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That Fateful Night

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Juno and Nikki go out on a date.

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The next morning when I woke up, I had made my decision about Nikki. I decided that, although my aunt was probably right about him, I would give Nikki a shot. Why not? I was seventeen and ready to start a new chapter in my life, even if this chapter started with fucking a rock star.

I waited until after breakfast to call him. Screw the "three day rule," if this was going to happen, it would happen on my terms. He answered the phone on the second ring, as if he was waiting for me to call. We didn't talk long but we did make plans to meet for coffee that evening.

I chose an outfit that would definitely throw Nikki off of his game; a white, strapless sundress and brown wedges. I thought that this pseudo-innocence would give me the upper hand and the opportunity to control the situation.

That evening I entered the coffee shop and was blown away by how handsome Nikki made a simple outfit look. He donned a tight black v-neck and black jeans; of course he wore black on black. It took me a moment to compose myself but when I did, the evening took off. We talked for almost an hour over stupid, meaningless things, but we connected. I finally felt like I wasn't that weird girl whose mom just died. This man made me feel like a normal girl.

Just as I thought I should give up, he finally asked what I had been waiting for all night: "Do you want to come back to my place?" There it was. What I had been longing to hear. I battled with myself all day on whether or not I would really sleep with Nikki, eventually deciding that I would. Back in my hometown, I had had a couple of boyfriends who I messed around with. I had never gone "all the way" though. So why Nikki? After losing my mom, I had realized how short life could be and that I couldn't live by the social constructs forced upon me since birth. Plus, they always say that your first time is better with someone more experienced than you.

We didn't even make it to his house. About fifteen minutes into the drive Nikki pulled over into a church parking lot (ironic right?) and did not hesitate to passionately kiss me. I could tell that there was a hunger growing inside of him.

Before long we were in the backseat and I was becoming intoxicated with every kiss. As the heat increased, the amount of clothes on my body decreased. I could hear Nikki groan with pleasure every time I peeled away an article of clothing and that simply drove me to feel nothing but pure ecstasy. I could see a thin layer of sweat beginning to form on Nikki's bare chest and a devilish smirk beginning to come across his face.

Finally I was down to just my bra and panties and Nikki couldn’t get his pants off fast enough. I was taken by surprise when his [fucking huge] cock slipped out. I guess I should have known there were no boxers under those tight jeans. Part of me started to panic, but I tried to keep cool, despite the sweltering heat inside the confines of the car.

Nikki smirked when he noticed my staring at his dick. He leaned in and kissed my neck, slipping one, two fingers inside me, pushing my thong to the side. I wanted so bad to keep going, but I had to keep the ball in my court, and honestly how hungry he was for me was just as sexy as his naked body weighing down on me

“Not here,” I breathed, “Let’s go to your place.”
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