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Should I bother?

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Klaire finds out who Juno met.

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I had made it home around eleven and I was completely surprised to find that Klaire hadn’t stayed up to greet me when I walked in the front door. I searched the living room and the dining room, eventually finding her standing in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine.

“ weren’t stalking the door. I’m surprised.”

She took a long sip before replying. “Well, you haven’t given me a reason to yet. You’ve only been here for a few hours. I have no reason to not trust you. Right?”

I was shocked. My mom always waited for me at the door, anticipating my return. “You’re right I guess. So you’ll never guess what happened tonight.”

“Um..let me guess. You had your keys stolen by a homeless guy on the street and had to whore yourself out just to get a ride home.”

God did she have an imagination. “No, actually, I didn’t. I got a guy’s number.”

“On your first night?! You work fast girly. When I moved here it took me just under a month before a guy gave me his number. What’s his name? Is he cute?”

“You don’t even know Klaire. He’s gorgeous. He’s tall and muscular and covered in tattoos. And his eyes! God his eyes alone made me swoon. But you wouldn’t believe me if I told you his name.”

“Well I need to know who he is if you expect me to let you see him. I can’t have my niece gallivanting around LA with some random guy. Now what’s his name?”

“Nikki Sixx.”

Those two words made her choke on her wine. She spent the next hour lecturing me on why it was completely immoral for me to even consider calling Nikki and on how a seventeen year old has no business being involved with a grown man, let alone a grown man who just so happens to be a rock star. A majority of me agreed with her. I was a kid; I hadn’t even graduated high school. What could I possibly offer him in the long run? There was a small sliver of me though that thought that I stood a chance in his crazy world and he saw something in me. Was I being naïve? Was I being stupid? Would I even bother calling him?
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