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50 ways to annoy people who don't share your passion for Class of the Titans.

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50 Ways to Annoy People Who Don't Share Your Passion for Class of the Titans

1. Whenever something bad happens, blame Cronus.
2. Insist that everyone you know carries PMRs, just in case.
3. When you're asked to do chores or homework, refuse, saying that you must prepare for Cronus' next attack.
4. Search abandoned warehouses for Cyclopses or other miscellaneous monsters.
5. Name your brace(s) after Archie.
6. Whenever you get a high score on a video game, enter your name as "Odie".
7. Learn to play the lyre. State repeatedly that all the gods play the lyre.
8. Pretend to be frightened of harmless things and scream girlishly.
9. Make sure your workout routine includes throwing boulders at sea serpent cutouts.
10. Do your next book report on your favorite episode of Class of the Titans.
11. Sing the Class of the Titans theme song at the school talent show.
12. Dye your hair purple or bright red.
13. Always check for horns, fangs and/or a suspiciously good singing voice on the first date.
14. Whenever they try to talk about something, say "That reminds me of the time the seven heroes...
15. At your next religious meeting, tell everyone they'll go to Tartarus if they're bad.
16. Order a Minotaur burger at McDonalds.
17. When you go boating, tell everyone you'll be Jason and they can be the Argonauts.
18. When your parents or teachers punish you, say "Whatever Cronus has promised you, it's a lie!"
19. When you're about to go to a boring family reunion, say, "Wait! I sense danger! Maybe we should stay behind."
20. Use a Class of the Titans picture as your desktop.
21. Sculpt a flawlessly beautiful marble statue of Neil. Tell them to mail it to him for you.
22. Wear a gold medallion around your neck. Use it to try to get into the janitor's closet every so often.
23. When your teacher says you'll be studying Greek Mythology next, jump up on your desk and do an energetic happy dance.
24. Name your pet fishes after the seven heroes.
25. Tell them how much they remind you of your favorite Class of the Titans character.
26. On your next vacation, tell the pilot to take a break. You can fly the plane for a while, because you made it all the way to level four in a flying game!
27. When trying to find someone, yell "Agnon! Come here, you idiot!"
28. Tell everyone how good you're getting with your Xiphos/ Hephaestus Whip/Nunchucks/Laser Crossbow.
29. When not watching Class of the Titans, watch every vampire movie ever made just in case you meet Sybaris.
30. Tell everyone how you're going to move to New Olympia when you grow up.
31. Tell all your friends to beware of psychotic or obsessive nymphs.
32. When watching a movie about one of the hero's ancestors or one of the gods, if they show any difference whatsoever from their versions in Class of the Titans, scream "Wannabe!" at the screen.
33. Worry nonstop about how they'll never catch Cronus if they keep letting him escape through portals.
34. Devise endless plans for preventing Cronus from escaping through portals.
35. When someone annoys or insults you, tell them they're not very smart and attempt to control them with your mind.
36. Beat someone at wrestling, Neil style.
37. When you meet a particularly vicious dog, give it some cake.
38. When someone is pondering the meaning of life, tell them "That's not for mortals like you to know."
39. Prepare a well stocked bomb shelter just in case the Antikythera Device is activated.
40. When you go to get your truck tuned up, tell everyone Hephaestus is your mechanic.
41. Make Class of the Titans puppets and reenact episodes for everyone. (Overdo the voices.)
42. Build a mobile puppet theater based on Olympia High and use it in your reenactments.
43. Look for secret passages to the Underworld.
44. Carry a Gold Staff with you and try to control animals with it.
45. Brag about your rare Class of the Titans underwear.
46. Take them up long hikes on high, steep mountains to look for Griffins.
47. Whenever you hear an Echo, ask it to make you a grilled cheese sandwich.
48. Take up the lost art of metalwork and make lightning bolts for all your friends.
49. Ask them to help you read The Odyssey and The Iliad.
50. Make up Class of the Titans lists.

Like most people on, I own nothing to do with Class of the Titans except this document. Reviews and constructive criticism are always welcome. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it! (P.S. If lists are illegal on this site, too, please inform me immedietly.)
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