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break a baby

by nerds_assemble 1 review

my sinews are chains.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2015-03-05 - 251 words

Breathe a baby
My sacred ghost did a dark dance
On haunted stained glass; forgot it was tainted
Arms rose, azure and brilliant…devoured time in soda cans

Break a baby, my brother born away
Roped in fire; thrown in an ocean to heal
And bitter is the baby who has to protect itself from red with blue
Dream brother
Live under the sinews and strings; follow some soft voice
That lies in breezes, reaching a vast window

Hush a baby
Sister, would you linger a self prisoner
You self-taught, half forgot, followed the last lace
Ripped the thread from you to me

my blue and brilliant brother
Born away and roped in fire
Voice soaked in the colors of the sea
Drowned the salt, left his wounds for me
Beneath a finger, whispered or summered
A number grazed in hope
Overturned a joke
My sacred ghost danced on haunted stained glass
Washed and worn from waiting for my brother
Worn sinews are chains that pity relaxation
And the rest of the dead
So wash away, my deep and tortured brother
Keep your secrets all from pieces
Wrap your punch, deliver to sins worthy of a gutter
and our time can't be undone
my blued and brilliant brother
but when october turns to march to kiss november; we won't forget another.

~for scabs and bruises left untreated.
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