I'll get them some other ways. The choice is yours," Rhy replied with a cold tone, and was starting to get really annoyed with the man.

Mr.Borgin, co-owner of Borgin and Burkes, were many things, but being a coward was not amongst them. "You little bitch! You think to threaten me?" Borgin yelled, as he pulled out his wand. Quick as a flash Rhy sliced his wand in twain with one of her blade, while the other took out his right hand, foot and kneecap (while in gun mode), making him collapse on floor writhing in pain.

"Yes," Rhy hissed, placing a blade under his chin. "I know the people you sell to," Rhy snarled, as the blade began to draw blood. "I know what they want and what they do. One way or another, Mr. Borgin, you will be parted with these items. The only question is whether you plan to be parted with anything else along the way."

Borgin tried to scuttled backwards, but wincing from the pain in his hand and leg. He pissed himself as he heard the gun reload, and was pressed against his right shoulder. "I'll sell! I'll sell!"

"I'm glad we could come to an agreement, " Rhy said as she stood up.

Borgin with his trousers soaking and leaking putrid yellow liquid all over the floor, and his left leg was in severe pain. Sold Rhy everything she wanted, for a lower price then he initially intended too even, all to get of this devil child as quick as possible.

While Rhy already had planned on buying certain things, she hadn't planned on taking it this far. Borgin, however, was a front man for the death eaters and was one of their chief suppliers. Indirectly, he had caused a massive amount of suffering, and Rhy wasn't willing to leave without getting what she had came for. The cabinet, the daggers, and necklace, had to be taken from the store. The cabinet had been used to invade Hogwarts. So it had to go, she had planned to use it as way to connect their store to Potter Manor, either way.

Both the daggers and the necklace, had been used to harm friends of his. So they had to go to, the necklace had nearly killed Katie Bell, when Draco Malfoy had smuggled it into the castle, in a plot kill Dumbeldore. And the dagger had been used on Hermione, by Bellatrix LeStrange in way of torture, as she had joyfully carved different kind insults of into Hermione's flesh, when they had been captured at Malfoy Manor.

Had Borgin been able to move, he would have activated the anti-theft measures, but he was paralysed from both pain and fear. And the fact that the small girl had destroyed his wand in a blink of an eye. He would love to have killed the girl and then sold her to the hags. But for now he was relived as he watched the she-devil leave his store. Rhy bowed slightly in farewell and left the shop.


As she was strolling further down the alley, she accidentally collided into somebody.

"Watch it, blondie!" a voice snarled.

Rhy recognized that voice, and sure enough, he saw Draco Malfoy standing there, along with his two goons Crabbe and Goyle. Draco brushed himself off and looked at her. She knew the only reason the could walk around here unmolested, was because the inhabitants in the alley feared their fathers, in particular Draco's father Lucius. Lucius Malfoy, was a member of Voldermorts inner circle, and one of main backers and schemers of the Death Eaters. While filthy rich and with a strong political influence, he was also amongst the most loyal the Dark Lord.

From what she remembered about Voldermorts whereabouts around this time was, that his main base his operations was at Malfoy Manor, until school started again. And where he was Wormtail, a.k.a. Peter Petigrew, most often where. After following the trio of future Death Eaters, and making sure could she her. Rhy cast the Imperious Curse on all three of them, programming them to whenever they had the chance they try to stun or petrify Wormtail, preferably both. Then send him to her, how they would decide, otherwise they would forget this ever happened. After making
sure she covered all of her traces, she continued onwards leaving the trio of bullies behind.


She turned right as the road forked, ignoring the harlots as she walked down towards a her destination. It was a pub, in which some of the worst sort spent their time, it was farthest from the entrance of the alley you could get. The harlots, by mutual agreement, were considered too valuable to harm, so the werewolves that frequented the location tended to not go to the upper floors or outside areas where the women called to the passersby, not wanting to risk their blood calling to them. She only encountered some minor problems, as one the pimps in the establishment thought she would make a good merchandise. That was quickly solved when the person in question screamed, as the edge of a sickle tore through his wand, along with the hand that had held it.

This although had prompted the thugs the pimp had hired as guards to take action. That may have had caused bigger problems, but most we're low level thugs. People with a loud bark, but a not much of a bite to talk about. Most of them were self-taught, street brawlers, without any real education in magic. With all their wands destroyed and more then half of their numbers severely wounded, the thugs turned their tail and fled. With that business finished, Rhy walked into the pub to conclude the last of her errands in the alley.


As soon as entered she spotted her target, Mundungus Fletcher. While she also spotted Fenrir Greyback, this was neither the time nor the place to try and take him out. As she see several of his pack scattered through the crowd. While she maybe able the take on several humans, magical or
not, at once. Things like werewolves and vampires, she knew she would need help with, especially if they were as vicious as she knew these was.

Some time later, after much cajoling, flattery and alcohol, Rhy had managed get Mundugus into a private room. There she layered several confounds, along with some memory charms, to make him volunteer himself to be the first to watch over Harry Potter and Dursley's. This was he could give false reports to Dumbeldore regarding them. According to Mundugus reports Harry would have arrived as usual at the Dursleys. Then he would continue report that nothing was wrong no matter was happening. After she was done she erased every memory of him ever meeting her today, making him believe he had been to drunk remember anything. She knew this would only buy them a little time, before Dumbeldore discovered that Harry had disappeared. She only hoped it would be enough, for what they had planned.



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